When your kids are your work, you bring them with you all day, everyday. And yes, the boys are the majority of my work but I also freelance write (for actual pay, not just the blog!) and train…like it’s…well, my job. How many jobs is that so far? While I schlep them with me to the gym, to races or just to run up and down the hill we live on, it makes me wonder what they think about all of it…or if they think about it at all.

I used to be happiest on the run but now...this is my absolute happy place!

I used to be happiest on the run but now…this is my absolute happy place! (Vaughn on the left, Miles on the right 🙂

I saw a post from Beth at Shut Up and Run with 10 questions she asked her much older kids about her training. Of course I couldn’t wait to ask the boys the same ones (with a few tweaks) and I braced myself for the answers:


1. What does mom eat before a run?

Miles: Snacks?

Vaughn: Cookies!

*Does Vaughn even live in the same house as I do? I think he thought I asked “what do YOU eat before a run?” He never was a good listener.

2. How far does mom run everyday? Bike? Swim?

Miles: 20 miles | 8 miles | 5 miles

Vaughn: 12 miles | 10 miles | 8 miles

*I love the overestimations! They have a lot of confidence in my swimming and obviously my biking leaves a lot to be desired.

So far, they LOVE to swim!

So far, they LOVE to swim! And could they look more identical in this picture? OMG! In case you’re wondering, Vaughn is on the right and Miles has the plate of crackers.

3. How many times a week do we go to the gym? Do you like going there?

Miles: 5 days. Yes!

Vaughn: 10 times. Yes…and I see a birdie (looks out window and points and then yells “activate bird power!”)

*It’s usually only three times a week but the boys have grown up going to the YMCA. I would have never been able to train the way I do without that place, not to mention teaching classes there and the community and friends there. Luckily, the boys love it too.

4. What was my favorite race?

Miles: The one in Spain!

Vaughn: New York

*Spain was hands-down my favorite race but I’m pretty sure Vaughn is talking about the upcoming NYCM in November since he’s excited to go!

Finished! In Spain with my family, representing Team USA!

In Spain, with my family, representing Team USA!

5. Why do you think mom runs?

Miles: For exercising. Maybe for just running? Cause you just want to run.

Vaughn: Because you love it!

*They’re both right! I also love how Vaughn smiled so big when he said it. They get me.

6.  Does having a mom who runs make you want to run?

Miles: I could already run really fast, but YES!

Vaughn: Yes? Well no, not really because I love movies and toys.

*Miles is always the competitor. That kid cannot wait to beat me! And Vaughn, well, I think he may just be addicted to anything with a screen.

They both seemed to absolutely love track this Spring…Miles is in the first shot and Vaughn is next…

IMG_5792 IMG_5791

7. Have you learned anything from having a mom who runs?

Miles: Yes. Running.

Vaughn: Yes, I’ve learned all about the Y.

*I should have asked Vaughn to elaborate on his answer but I was a little scared. 

8. What else does mom do?

Miles: I don’t know. Swim? You also make stuff like cakes and watermelon push-pops and hamburger cupcakes!

Vaughn: Swim? You love going off the diving board and sometimes you pee in the bathroom.

*I love that Miles only thinks about the the stuff we baked alongside Jen of Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio! And obviously Vaughn doesn’t think I do a damn thing but swim and pee. At least I’m well hydrated.

Morning prep work!

All those LONG winter days of baking were at least remembered by one of them!

9. What is the least favorite thing about having a mom who runs?

Miles: I don’t like you working or writing about it. And Daddy, he works all day and does this *moves fingers like typing*

Vaughn: It’s super boring.

*Obviously they just want me to bake, swim and bring them to the Y.

10. Do you think you will run when you’re mom’s age (40)?

Miles: Yes, maybe even when I’m 12 and when I’m 12 I will run even faster then I do now!

Vaughn: Yes!

Maybe this is in their future?

Maybe this is in their future? Team USA in the making!


What do you think your kids would say? There’s only one way to find out!