The other day the boys were both sick which means I was on house arrest for the day.  It sucked.  However, I discovered just how much you can get done when you’re trapped.  I did every stitch of laundry, caught up on blogging, FB, Instagram and Twitter (because that is of the utmost importance!), made banana bread (from a box…let’s not get crazy here) and started to clean out a particularly messy cabinet.  In said cabinet, I found my pregnancy journal!  Since I needed a really good laugh, I decided to read it.  Here’s some of what I found:

Journal entry – September 29, 2008 – 10 weeks pregnant

I’m starting to really worry about everything I’ve been reading (and hearing from moms of twins!) that this is going to be very difficult!!  I’m trying to reassure myself that I’m healthy and strong but I’m not sure if it really matters!!  My head is spinning with thoughts of being in the hospital on bed rest for months and having premature NICU babies who are small and sick.  It seems that this is the “norm” rather then the exception.  I guess I’ll just have to take it one day at a time but it’s not going to be easy.  I will definitely have to take it much easier as the pregnancy progresses and I’m going to gain more weight!!   The norm is between 40-55 pounds!!  I’m already showing at 10 weeks.  This is just not how I thought this was going to go!!  I had better just let go now or this is going to be increasingly difficult.

Me and the boys at 10 weeks.  I look so happy, so clueless!

Me and the boys at 10 weeks. I look so happy, so unaware…so clueless!

I love that I actually wrote “this is not how I thought this was going to go!”  Really?  You weren’t expecting twins?  Did that throw you for a little loop? And how much weight did you think you would gain?  Ten pounds? Were you expecting to deliver a puppy or a human?

Don’t worry, it gets a lot better:

Journal Entry – September 25, 2008 – Day after I found out I was pregnant with twins

Ok, sleep as I know it is over!  I’ve been up at 4am then 3am since I found out I was having twins. (That last sentence is obviously from a woman who is sleep deprived since the times don’t even make sense!) I finally made it back to sleep around 5:00!  My run sucked today.  I only did a 5 mile loop around the lake and it seemed like a marathon but I did it…I guess I should say “we” did it! My back hurts on the left side so I’m trying to be nice to it.  Just yoga tomorrow and then REST Saturday and Sunday.  OMG twins!!!!

I love that I’m totally freaking out and I’m two months pregnant.  Why did I think I would still be able to run like the wind with even one baby?  Because ignorance is bliss and I was super blissful.  It’s hard to go back to that mindset, to that person I was before I was first pregnant.  I definitely remember really wanting to get pregnant and thinking it would be no big deal because I was in such good shape.  Hearing the news of twins definitely made me reconsider some things but I think I was still delusional about how much things would change.

Because of these workout “setbacks” and “OMG twins!” I set out on a fact finding mission.  This is what I do.  I research everything I possibly can to somehow prove my point or reinforce a decision.  My husband loves this about me.

Well, let me tell you that finding fitness information on twin pregnancy is like looking for intelligent conversation when watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  I found a whole shit ton on twin pregnancy and almost nothing even remotely related to fitness and twin pregnancy. Oh wait…I remember, they refer to twin pregnancy workouts as BED REST.  Not to worry, I soldiered on and bought a pile of twin pregnancy books and headed home.

I was able to get out and do some x-country skiing.  Because that's important and not dangerous at all.

I was able to get out and do some x-country skiing. I’m pretty sure the zipper on my jacket is getting a better workout then I am.

Each day I would take some time out and read all about being pregnant with multiples and how to care for them once they are born, etc.  Most of it was like “For God sake woman just get some help because you will NEED it!!” or “Never ever, ever stop doing laundry because if you do, even for one day, the pile with crush you beneath it and you will never be able to dig yourself out”!  That was actually true.  Some other gems included:

Only change a child’s shirt or pants if they are really dirty.  I mean you definitely do not have to change them every time there’s a little stain.  If you do, you’ll be doing even more laundry and don’t forget what I said about the pile of dirty laundry coming to life and eating you.  Gross!! Somehow I will find time to do this even if I have to give the kid MY shirt!  God, is it really that bad?

Should you or should you not dress your twins alike?  It’s really a personal decision but here’s what some moms of multiples have to say… Is this really necessary? Of course I will dress them alike until they’re 30, duh?

How to make homemade baby wipes.  And when exactly do I have time to whip these up?

You will average 10 diapers per day per childJesus Christ!  Kill me now!

Another alternative to high chairs is a daycare tableLet me get this straight…with one pregnancy I will now need a freakin’ table that is suitable for a person whose profession it is to look after 15+ kids all day?  What the what?

Minivans and Other MinutiaeOk we can SKIP over that chapter entirely since the day I buy a minivan will be the same day I start wearing mom jeans and holiday sweaters with little jingle bells on them.

Expect to bleed for several weeks following your delivery.  Stock up on lots of maxi pads.  Your best bet is to go with the longest, thickest size you can find on the store shelf.  And if that doesn’t work just shove and entire roll of toilet paper in your mesh underwear and let the party begin!

When I Googled "minivans and Christmas sweaters" this came up.  I think it's a prefect representation of what I'm talking about here.

When I Googled “minivans and Christmas sweaters” this came up. I think it’s a prefect representation of what I’m talking about here people.

You can imagine my excitement at the prospect of what was to come after reading through these books!  It’s so funny looking back on it because every twin pregnancy experience is so ridiculously different.  Some of the tips were very helpful…nothing comes to mind but I’m positive reading all that shit was not a waste of time!

At 31 weeks!  I still have 6 weeks to go at this point.  I almost couldn't reach the steering wheel in my car!

At 31 weeks! I still have 6 weeks to go at this point. I almost couldn’t reach the steering wheel in my car already.

As it turns out, the boys were born healthy and did not have to be in the NICU.  The first three months were a complete nightmare but I was fortunate to have a TON of help.  I’m still paying for anger management classes for the relatives and friends who helped me during that time but it was definitely worth it.  For me.  Sorry.  Anywho, life actually went on.  I survived and the boys thrived.  I wish I could go back and tell my pregnant self not to worry so damn much.  What I would say is being pregnant is the easy part!  Once they are born…shit gets real!  But I wouldn’t change a thing.  Ok, maybe a dozen things or so but that’s it.  It’s perfectly imperfect and absolutely REAL. Crazy.


What are your thoughts on pregnancy if you haven’t been there yet?  If you have, what do you wish you could tell your pregnant self?  Did you read any pregnancy books?  Did you keep a pregnancy journal?