I’m trying to restrain myself from singing “It’s the final countdown da na na na…” but, let’s face it, it is!  I’ve been in full-on final preparation mode and I think I may actually be ready to go when May 28th arrives.  I know I’m ready to race for freakin’ Team USA baby, so let’s DO THIS!


As you may know, this past week started out horribly with a major bike shipping crisis.  However, crisis averted, thanks to my coach and several other people who offered their bikes (Allison, Deb, Bonnie, Michelle & Dawn) and other helpful information.  Thank you!  Here’s everything else that didn’t suck last week:

WEEK OF MAY 12, 2014

RUNNING:  I got in very few miles this past week (but made up for it on the bike!) because I was in a weird kind of tapering for the race on Sunday.  Some of my running plans also got screwed up because of my bike crisis but, when I did run, I loved it.  I was able to do some pick-ups on Thursday prior to spin.  Pick-ups are usually done on a track or other flat surface and, you slowing build speed until you’re at about 85% effort and you slowly decelerate.  I did 6 for 20 seconds each.  I cannot tell you how great a feeling it is when you call upon your speed and it’s there!

Total mileage: 14 miles, 6 of which were in a race.  Boom!

CYCLING:  Oh so much cycling and none of it on my actual bike.  No, my beloved bike was packed up and shipped out on Friday.  I wanted to hug the box before they sent it.  Please, dear God, let it make it to Spain!  Because of CRS’ awesomeness I was able to ride her bike for a training ride on Wednesday and in the race on Sunday.  Maybe I should pray to her that my bike makes it to Spain?  Too much?  I also spent plenty of time in the pain cave riding my spin bike to nowhere.  Some would call that crazy.  You be the judge.

Total mileage: 134 miles!  Double BOOM!

You've heard about d*ck in a box?  Well, this is my BIKE in a box!  Yikes!!!

You’ve heard of d*ck in a box? Well, this is my BIKE in a box! Yikes!!!

CROSS-TRAINING:  Racing around Target, with the hour of time I had, buying every conceivable travel device for the kids, myself, the hubs and anyone else who may be in need of a neck pillow or tiny toiletry item.  I got ya covered.

FUEL: I’m running mostly on insanity and adrenaline these days.  I should try to box it up and sell it!  It’s better then Red Bull and mixes well with your favorite adult beverage.  Mixing is enthusiastically encouraged.

RACING: Oh hell yes there was racing baby!  I had my oh-so-important Duathlon “warm-up” on Sunday (riding CRS’ bike!) and it went…HA I’m saving that for a whole different post.  Unless you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or FB, then you can skip my Wednesday post…but you want to hear all the exciting details, right?

TV: Who has time?  Besides, my life is all the reality show I need these days.  In fact, after telling my cousin’s girlfriend about a “typical” morning in my house, that involved me threatening my husband with a rock that I found in my dryer (because doesn’t everyone have rocks in their dryers?), she said “If you had a reality TV show, I would so watch it!”  I love that girl.  And, don’t worry, my husband’s head avoided the rock.

MUSIC: My brother sent me a text that read [in part] “Do yourself a favor and download Turn Blue by The Black Keys.  It should shave 10 minutes off your time!”  Done.

I have to say that, after I listened to it the first time, the only thing it made me want to so was stretch.  I think that was the point.

THINGS I LOVE:  Racing mantras unknowingly given to me by friends and family.  My mind is so busy when I’m racing but, little snippets will come to me like:

“Can’t stop. Won’t stop” is a classic from cousin Scott

“Push well and shake and bake” is a favorite for me and Anne

“Set your pace, run your race”  was my brother’s advice for the Boston Marathon

“You already won” from my husband who is my tether to planet earth

And SO many others that people tell me or write on my FB page – they all are meaningful and I take them to heart. Just know, you will all be with me as I race though the streets of Spain!


THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH: I’m a little worried about how I’m going to feel after the race.  I’ve been training for six months now, so intensely and with so much passion, I’m scared of what it’s going to feel like when it’s over.  Yes, I’m looking forward to relaxing for a few days, but I’m not really the “relaxing” type.  I also have races planned for summer and fall (of course!) but nothing that requires so much intense training and focus. We shall see…

RANDOM THOUGHT OF THE WEEK: This is best summed up in a picture I took while at the Connecticut Science Museum:


How was your week/weekend?  

Do you have mantras or quotes that get you though a race or even just your day?

What’s the weirdest thing you ever found in your washing machine or dryer?