When I was in ballet and jazz for the better part of my adolescence, there was a saying before our big spring recital, “A bad rehearsal means a good show!” I certainly hope that is a boldfaced lie because I have had an amazing week of dress rehearsal for my upcoming Olympic distance triathlon.


I have worn my wet suit in the pool (everyone already thinks I’m insane so I may as well indulge them!), practiced my pre-race, race and post-race eating and have done yet another swim, bike and run that was a rousing success. I have had one significant and surprising gear change but, even that worked out after a few panicky days.

I certainly hope race day goes as well or much better.

Since I cannot predict the future, let’s go back to the past and see how last week was…

WEEK OF APRIL 25, 2016


The weather cooperated for most of the week which is a small miracle. I started the week with a long, slow distance run of 10 miles, which was incredible and just what I needed to set the tone for what was to come.

Monday – 10 miles @8:00 min pace

Tuesday – Hill/speed intervals, 4 x 5 minutes at 4% incline and 7:08-7:13 pace. I had to do this one on the treadmill since it was 40 degrees and raining and I had a bike prior to the run. 7 miles total for the day.

Thursday – 3 x 8 minutes at 8-10K pace with 1 min easy. This was after a pretty hard swim and I started with tired legs BUT, I did the 8 min intervals at 6:20-6:40 pace depending on the terrain, with 6 miles overall and was super happy with that!

Friday – 30 minutes at steady pace with 1 min walk between each 10 min set. This was after my 2,200 yard swim and 18 mile bike and nailed 7:40 pace even with the walking. I felt great!

Sunday – 4 miles with 10 x 10 second accelerations near the end of the run

Total miles = 31 miles

After a sweet and sunny swim/run on Thursday. Behold! The power of a good training day!

After a sweet and sunny swim/run on Thursday. Behold! The power of a good training day!


I only had to do one ride on the trainer this week! It was cold and rainy outside it was a 30 minute sort of warm-up cycle before a hard run so, it was completely tolerable. My other rides were outside and amazing. The wind finally calmed down and the only trouble I had was getting slightly lost on my 40 miler and sprayed with a fire hydrant. Yep. That happened.

Tuesday – 30 minutes on the trainer before running – 8 miles

Wednesday – 40 miles outside!

Friday – 18 miles after swim and before run

Total = 88 miles

I was THIS excited after my 40 miler where I felt good the whole way!

I was THIS excited after my 40 miler where I felt good the whole way! Getting lost and fire hydrant sprayed doesn’t bother me.


I had back to back swim days this week and felt good overall. My coach is still making me do those death swims with the bike tube around my ankles. It’s so bad that I have to warn the lifeguards before I start! I try not to question her since she’s a rocket scientist and everything but, I truly hate those drills and I feel like a moron.

Speaking of, I wore my wet suit into the pool:

In the locker room getting looks for even having this thing on and then more when I snap a selfie. #Freak

In the locker room getting looks for even having this thing on and then more when I snap a selfie. #Freak

I needed to test it out at least once (and probably more) before I swim in it for the first time in Maryland. Let’s just say the pool temp felt like a hot tub and I think someone was trying to strangle me! The best part was taking it off and seeing that it’s not that hard to actually take off, which will equal less time in transition which is key!

Thursday – 3,000 yards of race set prep. It was thrilling.

Friday – 20 minutes easy swim, warm-up then 25 minutes steady to mimic race time. Total yards 2,200

Sunday – descending 100s for 2,500 yards before run

Total = 7,700 yards


I absolutely love having enough time on the weekends to make myself whole wheat, blueberry, vanilla protein pancakes, as I sip on coffee and read the NY Times on my iPad. It’s the little things…

Get in my belly!

Get in my belly!

And about halfway though that solace, my other son wakes up and all hell breaks loose. But, it’s so lovely while it lasts.


So much gear!

