I find myself with so many recommendations for you guys that I cannot possibly cram them all into Monday  Rundown posts! I decided to create a Friday collection of my road tested recommendations. This edition is mostly reading and listening but I will review all kinds of things in this space from food and fuel to gear and clothing.

If it’s one thing I have plenty of, it’s opinions. Take ’em or leave ’em.


Podcasts are my saviors on the indoor bike trainer. It’s hard to stay focused on a movie when you’re heart rate is skyrocketing and you can’t breathe.

Best of the week: Heavyweight with Johnathan Goldstein | Gimlet Media

One of my favorite parts of each episode is the call to his sister to start things off. They have a hilarious relationship and, she’s a mom so she never has time to talk or indulge her brother. The podcast centers around Johnathan helping all kinds of people resolve life issues or troubled relationships. I laughed my ass off listening to “Buzz” and felt a lot better about my life and self esteem listening to “Gregor.”

Worst of the week: Rich Roll episode with Lance Armstrong

I forget who recommended this and why but Lance comes off as a total douche. I’m actually a fan of his, despite everything that has happened, so I eagerly listened wanting it to be amazing. I actually felt sorry for Rich because he is a class act and Lance is a pompous ass. #nolongerafan


I always make time for television at night. It’s one of the best ways my husband and I know how to unwind. We have a lot of shows we watch together and, when he stays up later than I do (which is always!) I sometimes catch up as I’m pedaling to nowhere on the bike in the basement.

Best of the week: Mindhunter | Netflix

Please stop watching This Is Us already and tune into this! Mindhunter is “inspired by” how the behavioral science unit of the FBI was developed in the 1970s. It’s shocking to watch for so many reasons, especially the candid interviews the agents do with serial killers…before they had a name for them. Plus, the actor who plays the lead agent Holden Ford is adorable and quirky in all the right ways.

Don’t let the above photo scare you, let how little the FBI knew about the minds of murderers do that.

Worst of the week: Today Show

It’s pretty disturbing when you find out the guy you’ve been waking up with for the past 15 years or so is an ignorant slug. It’s weird but, as a family, we were sad to hear the news about Matt Later since the Today Show is usually the background to our mornings. Obviously though I’m beyond thrilled that the trend of outing these bastards continues. Keep it up ladies!

Also, Megyn Kelly is the worst. I didn’t like her to begin with but then NBC was willing to sacrifice Tamron Hall for her. Not cool. I think they should bring Hall back in Lauer’s place as co-host.

Now, the only thing that brings me a little happiness is seeing  Megyn Kelly forced to do cooking segments but, not enough to actually watch.

Bye Felicia.


Best of the week: A Fall of Marigolds | by Susan Meissner

It’s a beautifully written story about an unusual place — Ellis Island in 1911.  The story actually begins a few years after 9/11 and then expertly weaves a storyline between the two. I mostly listened on dog walks and trips in the car but it kept my attention and, I may have even walked a little further to keep listening so it’s endorsed by StarFire as well.

Worst of the week: The Silent Wife | by Kerry Fisher

If only she stayed silent I wouldn’t have had to suffer though this book. There is almost nothing worse than being promised “a shocking twist” and having it be a super obvious outcome. I kept reading and waiting for “the shocking twist” and was even more upset by being lied to by this not-so-silent wife who made terrible decisions and bad jokes. Whomp whomp.

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Have you heard of any of these? What’s your take?

Have any suggestions for me?