Sadly, fall is coming to an end in New England, my bike rides are mostly indoors, there’s no more open water swims and I have officially moved my summer wardrobe to an empty closet in the house. In addition to the shift in my training, I’m also making changes with work (more of it), the kids (school work) and some eating habits (more veggies). It’s time to officially downshift into winter and, I’m ok with that. For now.







I know I’m running a lot because my left IT band tells me so. Ouch! I have some serious balance/gait issues that I am unwilling to address so, I’m going to suffer though these last few weeks before the Las Vegas half marathon with a burning sensation down my left leg. Seems perfectly normal, right?


I had two grueling workouts this week that made me feel like a complete rock star afterward. And I mean “completely” like I stayed up dancing and doing cocaine all night long. Is there such a thing as a running hangover? If so, the only cure is probably more cowbell. Ok, I’ll stop.

Monday: 13 miles with 3 at marathon pace (7:50), 3 at half marathon pace (7:20) and 3 at 10k pace (7:00)

Wednesday: Speedwork on the treadmill since I had to do ‘on’ and ‘off’ the mill for 1 minute intervals at 6:05 pace

Friday: 6 miles at half marathon pace

Total = 25 miles


I only had one indoor ride this week but it was a tough one. I really loved it and didn’t even mind being on the trainer. We’ll see how long that lasts!


I’m continuing my heart rate training with each ride. I used to not think much about using my heart rate monitor and knowing when I’m in different heart rate zones but for the training I do, especially on the bike, it makes a huge difference when you know your zones. #nerdtalk

Warm up: 8 minutes ramping up slowly to Z4 (heart rate zone)

5 x 30 seconds easy resistance spin ups

Main Set: 2 x [5 (2 minutes at Z4, 2 min at Z3)] with 2 minutes easy between sets

5 minute cool down

Total = 1:17:31, 20 miles and average heart rate 142


You’re never going to believe this but, I was given the option of a recovery swim or rest day and, I took the rest day. I know, I know, but sometimes I actually make good decisions when it comes to my training. I figured since I had lost my voice over the weekend and couldn’t take the kids to guitar lessons on Monday night because I was insanely tired, that I should probably take Tuesday off.

Luckily for me I had another swim scheduled (after my run) on Thursday. Winning.

Thursday: 10 x 25s with speed and form drills | 2500 yards total


After having my nutrition consultation with Jamie Sheahan, I have made some simple and effective changes to my diet. First off, if you’re looking for an exceptional nutritionist who understands athletes needs but doesn’t go overboard in any way whatsoever, hire her immediately.

These were her key pieces of advice after I gave her my food log from a typical week:

  1. Reduce intake of added sugars. I eat a lot of fruit which I need to balance with veggies. I also take my coffee (2 cups a day) black with two sugars. I now take it with no sugar and unsweetened vanilla almond milk. It’s an adjustment.
  2. Increase protein intake and eat more of it at every meal and snack. I was doing this but not enough. It makes a big difference in my hunger!
  3. Up your veggie game! Yep, got it.
  4. Take a probiotic and fish oil supplement. The probiotic has changed my life. My “bathroom” life. #sorrynotsorry

She also gave me tons of ideas for post workout fuel, snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are all easy and I have incorporated several into my life with little effort, since eating to fuel your body should be easy!

Just picking up some goodness at my local market.

Just picking up some goodness at my local market.


Getting an Epi pen for my son for free. Free! Suck on that Mylan you selfish, greedy psychotic company! I received a coupon for (get this) $300 off the price and, since the price was $255, it was free! I seriously felt like I won something.



Ok so I have mixed feeling about this one. I actually love snow since, snowboarding but, I’m not a big fan when it descends upon us before Halloween when the mountains aren’t even open!

These two, however, were huge fans and were out in the neighborhood 30 seconds later throwing snowballs.


Even I am amazed at how identical they look in this picture.


There has been a lot of reading going on over here! I just finished The Couple Next Door and, although I wanted it to be as great as the author thinks it is, it wasn’t. I kind of hate the lead couple and the story is trying too hard to be twisty. By the 17th plot twist, I just wanted it to be over already.

Other reading that has been much more satisfying includes:

How Has the Marathon Changed Over Time? | By Alex Hutchinson | Runner’s World

Spoiler alert: women took over.

I Didn’t Unfriend You Over Politics | Jennifer Sullivan | Huffington Post

Spoiler alert: It’s because you’re racist, homophobic and sexist.


I would talk about the season premiere of The Walking Dead but I’m afraid too. The much anticipated opener was one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen…and I live with three boys. I watched it from between my fingers, curled up onto my husband while my heart pounded out of my chest.



A surprising new show I started watching because of the leading ladie’s interview with Howard Stern, is SJP in Divorce on HBO. It’s actually not even that good but the story is so interesting and the acting is so incredible that I have to keep watching. There’s also Molly Shannon, hilarious as ever so, I’m giving it a rave review. I cannot wait to see what happens next.


Awkward. And, what is she wearing exactly? Do glitter and flannel go together?


If you ask my husband, he will happily tell you about all the times I put my foot in my mouth. I will tell you that’s what happens when you are extremely opinionated. Well, it happened again…

Me and a friend were chatting after Barre class, in a room with only two other people, who could hear every word:

Me: So, we’re thinking about getting a dog but, in the Spring because really it’s just stupid to get a dog in the winter.

Another woman who I don’t know, looking directly at me: We’re getting a dog today.

She then proceeded to hold up a picture of the dog on her cellphone while boring holes into face with her burning eyeballs. 

[Tweet “The Rundown is shifting gears with #nutrition, #training, #televison and #reading!”]

Do you ever stick your foot in your mouth?

Are you shifting gears in any way?

Seriously though who wants to walk a dog though the winter months around here? It already snowed!