First off, can we all agree that Valentine’s Day in a made-up, kind of cheesy holiday that could surely be left off the calendar without much fanfare? No? Well, fine then. I’ll go along with the sappy love holiday BS a little bit and, mostly only because two amazing women I know (Melissa and Lora) happen to have been born on February 14. I would prefer to celebrate their birthdays instead but alas, they live 3,000 miles away.

The ValentinesI REALLY Want to Give

Since I feel pressured to write a “holiday” post for Valentine’s Day I thought about who (and what) I really love and would like to recognize on this day of exaggerated love:


I love you running because you are always there for me and, when I don’t pay attention to you, you don’t bitch about it.


I’m dead f****** serious when I say “I cannot live without you!”


Laugh all the way to the bank this random Sunday in February, with all the love money you will be sure to get. You have certainly earned it.


You chose a career where you put your mind and body in harms way, to suffer though what must be the hell of getting so many kids to pay attention and learn, all with the knowledge that if you had no moral code or values you could have easily been a millionaire with a career in reality television. Or politics. Or YouTube.


Without you I wouldn’t be able to judge others so swiftly and harshly (and justly, I might add), nor would I be able to tell the world my very valuable opinion via every conceivable social media outlet, and I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for Netflix, texting (because imagine having to talk to people!?) and Minecraft – without which I would never experience a moment’s peace from my children.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

…and especially to my dad who I wrote this essay about for ESPNW:

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 7.56.35 PM

My father’s incredible story about his family’s escape from Cuba has inspired me since I was a 9 year-old peeing herself in gymnastics. #TrueStory


During this “holiday” weekend, look for my updates from the Toy Fair in New York City on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It’s sure to be quite the shit show experience with the boys!

Who would you give a Valentine too?

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? How?