It’s a funny saying.  Maybe I like it it because the word “screw” is in it?  I can’t remember the first time I heard it (I don’t think it was Macbeth, where it originated from Shakespeare’s mind) but it’s actually in the “Gaston” song from Beauty and The Beast.  A few months back, the boys were watching it in the car for the umpteenth time, and the line jumped out of the song at me.  Since then, it’s become sort of my mantra.  If I want to succeed at traveling to Spain with my family (tomorrow!!!) and competing in the biggest race of my life (on Sunday!!!) then I’m going to need good courage and I need it to stick!


The time has finally arrived for me to do this thing!  I’m excited, nervous, anticipating the best and the worst, and find myself lost in thought with all of the unknown.  Obviously I needed my toes painted for Team USA/Wonder Woman for the occasion.  This past week has been a blur of activity, parties, shows and last workouts.  Here’s the final recap before go time!


WEEK OF MAY 19, 2014

RUNNING: I’ve got good news and bad news on the running front.  The good news is I won the Ten Penny Ale Duathlon last weekend.  The bad news is that I hurt my already strained hamstring in my dash to the finish, 10 seconds ahead of the second place woman.  I did a few training runs, but had to lay off the speed for the most part.  I’m not going to freak out because I know I have the speed there, and what I need to do is be smart and go a little easier.

CYCLING: Because I have the greatest trainer on the planet, she left her bike with me so I could get my last few rides in before I left.  My leg doesn’t hurt at all when I’m cycling so that is a welcome relief.  I was able to push hard through my last big workout – 6 mile run (with 3 at 10K pace) and a 30 mile ride – on Monday.  Life is good.

CROSS-TRAINING:  I did get into the pool this week, which was blissful, but I also did a lot of partying, which I definitely consider a form of cross-training.  I needed it to let off steam and hug and kiss all my friends before leaving.  Several of my closest and coolest friends threw me a Spainish-themed party on Friday night, complete with Sangria, a piñata and tapas.  They also bestowed on me a bag of all my favorite fuel (Vega bars, chews, Smarty Pants vitamins, SnapPea crisps, dried cherries and NUUN!) and a gift card to Athleta.  I mean, really.  What the hell else does a girl need?

Did I mention the Sangria?

Did I mention the Sangria?

FUEL:  I rolled with the Spanish/Mexican theme on Saturday night when my husband and I met up with friends at Sol Toro, in the Mohegan Sun Casino, to pre game for Chelsea Handler.  The food and company were fantastic (table side guacamole anyone?) and Chelsea was just as funny as I knew she would be.  I may or may not have had to change my underwear after the show.

RACING:  I’m anxiously anticipating the biggest race of my life.  I’m packed and ready to go!  Opening ceremonies are on Saturday, May 31 and I race at high noon on Sunday, June 1st!  Ponteverdre, Spain time is six hours ahead of the East Coast so, if you happen to be awake at 6am on Sunday…think of me!  The weather report for now is 60 degrees and rain.  If it rains during the bike race, I will cry quietly into my handlebars the whole time.

Of course I wore my uniform for my training run/bike on Memorial Day!

Of course I wore my uniform for my training run/bike on Memorial Day!

READING/TV:  I’ve loaded my iPad with more books and movies then I can possibly read or watch.  I’m anticipating a lot of down time starting June 2nd, plus I have about 14 hours of flight time to kill between going there and coming home.  And yes, I also have my Xanax.

MUSIC:  Gaston of course!



The woman in the picture with me is my honorary Aunt Chris.  I trained her at my studio years ago and we have remained very close ever since. Chris and her husband Dave have owned Rockville Equipment for over 20 years.  Chris’ sign has become a local favorite because you never know what she’s going to put on it!  Some of my favorites are: “The real housewives of Tolland Country ride Husqvana mowers!” or “I’m sexy and I mow it.”  I literally drive by her business five times a day, so imagine my surprise when I turned the corner and saw my own name!  I almost drove off the road! I quickly turned the car around and could barely contain my excitement as I walked in to give her the biggest hug!  Chris – I cannot thank you enough for everything you have been to me, and have done for me over the years.  This sign was better then the sword and I will never, ever forget it!  THANK YOU!

THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH:  That feeling in the pit of my stomach of nervous anticipation.  I keep going over all my lists and praying that I don’t forget anything.  I’m pretty sure they sell most everything I would need in Spain but…

RANDOM THOUGHT OF THE WEEK: Here goes everything nothin’!

I’m not sure what to expect as far as connectivity in Spain and Portugal so you may not hear from me for a few weeks.  I’m sure I will at least be able to post to Instagram, Twitter and FB so if you don’t follow me yet, please do!  I’m hoping to at least get one post up, and I’m sure I will have material for months once I return!

I also want to thank everyone who is reading this right now.  I cannot fully express how much you all mean to me – family, friends and bloggers alike – and how much you have all helped and encouraged me.  I absolutely could not do all that I do without your love and support.  From the very bottom of my heart – THANK YOU!

See you on the other side…

Any last minute advice?

Have you ever heard the saying “screw your courage to the sticking place?”