We had a mini heat wave here in the Northeast last week and, let me tell you, it sucks the life right out of you! I have no clue how some of you live (and run!) in the south. I can barely function when it’s above 80 degrees and 80% humidity.

I’m also feeling the heat of nationals as it’s a mere five weeks away! How the hell did that happen? This also means that summer is nearly over and that just makes me want to cry, which actually may help douse some of these flames.



WEEK OF JULY 4, 2016


Running is actually my least favorite thing to do in this kind of weather, for obvious reasons. I either have to wake-up at the crack of dawn or run on a treadmill. Luckily I have been super focused on swimming and cycling, with shorter runs, so it has been manageable.

Um except for the killer track workout I had to do on Friday…

Getting black and white at the track

Because I thought I was only going to be able to do 4 of 8 x 800s I had planned for last Friday.

Monday: 5-4-3-2-1 at 10K pace | 6.02 miles

Wednesday: 5k as part of sprint triathlon race | 7:15 pace

Friday: 1 hour 30 minutes – long 8 x 800 meters

Total = 20 miles


Every time I get on my bike now, all I can think about is getting my new one! How bad is that? I swear I am like a kid at Christmas and cannot wait to get the call from Fit Werx telling me it has arrived! Hopefully this week…

Catch me if you can...

Catch me if you can…

Wednesday: 10.2 mile ride as part of sprint triathlon | 21:29

Sunday: 2 hour 30 minute long ride | 45 miles

Total = 55.2 miles


This is what my life has become – wet and with a smell between chlorine and a lake. My husband is one lucky SOB.

I basically never take my suits off.

You can find me in a swimsuit.

Monday: 35 minute open water swim to work on sighting

Tuesday: 2,000 yards | 48:38

Wednesday: 880 yards or half mile swim as part of triathlon race | 16:30

Thursday: 2,625 with 10×100 on 1:55 = near drowning, but I did it!

Friday: approximately 2,500 yards or 45 minutes open water

Total = 9,925 yards


On a sweltering Wednesday evening I could be found at a local park, stealing myself for a sprint triathlon. I kept telling myself it was “only” a sprint…it didn’t seem to really help when it was 84 degrees with 75% humidity at the 6:00pm start.

This is my “OMG it’s so HOT!” finisher face…

At the finish saying something like "OMG it's so HOT!"

My one and only goal for the race was to beat my swim time from last year. Mission accomplished:

2015 swim time: 17:35

2016 swim time: 16:21

I also did this on the bike and run:

2015 bike: 34:38

2016 bike: 33:26

2015 run: 21:35

2016 run: 20:28

Overall 2015: 1:16:16

Overall 2016: 1:13:36

Since I just wanted to get home, my friend and I promptly left before the award ceremony. Big mistake. Huge. I placed first in my age group and was the 4th woman overall!

Last year I was 12th overall and did not place in my age group.



Do you still think they will send me the Timex watch for placing first in my age group?

The third place woman was a mere 18 seconds ahead of me. You know I’m so mad about that! Yet, so thrilled. All the hard work and determination pays off and this is proof! I absolutely needed this confidence boost.


I really should be eating more ice cream but it’s too melty in this weather. Lately I’ve been super hydrating with my Enduropacks and throwing in some margaritas because, you know, balance.



Sadly, after Adidas Boost made some “minor” tweaks to their running shoes, I had to switch back to running in Brooks. I adore Brooks so it’s not very sad but I did truly love my old Adidas and I’m hoping they change them back! Until then, I’m happily buying Brooks Launch 3 and, when I saw these babies, I could not “buy with one click” fast enough on Amazon:



Checking out ALL the coverage of the Olympic track trials and swim competitions on the road to Rio! Did you know the swim trials took place in Omaha where I will be racing nationals? If only the swimmers could stick around until August 13 and show me some tricks.

Here are some of my favorite blogs and articles from the events:

Unforgettable Weekend at the Olympic Track Trials | rUnladylike

The Series of Posts from Tara Leigh | Olympic Track Trails Weekend

Complete Swim Coverage | SwimSwam

Drama on the Fourth | Women’s Running


Remember I mentioned the track session I had last Friday? Well it got ugly.

I had just raced pretty hard two days prior but my coach loves to throw in “fatigue” workouts and leaves it up to me to  finish or not. This is foolish since I cannot be trusted to not finish. However, I was feeling tired from the start and decided to do 4 our of the 8 x 800 repeats I had and see how I felt.

I felt pretty bad but was determined to finish.

I also had a small blister on my left heel from running the 5k of the triathlon without socks. Putting socks on slows transition times.

I somehow finished all 8 of the 800s, got to the pool to swim and saw this:


I threw out the socks, showered, put on a band-aid and jumped into the pool.

On the very last lap of my 2500 yards I got the worst calf cramp I have ever experienced in my life. It was also the first calf cramp I have ever had. It was still hurting two days later.

This is a cautionary tale.

I used my rest day wisely this week!

I used my rest day wisely this week!

And, not to worry, I was on my bike for a 45 mile ride on Sunday and felt great.


I’ve been busy writing and I’m loving how I get to write as a newbie for triathlon! Here is my latest from Training Peaks:

How to Pace Your First Olympic Distance Triathlon

My favorite tip from the article is this:

Transition 1: You are racing so don’t just walk to T1. Strip down the top of your wetsuit as you are running to the transition area to save time. Practicing your transitions ahead of time will help you know exactly what order you will put on your shoes, helmet, sunglasses, etc. I sprint into and out of transition even if everyone else is jogging or walking. This is a great way to make up some time. I have had races come down to seconds and have won because of my faster transitions.

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How was your week?

Is it hot where you are? How do you manage the heat?

Did you watch the Olympic track trials? Favorite moment?