As I’m sure most of you have heard (or are currently living) the snowpocalypse of 2015 hit the Northeast starting on Monday. As usual, the media went crazy with predictions and people went crazy food shopping. This never ceases to amaze me. The crazy started early on Monday morning…actually the crazy for me started on Sunday night.

See that first red dot on the left where it says "2 Feet?" That's almost exactly where I live.

See that first red dot on the left where it says “30-36 Feet?” That’s almost exactly where I live.


My husband sent me a series of frantic text messages while I was out trying to enjoy a dinner of petite filet and asparagus (with a pear martini of course) with who I refer to only as “the aunts.”


Trust me, for my husband these are frantic text messages. I thought for sure he was on his way to the emergency room with one or both boys who had suffered a massive head wound. It was actually much worse – Vaughn had thrown up all over the kitchen. A lot. We feared the dreaded stomach bug!

Stomach bug + epic blizzard = disaster.

But, as kids often do, he puked and then felt almost instantly better, slept through the night, and was raring to go Monday morning.


6am: To my astonishment, afternoon kindergarten is cancelled.

6:02am: Text to bestie: School is canceled? WTF? I thought it wasn’t starting until tonight?

6:03am: Bestie responds: Check again. It’s supposed to start now at 11.

Commence freak out

6:15am: Text to sitter who is supposed to watch the boys until noon: Full disclosure – I could really use you this morning as school has been cancelled for the boys, however, Vaughn puked last night (but hasn’t since and is feeling fine this morning) but I don’t want you to get sick again.

She decides not to come and I can’t blame her.

8am: Both kids and I are bundled up and headed to the grocery store because I thought I would have ALL DAY to get shiz done, and we only have a half-gallon of milk. And no buns for turkey burgers. How this happens at exactly the wrong time, I do not know.


Supermarket is insane as if the end of the world is actually occurring. When will we ever get used to winter storms people? When?

Trust me when I tell you there are never this many cars here on a Monday at 8:15am.

Trust me when I tell you there are never this many cars here on a Monday at 8:15am.

9am: Back home and hunkered down, waiting for snowpocalypse.

10am: Still waiting. So I check supplies…

This should get us though Tuesday mid-morning...

This should get us though Tuesday mid-morning…

11am: It’s not noon yet (and still not snowing!) so I decide to workout in the basement. I clearly won’t be able to run or go to the gym.

Staring down at all this and looking up to see only my bike on a trainer, I'm actually really upset I don't have a treadmill.

Staring down at all this and looking up to see only my bike on a trainer, I’m actually really upset I don’t have a treadmill.

1pm-4pm: Still waiting for snow to start and cursing my town for canceling school for nothing.

4:30pm: Snow finally starts falling. I start watching the news and the hubs and I discuss staying home with no generator or going to my dad’s house with a generator.

We decide to stay and I can barely sleep all night thinking we will wake-up at 3am with no power and freeze to death.Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 10.27.43 AM

Crazy is clearly winning at this point and we are all, well, you know…



6am: Yay I got to sleep in!

6:15am: Enjoying my coffee and whole wheat fig bars, so happy to have power and seeing that this “epic” blizzard is not as bad as they predicted. Shocker!

Alas, we still have 12 inches in counting at 7am, winds of 30+ mph causing huge drifts and a plow that almost got stuck going up our mountain. It’s definitely a blizzard.

My driveway is somewhere under there and the mailbox is still visible so there's that...

My driveway is somewhere under there and the mailbox is still visible so there’s that…

8am: We have already watched the movie The Boxtrolls approximately 458 times since Monday morning. The boys now want to be box trolls. So, of course, I indulge them:



Introducing ‘waffles’ and ‘fish.’


Noon: Natives are getting restless, I can’t completely close them up in these damn boxes and I’m getting zero work done. It’s still snowing.

1pm: Perusing social media and getting confused. This is easily achieved however, some people are calling this storm “Juno” while others are dubbing it “Colbie.” I decide this needs my immediate attention.


1:10pm: I didn’t know anyone used the word “tool” anymore. Of course, I didn’t know snowstorms were not given names either. I decide I don’t want to find out what else I don’t know.

1:30pm: We head out into the storm.

Miles was miserable pretty much the entire time. It was so much fun.

 2pm: After a lot of nose wiping, whining and legs getting stuck in the snow, we head back in.

 2:30pm: I decide I can’t take it anymore. If I hear “mommy I need…” one more time I’m going to throw myself into a snow bank and pray for a quick death. All the laundry is done, I’ve cleaned every closet I have, made fish tacos, chicken, fruit salad and chocolate chip cookies. There’s only one thing left to do…

I make a dash for my FreeSteps6, hit “restart from beginning” on The Boxtrolls, yell to my husband I’ll be back in 20, and head out!

I'm smiling because I'm literally FREE and so are my feet!

I’m smiling because I’m literally FREE and so are my feet!

I ran for 20 glorious minutes all over my neighborhood in otherwise un-runable terrain. It was fantastic. I have to say that I felt 100% confident with these on my running shoes. Even when I was running down my huge hill, I had no fear. I will definitely be using these for the next couple days until this mess thaws.

Snow tires for your feet!

Snow tires for your feet!

And yes, I got more then a few “what is that crazy lady doing?” looks from my neighbors who were very sanely snowplowing their driveways. You all know by now I’m nuts, and shouldn’t be surprised by my crazy anymore.

4pm: It’s snowing again. I’m afraid to text my sitter to see if she’s coming tomorrow. I’m pretty sure there will be no school again and the boys will be out of school on Thursday and Friday too.


Oh we’re headed to Vermont because we’re just crazy about snow!

Did you live through the blizzard of 2015?

Do you use any kind of traction for your running shoes in the winter?

What movie do you or your kids currently have on a loop?