You all know I’m pretty nuts, but I was a different kind of crazy before I had kids. I’m sure my friend and fellow blogger Carly at Fine, Fit, Day will be even crazier (in the most wonderful way) now that she has had baby number two! Because those little buggers take a lot of time and attention, she asked if I would be her guest blogger today, so of course, to celebrate new moms everywhere, I’m going to talk about the special kind of crazy being  pregnant with twins brought!


Here’s a little teaser:

Over eight months, I gained 42 pounds.

I had to stop running about three months in due to bad round ligament pain.

At the six month mark, I signed-up for a triathlon to be held in July 2009. My due date was April 2009, just three months prior.

Had I ever done a triathlon?  Nope.  Did I have a road bike?  Nope.  Had I ever swam in the lake for a long distance?  Nope.  Had I run one freakin step in six months?  Nope.  Well then…I should definitely do my very first triathlon ever three months after having twins!  I mean, really.

Are you starting to see the crazy?

You know you want to find out where this goes, right? Click here and check me out at Fine, Fit, Day today!

***I’ll be back on Friday with a lot more dirty details of my marathon on the Jersey Shore!***

What’s the craziest thing you ever did when you were pregnant? Not pregnant?