After having a race week and then recovery week, last week was all about putting the ‘work’ back into my ‘workouts!’ I was a tad intimidated by the training plan for the week but I reminded myself to just take it one day at a time and see how I felt. I also really tried to stay in the moment during my training sessions which is insanely hard for me!




I sort of remember a time, not so long ago, when I was only running most days. Last week it seemed like I only ran on tired legs after a hard swim or bike effort! I know it’s making me stronger, and it’s absolutely improving my mental game, but ouch.

40 mile bike followed by a 6 mile run. OMG I seriously do not know how I did it.

40 mile bike followed by a 6 mile run. OMG I seriously do not know how I did it.

However, we had insanely gorgeous weather for March in Connecticut! It was 75 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday and then “dropped” into the 60s for the reminder of the week. I was running in just shorts and a sports bra for most workouts and it was amazing!  Plus, the less I have to pack for the gym, the less I look like I’m moving into the place.

Tuesday: Speed Intervals after 30 minute active recovery cycle | I shared this workout last week so feel free to try it!

Thursday: Easy long run (1 hour 20 min) after 3,000 yard swim (1 hour 15 min) | 10 miles at 8:11 pace < – – this whole workout was scary but I did it!

Friday: 45 minute run building HR after 40 mile outdoor ride (2 hours and 26 minutes) | 6 miles at 8:00/min per mile pace < – – day two of extremely scary workout but again, I freakin’ did it!

Saturday: Optional easy 5 miles | I seriously did not think I would do this but it felt good to work out the kinks from Thursday and Friday…and there were a lot of kinks.

Total mileage = 27.5


So last Sunday my feet were solid blocks of ice after my 30 mile ride and, this past Friday it was 60 degrees, sunny and I could feel all of my extremities for the entirety of my 40 mile ride. Yep, it’s Spring in New England!

Notice the tow covers. They are like baby booties for your cycle shoes.

Notice the toe covers. They are like baby booties for your cycle shoes. I’m wondering if duct tape works just as well?

Sunday: Endurance ride | 1:52:10 and 30.6 miles

Monday: Base bulid | 1:15:00 on spin bike after 2,500 yard swim

Tuesday: Active recovery | 30 min and 7.19 miles before speed drills on treadmill

Wednesday: Ladder Pacing | 35 min and 8.65 miles on trainer before Pilates class (yes, I took a Pilates class)

Friday: Long outdoor ride | 2:30:00 and 40 miles before 45 minute run < – – another confidence building session!

Total = 106.44 miles


Pool work was great this week – much better then last week! Remember those 300s that did not go so well? After doing 5 x 150 repeats with 30 seconds rest at 1:45-1:50, coach and I realized that I was truly just tired last week. Don’t worry if you have no clue what that means, all you need to know is that it’s good!

Monday: 2,500 muscular endurance before 25 mile ride

Thursday: 2,500 ladder pacing followed by 10 mile run

Sunday: 3,550 endurance form before 25 mile ride

Total = 8,550 yards or 4.8 miles


Due to an iPhone issue (yep, but this time it was not Apple or AT&T’s fault…sort of) I was unable to go to Barre this week. Luckily, my SIL had wanted me to try her Pilates class and, it’s on the same day as Barre but at a later time. It worked out perfectly except that “later time” is like my bedtime and the class is 20 minutes from my house.

The other thing is that this class was more like boot camp and almost nothing like Pilates. You know that I love that however, I had an hour swim and hour and 20 minute run planned for just about 12 hours after this class. You see where this is going right? #soremuscletown #populationME

My SIL wants you to know she is not an amazon but looks like one since I'm a peanut.

My SIL wants you to know she is not an amazon but looks like one since I’m a peanut.

Well, the class was amazing and we did all kinds of moves – – burpees, push-ups, lunges, squats, squat jumps, and tons of core – – holding and lifting and moving a 4 pound medicine ball at all times.  For anyone local, I highly recommend it!

Evolution Pilates | 293 Oakland Road, South Windsor | 860-644-4455 

I thought I was going to be overly sore the next day, because I have a hard time not going all out, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Trust me, I still felt soreness in my legs, shoulders and abs but I was able to complete my insane swim and run the next day. Whew.


I have rejoined My Fitness Pal! After changing up my diet (I swear I’m going to write a post about it!) I wanted to see how my fat/carb/protein ratios were looking.

How is this for balance?


And, although I want to eat a little more protein and less carbs, it looks like I’m eating a mostly FAT diet. Gotta love that!


Despite me “overeating” my calories on this particular day, my weight has come back down to my race weight range, I’m never hungry and I’m performing and recovering well. So far so good.

I have no clue how to get friends on My Fitness Pal and currently I have one. Thanks Anne! So, if you know how to friend me, I’m VITARuns88.


Celebrating my birthday all month long! So far I have had three dinners with people I love and more coming up this weekend, and my official birthday is not until the 21st. #hinthint

My husband and I went to a wine pairing at an amazing restaurant (that is 40 minutes away so we usually don’t get there!) on a Monday night with my dad and stepmom. It was such a treat and so fun just to say screw it and have some wine and deliciousness on a school night!


I let my husband have the duck. Not a fan. But I was a huge fan of the Russian River Valley Pinot it was paired with!

You know how they say you marry your father? Besides it being a shiver and gag-worthy cliche, it’s horribly true in my case. This picture is proof. Yep, this is my husband and father trying to shove dessert down their throats as we are walking out the door since we’re late getting back to the sitter. You could not drag them out of there and, my husband was declaring it “the best dessert he has ever had!” which he has said about 17 million times in the 10 years we’ve been married. I may as well have brought the twins.


Yes, they are feeding each other. Boys!


Getting a new iPhone 6 Plus and having it back up to my phone from 2014. Yep, that happened. For two days, I had two phones and spent roughly 4 hours at the AT&T store. I know the staff there intimately, we have bonded and, I hope to never see them again. I will die with this iPhone 6 Plus now that it has been restored to 2016.

Perhaps I should just stay away from technology.


My top picks this week:

On Authenticity and Social Media | Fit Bottomed Girls

I love everything about this article since I’m sick to death of people talking about “fake booking” and how everything seems so perfect on other people’s social media feeds. I for one am glad that most people keep their issues to themselves! As author Kristen wrote:

“I rarely have any desire to hit Instagram with a picture of those [bad/sad/ugly] moments, not because I’m embarrassed or because I only want to publicly portray a life that sparkles and shines, but because, when I’m making my way through that sh*t sandwich, as Elizabeth Gilbert says, my focus is on coming out the other end. The last thing I want to do is freeze that moment in time.”

Amen sister.



For Serious Training, Hold the Carbs at Dinnertime | NY Times Well | Gretchen Reynolds

Someone sent this to me on Twitter and I was fascinated. Since I have been experimenting with low-carbs and metabolic efficiency, I was intrigued when they talked about a “sleep-low” diet which, by skipping carbs at dinner may force your body to use it’s fat reserves during a next day morning workout. Interesting. And the results of the study are pretty amazing.


The people at Spring Moves hooked me up with an SMS for you! What the heck is that? I’ll tell you. To get your FREE 30 day trial membership of fantastic, running cadence equaling music, simple text VITATRAIN4LIFE to 41411. Done.


Because one hour of the day seems like so little until you have to put the clocks ahead! Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 2.51.04 PM

How was your week?

Are you putting the work in your workouts?

Are you on My Fitness Pal and will you be my friend?