If I were a better person, I would say that I don’t deserve to be on the cover of Runner’s World magazine in the first place.  I mean, have you read some of the stories of the entrants?

Ben B. from Valaparaiso, FL


If I must actually type words here to list reasons why you should vote for this kid instead, you may want to check if you have a heart.  I know a lot of people who won’t even go running because it’s raining.  They also have both legs are are well over the age of this kid.  Don’t worry, he’s in the lead with over 2300 votes and deserves so much more then simply the cover of a magazine.


Kimberly M. of Kensington, CT (who I have the distinct pleasure of knowing)


Kimberly here had a bi-lateral mastectomy from breast cancer, discovered at the age of 41. She completed three full marathons during chemo treatments.  What did you do today?

Shirley W. from Highland, UT


I love Shirley.  I love her because she’s old and getting it done!  She has qualified for Boston three times since she turned 60.  Sixty, people!  Try telling her that “I’m getting to old” to do anything and I’m sure she’ll just throw her empty water bottle at you as she finishes a 20-mile long run. And no, she wasn’t born this way. In fact, the first time a friend asked her to go running she weighed 235 pounds and just had her 5th child in seven years. What the…?

I could go on, but I think you get it.

However, the reason I’m asking to pull the plug (in addition to the fact that these three alone deserve to be on the cover) is that I WORK FOR RODALE. You know, Rodale, Inc?. As in the entity that owns Runner’s World magazine?  Yes, it’s a cute little thing we call nepotism and I would be guilty of some sort of violation because I regularly write for Fitbie.com, which is a Rodale owned company.  So, ok it took me a little while to connect those dots, but I wasn’t really thinking about it.  Either that or I’m a moron.  I’m going with the first one.


Thank you all so very much for voting as much (or as little) as you did.  At the time I’m writing this, I have 375 votes and I think that’s pretty darn good.

I may never be on the cover of Runner’s World or any other magazine for that matter, but I’ve never suffered through what any of these people had and needed running as my anchor. The triumph of the human spirit that clearly shines though a lot of the entrants (not just these three!) is cover-worthy.  I cannot wait to see who is crowned.

Who would get your vote?

Who in your life is ‘cover worthy’ and what magazine would it be? You can make it up…