Last week started out horribly and ended magically. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and let life play itself out. After my heart attack scare a week ago, I never thought I would be riding the high horse of a little something we call training effect, by Friday.

I’m now six short weeks from the Columbia Olympic distance Triathlon in Maryland and I feel like a caged animal. Let me out!

WEEK OF MARCH 28, 2016


I started out the week feeling like garbage so my coach had me do pool running on Monday since I was already in there for a swim. Made sense but brought back some horrible memories of when I was exclusively running in there! I also got some very weird looks.

Just another run directly into the wind, but I'm not complaining!

Just another run directly into the wind, but I’m not complaining!

My favorite run of the week was on Friday after my 30 mile ride. That’s right, the same training block that terrified me three weeks ago was now my favorite of the week. I love it when a plan comes together.

On the run, I was supposed to start slow and then build. I felt like I was flying by the end and my legs felt great. This was a huge difference from three weeks ago. Huge! I was also able to run in shorts so that helped.

Monday – 20 minute pool run with 10 x 1 min hard/1 min recovery, after swim

Wednesday – 8 miles with 8 x 4 minutes @6:30-6:50 pace after Barre class

Friday – 30 minute run, building speed – 7:30 pace avg

Total miles = 15


It was a fantastic week of riding! Again, Friday was my magic day but the conditions left a lot to be desired. It seems like every long, outdoor ride I have planned for the past three weeks has been moved inside because of the weather or sickness. Friday was my chance to get out there and I took it. It rained. There was wind. And I smiled the entire time because it felt fantastic. #TrainingEffect

You can't tell from this photo but I'm soaked!

You can’t tell from this photo but I’m soaked! If you look closely you can see all the water beading up on my sunglasses.

Tuesday – 25 mile base build on trainer

Friday – 30 miles outside

Sunday – 20 miles on bike trainer with intervals

Total = 75 miles


Guess what? I loved the pool too! I know…I’m annoying myself but hey, after all the shit I have been though, I totally deserve a week like this. I mean, why do I train so hard – – it’s for this week right here – – great sessions all around and my body and mind adapting to the training.


I would never get though pool running or 3 x 500s without my WaterFi waterproof iPod shuffle. Rock on, even when wet.

Monday – 2,600 yards endurance with speed

Thursday – 4,100 endurance with form drills and 3 x 500 descending

Total yards = 6,700 yards or 3.8 miles


Barre is always amazing so no big shocker here. But, I had been away from it for one reason or another for the past several weeks and it was so good to be back! One of the things I love most about the class is how we do so many different variations and tons of standing ab work. My body is always sore in the best ways possible the next day. I seriously think of this class as my secret weapon. #GetStrongInSecret



After eating my way though so many delicious celebratory dinners, with amazing desserts, I’m back to my regular boring old diet. It consists of mostly fresh fruits and veggies and they are a huge pain to keep organized and fresh! My kids also eat a ton of fruit so I’m basically buying, washing, repacking and dishing out fruit like it’s a buffet!

Conveniently enough, while shopping at Target for the boys’ upcoming Minecraft birthday (more on that nightmare later) I found these:

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 2.39.23 PM

They are ceramic, come in three different colors, keep the fruit fresh and look so much nicer than my tupperware. It’s the little things.


I have so much gear to talk about…but most of it I have yet to try so I’ll have to wait. What I can tell you is how much I love these foxy shoes:

Hey Foxy mama

Hey Foxy mama

They have received mixed reviews both on Instagram and real life. My one friend, after stumbling a bit, finally just said “I like your, um…slippers? What are those?” Well, I’ll tell you. I first laid eyes on them in Women’s Running Magazine as a recovery shoe. I thought the knit fox was adorable and, when I can’t wear my OOFOS, I need something that is truly good for all my aching muscles. I found them – – Zhenzee Official – – and they come in a bunch of different styles, just in case you’re not down with the fox. Although I cannot imagine it.


I mentioned the fox right? Ok, moving on.

I also love giving back and honestly, I only like doing it for people and a cause I truly believe in. Such is the case with Jen and her campaign for Miles for Miracles. And yes, it helps that it’s “Miles” for Miracles because it’s all about children. Jen is raising money for the Boston Children’s Hospital, to run the NYC marathon, in part because of the journey she took with her son when he suffered though multiple surgeries to his nose, after what was first diagnosed as a simple cyst.

Jen and her son Tucker

Jen and her son Tucker

I had the pleasure of meeting and running and laughing and eating and drinking with Jen when we both attended the Rise.Run.Retreat in Maine last fall. I cannot tell you how lucky I feel for having attended that retreat because of women like Jen and how they continually give back.

I’m literally begging you to donate to Jen’s campaign and do something you can feel good about. Think about how much you have to be thankful for simply because you are healthy and then CLICK HERE AND DONATE. Thank you.


Pinterest and planning a Minecraft birthday party. Apparently the a-holes at Minecraft will not “release their pattern” which means no plates, banners, gift bags or nary a balloon out there already emblazoned with the Minecraft jagged edged blocks my boys so know and love. Which in turn means I have to get creative (ugh!) and actually go on Pinterest (sigh) and try and make the best Minecraft pin-able party ever. #NotHappening

As an added bonus, the boys are now in separate classrooms, so we had to make 35 gift bags to hand out to their friends. It seriously took hours on Sunday.

Only 30 to go...

Only 30 to go…

Remember the days when your mom could just bring in 40 cupcakes and be done with it? Why does it seem like we have over-complicated everything when it comes to parenting?

Luckily, it was snowing with 40 mph winds so, it was actually a great activity. Yes, on April 3rd. New England has lost it’s mind…



First off, you can now pre-order your copies of Multiples Illuminated! I have a story in the book about how fun it was to share my “news of the century” aka I’m pregnant with twins! Those were crazy fun times and some people’s reactions still make me laugh.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 3.11.49 PM

I also read this interesting piece on NY Times Well Blog about the struggle of how much to give or not give our kids:

How Much Money Is Enough? | Ron Lieber

“Whether a family is affluent or struggling, however, every question about children and money and values eventually boils down to this: How much is enough? And how much is too much?”

The struggle is real, but mostly I just want my boys to stop fighting with each other. I would pay any amount of money for that.


Me: Hey Miles I think we need to get rid of those pants you’re wearing.

Miles: Why? I love these pants.

Me: There’s a huge rip in the knee and it looks awful.

Miles: You wear pants with tons of rips in them all the time and you keep those!

Dying laughing because, I have no less than four pair of ripped jeans. Damn him!

How was your week?

Are you loving or hating your workouts lately?