Last week was all about numbers:

41 – years I have been on this planet

41 – theme of my workouts per my clever coach

41 – times I yelled at my kids in one day hour

41 – glasses of wine I should have had

Ok, so maybe there was only one number that framed my week but it was an important one.


WEEK OF MARCH 21, 2016


I’m back to running fast and breathing freely (sort of) and it feels amazing! After last week’s oxygen suck, I was running 6:50/min miles like ‘aint no thang chicken wing. Mmmmm chicken wings.

So my coach thought it would be cute to theme my week of workouts with the number of years I have been alive. I’m just so grateful I’m not 51. Holy cow!

Tuesday: 41 minute run with 4 x 4 min at 10K pace (7:00)/ one min walk recovery

Thursday: 41 minute run after swim with increasing speed every 4 minutes after 15 min warm-up

Sunday: 41 minute easy run after 30 mile ride

Total = 20 miles


All I can say is thank God for Homeland or I would be bored out of my mind on the bike trainer! When I’m working though a really hard effort, it’s hard to focus on the show so I have to pause it quickly and then resume during my recovery minutes. It’s tricky to binge watch and cycle. #TheseAreMyProblems

For some reason I woke up with horrible stomach cramps on Easter Sunday. I waited a few hours, tried to eat and drink something and did my 30 mile ride on the trainer. Let’s just say it was one of the longest rides ever! Afterward I showered, went back to bed and stayed there all day. So much for Easter…

Stretching it out after a long ride and one and half episodes of Homeland.

Stretching it out after a long ride and one and half episodes of Homeland.

Monday: one-hour bike with 10 x 41 hard effort revolutions in big gear

Tuesday: 41 minute warm-up for run

Wednesday: one hour and 15 minute base build

Sunday: 30 mile ride

Total = 5 hours 30 minutes and 73.4 miles


I had some looonnnggg swims this past week. In fact, one was so long that the note in Training Peaks from my coach read: “Ok, do not FREAK when you see the distance!” Can you guess? Yep – 4,100 yards.

Thursday: 4,100 yards endurance before run

Friday: 3,600 yards muscular endurance after cycle (this workout included 41 x 50, try keeping track of that!) 

I have to say, there is no way I would have made it through these sessions if it were not for my WaterFi waterproof shuffle. I started the 41 x 50 set with no music then decided I shouldn’t torture myself further.

I made this video way back in the summer (in Lake Winni!) but never used it. Since it’s spring and many of you may be hitting the pool or lake more, I feel like you should not enter a water workout without one of these!


No Barre class this week so off I went with my SIL to Pllates. It was just as awesome as the first time around and, since there are only a few Barre classes left, I need to find a way to work this into my regular schedule!



The birthday goodies kept on coming all week long! I got homemade banana chocolate chip cookies in the mail from one (obviously) amazing friend and a house call with these:


Yes they look like an old favorite from when I was eight but they are actually gluten, soy, dairy and nut free but surprisingly have a TON of taste! The gracious friend who delivered them is on the caveman diet, not me but, when she brought similar ones to a birthday last month I basically swallowed one whole. She took note.


So all of my bitching about Apple has finally paid off! That and while I was getting my 6Plus the guy asked me what I did when I gave him my email address (that has VITA Train for Life in it) and, when I told him he suggested I team up with the Apple business team.

I sat down with a few of the guys and talked about how we can work together and it was great! I told them the first thing they need to do is get a GPS on the Apple watch since pretty much every runner/Apple watch owner I know thinks that feature is horrible. They’re getting right on it.


I also purchased a tripod and light for my phone so I can fully utilize the video features. Look for some new workout videos in the coming weeks. Try to contain your excitement.


The Greatist list of healthy ice cream! One of my favorites, Three Twins, made the list. Score.

Unfortunately, creepy bunny Carvel ice cream cake did not make the list. However, that did not stop me from purchasing it for my birthday celebration. And, the candles, which conveniently look more like 47 than 41 are courtesy of my husband who is MUCH older than I am. #HeIs43

Is it me or is this thing rolling its eyes at me?

Is it me or is this thing rolling its eyes at me?


I knew these days would come but still, I was not prepared. But, really, how does one prepare for this:


Yes, that is shattered glass on a french door. My son Miles was playing with his brother and friend and decided that throwing rocks at the house was a good idea. He missed.

Secretly I’m more upset that my husband literally shoved my bike and trainer out of the way when he opened the door to try and kill my son. Luckily, everyone (and everything) survived.


Unfortunately, most of the interesting things I “read” were words on a video screen courtesy of Facebook. I can feel myself getting dumber.

Here are my top two:

I just want my husband to see this one more time. Mothers of the world – – rejoice!



And this gem, just in case you need one more reason to hate Trump…or 1,000:



“Parents should have more control and more choices when it comes to our kids’ foods. When our kids come home and say ‘I don’t like math’, we don’t say ‘it’s okay not to learn math.’ Why would we treat nutrition any differently?” – from Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move speech given to 150 mom bloggers at the White House on March 15, 2016. 

I personally would have chosen vegetables any day of the week over math. Just sayin’.


How was your week?

What number keeps popping up in your life these days?

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?