It’s almost over people.  It’s day five of the Mini Blog Challenge and I refuse to “hit the wall!”  Must. Keep. Blogging.  Do they have energy chews for this?

I won’t keep you in suspense for today’s topic.  Actually, you already know it if you read the title.  It’s LISTS!  Boy is Dana at Kiss My List going to be excited.  Does she get a “pass” on this one?

So it’s either another post about the kids or one about exercise.  I figured you’ve had enough of the former – Lord knows I have today – so you’re getting a healthy dose of the latter.  Free your mind!

(Group EXercise = Group X)

10 Things You Should Do In A Group Fitness Class

10.  Have an open mind.  There’s nothing worse then when I’m setting up for a class and maybe have a medicine ball out and the first person walks through the door and whines “Oh I hate using the medicine ball!  Is that what we’re using today?”  No.  I thought I would put it up here as my friend like it’s Wilson.  Stop whining and get a medicine ball.  A heavy one.

Will you be my friend?

Will you be my friend?

9.  Wear sneakers.  You would be amazed at how much this does not happen.   You cannot wear flip flops and do Power Sculpt people.  When a weight hits your foot you will know why.  Also, don’t wear the same ones you bought 10 years ago at Target.  Good sneakers are much less expensive then the physical therapy you will need when you wreck your hips, knees and ankles from crappy shoes.

8.  Walk in like you own it!  I know that it can be scary to walk into a fitness class for the first time.  You may have thoughts that everyone in the class is super fit and that I have a mouth like Jillian Michaels.  This is not the case. I have never been in a hostile group fitness environment and I don’t think yelling obscenities at you is motivating.  I save that for my blog posts, obviously.

A man who knew how to make an entrance!

A man who knew how to make an entrance! I give you – Mr. George Jefferson.

7.  Speak up!  If you have reservations about the class or are not sure what equipment is needed, please ask!  I can only read the minds of my children and husband.  I’m working on others but I’m just not there yet – sorry.  A good instructor will seek you people out and see that you need help but some don’t.  Use your voice.

6.  Bring water.  I hate to drink water as much as the next person but when you’re sweating off body parts you will want water.  Badly.  Just bring it!  If nothing else you can use it as a weight when your arms refuse to even lift the 5 pounds ones anymore.

5.  Bring your game!  Why are you there if not to challenge yourself?  I know everyone has their own reasons but if we’re being real then it’s all about getting FIT, whatever that means to you.  Getting fit hurts.  A lot.  It also has great rewards so suck it up and dig deep.  It will all be over in an hour or less and you can do anything for an hour.  At least that’s what I tell my classes. 

I am Cuban and therefore cannot keep calm.  The rest I can handle and so can YOU!

I am Cuban and therefore cannot keep calm. The rest I can handle and so can YOU!

4.  Stretch after class.  I cannot stress this enough.  I know you think getting out of class 3 minutes early will change your life…you’re right, you won’t be able to sit on the toilet tomorrow.  Good luck with that.  If you want to be able to pee and poop AND stay injury free – you should stretch.

3.  Be flexible.  No, not with your body.  I don’t want you to break in half. Be flexible with your “spot.”  In some gyms people can get very territorial with a spin bike or specific spot on the floor for a class.  You would never believe this actually happens but it does.  This is not preschool.  If you think “your” bike or spot is taken…hmmmm, let me see…what can you do?  Oh!  I know!  Pick another one.  

2.  Give constructive feedback!  I absolutely want to know what you like or dislike about a class.  Have a great idea for an exercise or theme?  Let me hear it!!  If it sucks I’ll just announce it to the class so we can all have a good laugh so there’s no downside.

Don't be a fool but give it to me straight.

Don’t be a fool but give it to me straight.

1.  You can do more then you think!  The mind is a very powerful tool.  YOU have the control.  YOU have the power.  Instructors are there to show you that you can push past the limits you create for yourself.  It’s an illusion.  Use your mind to your benefit.  Thing STRONG thoughts and you will become strong.

That is all.

What can you add to the list?  Do you like group fitness or prefer working out alone? What tips do you have for the instructor?