I have been waiting for about a month for my new ROKA goggles and they finally arrived! They are super comfortable and so clear. It was seriously like a blind girl seeing underwater for the first time. I was so distracted by how different my view was that I almost forgot how to swim. Of course, I’m not sure I want to be able to see that clearly in the lake in Maryland…

I can see!

I can see!

They also come with a fancy case like sunglasses. I’m really classing it up people!

I also bought new running shoes.

I know.

Let in sink in.

It was a classic case of Adidas “updating” the BOOST and now I have a hot spot in my left foot when I run in them. I wore my new Adidas for a couple runs with no issue but, the third run was my hill/speed repeats and, by the time I got home, the middle of my left foot felt like it was bruised. Not good.

Because I didn’t have time to get to Fleet Feet in Longmeadow, I went to Dick’s to see if I could get the older version of my beloved Adidas. HA! Dick’s doesn’t even sell Adidas running shoes. So, I started looking over some of the Brooks shoes, since those have worked for me in the past and I spotted the Launch, which is their neutral shoe. I gave them a go on the store treadmill and they actually seemed pretty comfy. I tested them out the next day and they felt great. I ran in them the rest of the week and I think I found another winner!

So fly.

So fly.

Lastly, I finally invested in a really good bike rack! For the better part of the last few years I have been shoving my bike into my trunk. It’s not the best way to maintain your bike but, it worked for me.


Now, the boys have new bikes and we all want to ride together so, enter the Thule T2 Classic.

I’m in love.


The boys being *this close* to being able to ride with me! We bought them much needed, bigger bikes for their birthday and they are starting to get used to them. The updated bikes have hand brakes and a few gears so it’s all new to them.

When Vaughn said “I just want to be able to ride on the trails with mommy” to my husband before bed one night, my heart did a full twisting double gainer and I felt like all my parenting dreams were coming true!

Practicing with dad at the park.

Practicing with dad at the park.


Trying to fulfill my civic duty and being shut down. That’s right. Apparently in the great state of Connecticut you can only vote in a primary election if you are registered with a party. I’m unaffiliated and was therefore, unable to cast my vote.

Except for you unaffiliated voters! Go home until November.

Except for you unaffiliated voters! Go home until November.

Why make things more difficult? Why?

Luckily, one of the woman volunteering at the polling place is the mom of my best friend so I didn’t feel like a total ass. I also had a sneaking suspicion that this was the case, since I knew you had to be affiliated with a party, but I wasn’t sure if I had registered as a full-fledged democrat. I guess now I know.


I was wrong.

I will admit it.

I was so wrong about A Man Called Ove. So.Very.Wrong. It definitely starts a little corny and boring but it suddenly sucks you in and weaves an incredible story of a nasty old man who, has a way of pulling the most unlikely people together, for a cause you don’t really see coming. I have completely reversed my ruling and am now hailing it a must read!

I also love this video about consent and how it proves a most important (and obvious!) point by using a cup of tea:


Unconscious people do not want tea. That is all.


Instead of listening to the same two playlists I have played 1 million times over, I decided to listen to a podcast for my long run this past week. The Moth continues to be one of my most favorite because it has nothing to do with running and every story is completely different from the last.

Last Monday I was laughing out loud, during my run, listening to a man tell a tale about a tic-tac-toe playing chicken in Chinatown. I just can’t.

The story begins with him saying how he started a tradition of taking guests for a late night stroll in his NYC neighborhood until they reached Chinatown where he would show them the chicken and ask if they cared to play. Immediately, the guests would often object saying “the chicken plays everyday,” implying it somehow has an advantage. A chicken.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 3.03.02 PM

Also included in that same podcast was a great story of an unlikely pairing – DMC (Darryl McDaniels of Run DMC) and Sarah McLachlan – and how her song Angel pretty much saved his life. #walkthisway


From my friend James Oliver’s Facebook page. He is also the mastermind behind WeMontage, removable wallpaper you create with your personal photos. If you have yet to discover James and his work, I suggest you do so…right after you read this…

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 3.07.36 PM

How was your week?

Are you preparing for anything big?

Any tips for young riders?