Don’t be so shocked. And, if you’re not, don’t worry this will not include all the things I’m not good at because I don’t think anyone has that kind of time! This past week was another “rest” week on my training schedule. Obviously I do not rest well. And, I use quotes because my rest weeks now look awfully like what a regular training week did just a few months ago. I also spent the majority of last week party planning and I truly hate party planning. If I didn’t love my kids so much, and know how much they love a good party, I would have made some pasta, hung up a generic “happy birthday” banner and poured myself a glass of wine.

That did not happen.

But, since we’re talking about things I’m not good at, I will look at this positively. I had a super stressful week for a number of reasons, things went wrong, the weather sucked and I was tested but, I did it all and did it well.

I also remembered I don’t have to do this for another year so that makes me feel much better.





It seems like there is never enough of this on my schedule. Then I think back to last year when I ran two marathons and shudder. I’m more focused on cycling and swimming since those are my weaker links but, when I do get to run, I love every moment!

Trail running through ice, snow and mud!

Trail running through ice, snow and mud! I now need new shoes.

Wednesday – hour long trail run

Friday – 4 miles as part of a brick session

Sunday – one hour easy

Total = 19 miles


All my cycling (which was barely any) was done indoors because it’s been snowing and/or raining pretty much every day. I had a rest day on the schedule for Monday so I put in a comment to my coach like “Really? Seriously? Boooo!” to which she responded: “Well, I suspect you do things anyway… If you HAVE to do something go for a super easy spin on the trainer.” For the record, I do not “do things anyway” and always do as I’m told but, I did of course HAVE to do the spin…


Monday – super easy 40 (may have been 50) minute ride

Friday – 15 mile bike as part of brick session

Total = 30 miles


There is really no such thing as an “easy” swim. One of the lifeguards asked if I had a long one the other day, to which I happily replied “nope! this is a rest week for me.” When I was still doing laps an hour later he was like “um…this is your rest?” What can I say, my swimming is still slow. My coach estimated the workout for 50 minutes and it took me one hour and five. Oops.

Pick one!

Pick one!

Tuesday – 2,200 yards with speed

Thursday – 1,900 yards with kicks, pulls and band

Total = 4,100 yards or 2.32 miles


Barre was extra fabulous this week because I was concealing something under my capris. You’re probably thinking an extra snack but no, I was wearing compression in my pants!


A company called Physiclo reached out to me about these cool capris that have resistance bands woven into them! I figured Barre would be the perfect place to test them before I tried them on a run. I was right! More below…


If compression tights with resistance sounds terrifying to you then these are not your bag baby. However, I can tell you there is no reason to fear the resistance! The Physiclo capris were super comfy and, gave just the right amount of resistance. I actually think I will try to wear them to Barre most weeks.

These part compression, part resistance clothing line is the brain child of a small group of medical students who were attempting to give a gentle shove to rehab patients who were suddenly thrust into having to be more active.

From their blog…

“If it was difficult for people to suddenly adapt to an active lifestyle, then we wanted to bring the active lifestyle to them by building it into their clothes.” 


The group then entered their idea (back then it was called “Skinesiology”) into NYU Stern’s 2014 Entrepreneurs Challenge and ended up winning first place in the Technology Venture category. That’s when Physiclo evolved from being an idea into a business.


What I really love most is the enthusiasm that the group has for this product. Their communication was quick, the excitement was palpable and, if you watched the video, you know they truly believe in their product. What’s not to love?


Well, just a few things:

  1. The cross band of resistant material goes pretty much directly across your lady parts. When you sit, it’s a little um, bulky in that area.
  2. Because of where the band is on the capris, I had to make sure they were pulled UP during my run because that would cause some serious chafing!
The capris turned inside out. See what I mean about the cross cross action?

The capris turned inside out. See what I mean about the cross cross action?

Otherwise, the fit was perfect (I received an XS) and they absolutely give you resistance so you kind of want to get them off as quickly as possible once your workout is finished. It’s like doing hill repeats on a perfectly flat road. Two thumbs up!


I have found the Shangri-La of ice cream bars. I’m sure everyone else has already discovered them but they are new to me! My usual go to dessert is a square or two of dark chocolate or a couple mini Justin’s peanut butter cups but, in the warmer months (whenever that will be?) I love ice cream! I mean, who doesn’t? But, this is no ordinary ice cream – this is VITA-like ice cream. Check this out:


Do you see those nutritional facts? Eight grams of protein, high in fiber and only 70 calories! I know what you’re thinking – they couldn’t possibly taste good – well you are WRONG! I gave them the ultimate test – – my husband. Now, he wasn’t raving about them but he does eat them and gave a firm “they’re pretty good” which to most humans with emotions is “wow these are fantastic!” Trust me.

The best part is I found them right in my local grocery store and didn’t even have to get fancy and go to Whole Foods. I currently have two boxes (sea salt caramel and peanut butter chocolate) in my freezer.


Registering for the Las Vegas Half Marathon eight months in advance! I’m so excited about this half marathon and just the thought of running down the strip, that I already signed up. We had to skip our annual trip to Vegas this year so I’m definitely missing my fix.

Who else is planning to run this? I’m REALLY hoping to meet some blogger friends there – hint, hint….


Roadkill. There are seriously so many dead things on the roads this time of year and I have to avert my eyes (and sometimes my nose!) when I’m out there running and biking. There is something so wrong about slowly running past a slaughtered animal on the side of the road.

Also, does anyone else have the irrational fear that, just as you pass a particularly gruesome piece of animal carnage, it will come to life and latch it’s lifeless jaws onto your calf muscle?

Just me? Ok then, carry on.

This one just seems to be passed out and I could startle it with my run by!

This one just seems to be passed out and I could startle it with my run by!


I just want to make it official that All the Light We Cannot See was all the book I could not read. I’m sorry. I know so many of you loved it but, I made it about 200 pages, went to book club anyway and found out pretty much everyone suffered though it and hated it. I also had the whole story explained to me and it sounds just as bad as I thought it would be.

So, now that we have cleared the air on that one…let’s move on to some good reading…

What It’s Like to Run A Marathon Without Training At All | GiGi Eats Celebrities

I know. It should not be possible but the hilarious and adorable fiancee of the infamous Gigi of Gigi Eats Celebrities did just that!

“The next day every step felt like someone was stabbing hand blades into the middle of my calves and thighs, but again, I felt no physical exhaustion. I asked two of my friends who also ran the marathon what their times were, both told me they ran it right around the four-hour mark, both having trained for the marathon extensively and both having eaten the exact diet and stretched the exact amount of time that research suggests. The funny thing is, the pains that they experienced post-race, were the exact same as what I felt. They felt absolutely no worse and assured me they felt no better than I did having not trained a single step.”


It’s just not right but some people can actually pull this stuff off. Totally worth the read because he also did a leg workout, ate cake, fried chicken and got drunk the day before.


 “This was the best party ever!” – Miles and Vaughn after the Minecraft hell they put me though…totally all worth it.


How was your week?

What things are you not good at?

What do you think about those compression pants?