There are two groups of people in the world, those who have bumper stickers, and those who don’t. There’s been a lot said about weather or not you ‘should’ have a running bumper sticker like the 26.2 or 13.1, etc. There’s also the controversy over the stick figure family, that seems to be plastered on every mini-van in every town in America, pets included. As controversies go, these are tame, and probably won’t result in hate mail or bar brawls, but there is heated discussion nonetheless.


For whatever reason, my husband has a strong opinion about those who stick their accomplishments on their car. Oddly enough, he actually likes the family ones, and even got upset enough to tell me when he saw this on a local truck:


Saying what an a-hole that driver must be, and why would someone ever put that on their car, blah, blah, blah…all the while I was sitting dismayed that he even pays attention to those things!? After eight years of marriage, he can still surprise me.  However, what happened this past weekend did not surprise me, but shocked the hell out of him.

After a blissful lunch sans children, the hubs wanted a Starbucks coffee. Now, around these parts, the lines for the Starbucks drive thru are long and slow moving. It takes about 7 minutes to make each one of their drinks, and if you add in a spinach feta wrap, you’re looking at a good 10 minutes. As we’re waiting, my husband notices the ‘IM’ (which stands for Ironman) sticker on the back of the car in front of us.

Him: “Is that necessary?”

Me: “If I ever did an Ironman, I’m pretty sure I would get it tattooed on my forehead, so I think he’s being humble.”

Him: “Should I go ahead and put all my accomplishments on the back of the car? I don’t get it.”

Me: “Spoken like someone who has never done a half of a half of a half of an Ironman.”

Him: “You know you would never put a 26.2 or running sticker on your car.”

Me: “No, but I don’t care if other people do. I mean, I spend a lot of time writing about running and my running accomplishments, so which is worse?”

Him: “I guess, but it’s just not necessary.”


At this point I reminded him of his love for the stick-figure family stickers and we started laughing.

About this time, the IM in front of us was pulling up to the window. He started talking to the employee while waving his arms around quite a bit. I figured he was Italian, but my husband started mocking him saying, “Oh you see, I’m an Ironman. Yes, I’m super awesome and I even have the bumper sticker to prove it.”

After a minute or so the conversation ended, he drove off, and we were finally next! We pulled up to the window and, as my husband reached his hand out to pay, the employee stopped him, saying “Oh, the guy in front of you paid for your coffee.”

Well, my husband just about pooped himself and said “ugh. I’m an asshole.” Um, no comment.

That’s right, the jerk with the audacity to have the IM sticker on his car turned out to be one hell of a nice guy. Of course we both started laughing hysterically and I immediately said “I have to blog about this!” To which he replied “Oh shit.”

I’m thinking of getting a custom made sticker for my husband’s car that reads “I love triathletes!” Whatdayathink?

How do you feel about bumper stickers?

If you have one, what does it say? If not, what one would you stick on? Sometimes I have to physically restrain myself from putting any number of the Oiselle ones on my car. They send you cool stickers with every order, so I have about 100 now…I put them on my coffee mug instead.

Ever have an a-ha moment like this one?