Did you miss me? I’ve returned from Spring break with older children, a crazier dog and some enlightenment on my training. Not too shabby for a week off, right?

WEEK OF APRIL 10, 2017


I’ve been having some great runs lately mostly because the weather has been amazing and, I finally made it to Fleet Feet in East Longmeadow and ended up with a pair of cloud-like Saucony Freedom running shoes! These babies are so cushy it’s like running on pillows. I mean, I’m gasping and sweating and working my a** off but, with pillows on my feet! Somehow it makes the runs that much better…or maybe it’s just the weather.

Monday – 5 miles easy | 8:00 min average pace

Wednesday – Speed work ladder | 6.22 miles | 7:30 avg pace

Friday – 1:17:00 long run before swim | 9.4 miles | 8:16 avg pace

Total = 21.32 miles


I cannot convey how amazing it felt to get out of my basement and outside on the roads! I had to go a little earlier than I would have liked the first day and, as a result my feet were frozen solid, but I was still happy to be out there! The second ride of the week was pure bliss and I was basking in the warmth of the sun! I forgot how good it feels to be on the roads…I also forgot how cars are not quite ready for cyclists in the spring. Luckily, I’m still alive.

Sunday – 2 hour ride | 32.8 miles

Tuesday – 45 minutes outside before swim | 13.2 miles

Thursday – 1:15:00 tempo ride before strength session | 20.8 miles

Total = 66.8 miles


Not everything can be amazing, even during spring break and so this time swimming took the hit. Maybe it was because I just didn’t want to be confined to the pool but I was dragging though most of my swim workouts this week. I did, however, receive my brand new ROKA swimsuit and it fits like a glove!

Tuesday – 2,200 yards after bike

Friday – 2,200 yards after run

Total = 4,400 yards


Since it was the boys’ birthday week you know there was a lot of cake (for everyone) and wine (for those over 21) involved. I also drank enough water to drown myself. It’s amazing how the higher temps immediately affect hydration levels! Most of the week I felt like I couldn’t get enough water. I also realized that my dog is a water snob. She will only drink water out of her bowl and not the community ones at the dog park. #divadog

This is her in my car, drinking out of her travel bowl!


Taking a mini break and only doing things either I really wanted to do or absolutely had to do. So, I basically spent the week working out, writing freelance stuff, walking the dog, meeting friends and doing laundry. I think that pretty much sums it up.

I also did some day drinking because I don’t think it’s technically spring break without it.

The boys also did some “day drinking” of slushies during our birthday bowl-o-rama…


Do people even want to work anymore? I have had to deal with way too many businesses in the past two weeks who either don’t return my calls or try to actually talk me out of what I want! Obviously we need a fence now that we have a dog and out of the three local fencing businesses I called, only one called me back.

When I want to get something done, I want it done quickly and that goes for organizing my schedule. I’m ruthless with call backs and, if I don’t get one within 24 hours, you can forget about getting my business. My husband thinks this is rather harsh but I disagree, espaiclly when you can basically send and receive calls from anywhere and at anytime. One fence place I called had a full voicemail box for two days (can you imagine?) and never responded to my email. I’m so sorry I was trying to give you 10,000 dollars. Trust me, it won’t happen again.

I guess it could have been worse and I could have been on that Delta flight. Of course I would have volunteered to get the hell off that plane…or any plane. Air travel is not safe. Obviosuly.


As you probably know by now, my coach is a rocket scientist. The massive brain in her cranium tends to benefit me tremendously in ways I didn’t know possible, including this one. Apparently she actually studies all the very confusing charts and graphs that go along with my workouts in TrainingPeaks and, as a result, she discovered a pattern in my training. Basically, during the week of my period, my workouts suck and there is scientific evidence as to why this happens.

Another brainiac named Stacy Sims, an exercise physiologist, nutritionist and Ironman athlete discovered that she had been treating herself like a small man instead of the woman she is. It seems so obvious yet, prior to Sims’ research, there was very little done to differentiate between men and women in endurance training, racing and fueling. Sims’ work, coupled with the writing and researching of her co-author Selene Yeager is available in book form titled ROAR! After a quick discussion with my coach, I immediately ordered it and have been highlighting passages ever since.

I will also say that prior to having this revelation, I thought my period had absolutely zero affect on my training. I never have complained about it or really suffered from cramps, bloating or sluggishness during that time…or so I thought. After all, my training numbers don’t lie.

I’ll be doing a complete review on the book and hopefully interviewing the authors as well so stay tuned!


Lest you thought I could forget it’s Marathon Monday, the day when thousands of runners will take the historic route from Hopkinton to downtown Boston and cover 26.2 miles, I will share some random thoughts on the day:

I had the honor of running Boston way back in 2007 during a nor’easter. The entire weekend was pretty amazing but the race itself sucked and I ended up in the medical tent suffering from hypothermia because I couldn’t find my family at the finish. Obviously I got over it rather quickly (in the photo below) once I was warmed-up and reunited with my husband and family…

After reuniting with my husband at the finish way back in 2007.

I have learned a lot over the past 10 years, have qualified to run Boston again twice but never have.

I attended and graduated from Boston University where I had some of the best experiences of my life, none of which involved running or even watching the marathon. Strange, isn’t it?

I recently watched the movie Patriot’s Day, which is usually not the kind of movie I would watch but, I have to say, it was so well done. If you can, I would watch it to restore your faith in the police force, and in human beings since we could all use a little of that every day.

Good luck to everyone running today! Remember to have fun out there because you never know what the future will bring!

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How was your spring break…or have you had one?

Thoughts on Marathon Monday?

Thoughts on ROAR?

Any thoughts at all?