I love fall and football and jeans and big wool sweaters but, I absolutely hate the last week of summer. It always leaves me wondering where all the time could have possibly gone? But, then I think about Italy and all my triathlon races, Hershey Park, the national championships in Omaha, trips to Maine and Vermont and I remember just how long and fun and amazing this summer has been.

As in everything I do, I gave the last week of summer everything I had in terms of fun, fitness and food!




I am ramping up my running since I have not one, but two half marathons, coming right up! The first is part of the Rise.Run.Retreat, running the Leaf Peeper half in Waterbury, Vermont and the second is in Las Vegas in November! I’m not sure how much different two races could possibly get but, I’m really looking forward to them both! Not so much the all the running, since the longest run I have done in a while is 8 miles, but the people I will be running with. More on that later…

Getting some easy miles in while at Lake Bomoseen in Vermont last week.

Getting some easy miles in while at Lake Bomoseen in Vermont last week.

Oh and I still have one more triathlon on September 18 where I hope to qualify for nationals 2017.


I’m happy to report that I now have both of my bikes back however, I only had my road bike put together for my trip to Lake Bomoseen in Vermont last week. It was probably better to have that bike there anyway since the mountains in the green mountain state are no joke. I loved every minute! #ItsTheClimb



I was so disappointed that the house we stayed at for a few days, on the lake in Vermont, was not swimmable off the dock. There was a lot of vegetation and, when I say a lot, I mean a ton! The more lakes I see and swim in, the more I realize how clean and beautiful Crystal Lake by my home is. I have a new appreciation for it.

I got some pool swims in and also made up for lake swims with SUP, kayaking and indoor climbing. It’s all upper body and core work, right?


An early morning solo kayak. The best!


That would be my dad on belay! He’s sporting his Havana Garage shirt from Omaha too.


Pretty soon I’m going to start watching my diet. Any day now…

Until then, I will continue to not think about food as fuel but just food for fun.


The most amazingly delicious pizza on the planet, courtesy of Cornerstone in Ogunquit Maine. Also, my cousin’s cleavage. #sorrynotsorry


Cookie bigger than my head from Bread and Roses Bakery in Ogunquit, Maine.


Dinner and drinks at Lakeside Bar and Grill on Lake Bomoseen, Vermont.


The never ending humor Ryan Lochte provides. I swear, this guy has about two brain cells but, when he rubs them together and you add John Oliver? Magic happens.




Thinking of certain things as parenting fails when really, I don’t care. Here’s my summer short list of things we did not do:


Limit screen time

Care too much about a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner

Showers in clean water, i.e. not a lake or pool

They do not seem adversely effected.




My favorite listen this past week was definitely Wendy Rivard of Taking the Long Way Home and her chat with Denny of Diz Runs. I just love how honest and open Wendy was and her sheer love of running came though loud and clear between my ears. She was exactly as she seems on her blog and, at one point she even says, “geez this is so personal” but tells the story anyway. I really admired her courage to be so honest, could relate to a lot of it and, my eight mile run literally flew by. I truly hope to one day actually run with the real Wendy!

[Tweet “Listen to @oldrunningmom on @dizruns #podcast and watch the miles fly by!”]



This week I have one shameless article plug and another about a triathlete I really admire. First, my article, of course:

Five Ways for Beginner Triathletes to Get Faster | Training Peaks

You know how they say you should write what you know? Well, this is everything I have learned thus far about getting better, faster, stronger and smarter in triathlon. Benefit from my mistakes people.

Two Events Fewer but So Many More Miles to Run | The New York Times

Gwen Jorgensen just won the first Olympic gold medal for American women in triathlon and, instead of going to Disney World, she’s going to run the New York City marathon! Just when I thought I couldn’t love her more. In case you’re wondering, she’s never run a marathon. In fact, she’s never run much father than the Olympic distance triathlon which is a 10K or six miles. #Badass




The following exchange took place between an older, presumably married couple, sitting behind my husband and I on our flight from from Boston to Omaha a few weeks ago…

Woman: So what did he say?

Man: Who?

Woman: Trump!

Man: Oh I don’t know…

Woman: You read the article! What did he say?

Man: Oh something about how he wants to use the second amendment to shoot Hillary.

You really need to hear my husband re-tell it, using their thick accents and deadpan delivery. Hysterical.

How was your last week of summer or is it still going?

What is your favorite summer indulgence?

What will you NOT miss about summer?