I’ve never been happier to see a Monday in my entire life!  As you may know, our house was plagued by sickness once again, for pretty much all of last week.  It sucked.  Big time.  I’m happy to report that almost everyone is on the mend.  The hubs now has round two but at least I don’t have to follow him into the bathroom when he goes!

Needless to say I’m chomping at the bit to dive back into all my training this week.  I have an exciting week planned but have to be sure to reign it in a little to stave off injury.  My motto of the week:  Easy Does It.  We’ll see how long that lasts…



RUNNING:  I did one solitary run of 10 miles on Sunday.  It was glorious!  Thank you to my dad and stepmom for entertaining my spawn so I could cut loose.

Most of last week consisted of me trying not look at all the Training Peaks emails I got each day with my planned runs. Mostly, I just deleted them without looking.  My run calendar has one word written on it repeatedly for the week – SICK.  It makes me sick to think about it.  Next week has to be better.

Not my fastest 10 but one of my most enjoyable.

Not my fastest 10 but one of my most enjoyable.

BIKING:  Thank God for spin class!  I was able to teach two classes this week for a total of 50ish miles.  I have my meeting with Coach Rocket Scientist this Wednesday for my endurance test and I cannot wait!  I’m more then ready now…

She even sent me an email toward the end of the week hoping I was feeling better.  I love her already.  Too soon? Nah.

SWIMMING:  Goose egg once again.  The boys were too sick for me to bring them on Thursday night and the hubs was in Boston.  It really takes a village to get me in the pool and right now my village is in an uproar!

CROSS-TRAINING: I was just well enough to teach my Power Sculpt class this week.  It was the first thing I did after four days of being sick.  When I woke-up the morning after it hurt!!  I was so glad to be sore that I didn’t even care that much when Miles elbowed me in the calf (by accident…I think?) and I almost jumped off the couch in pain.  All those squat jumps feel nasty on sedentary legs!

RACING:  Hoping to get back on track this week with my Training Peaks plan and my meeting with Coach Rocket Scientist.  I also got this in the mail to keep my mind in training too:

photo 1-6

FUEL:  Antibiotics and prednisone.  For those of you who don’t know, prednisone is a steroid.  My doc prescribed it for my bronchitis – “to open everything up” is the way he put it.  Now, I was on prednisone one other time when I had a nasty case of poison ivy after an Adventure Race though the woods in July.  I was fine with it and it clearly up the poison ivy fast.  This time?  I took two doses and on the second night I was wide awake until 3am!!!!  WTH??  It was so awful.  I promptly dumped the remainder of the pills and I will never take it again!  If I want to be up for no reason until 3am I’ll have another set of twins.

SPEAKING SPANISH:  I downloaded the “TOTALe Companion” app to my phone so now I can conveniently practice almost anywhere.  This week I used it while I was sitting in my car waiting for my prescriptions, waiting in my car for my husband to get his prescriptions, waiting in my car to pick up the kids…you get the idea.

THINGS I LOVE:  Pinterest!  I’m new out there so if you haven’t followed me yet you can do it HERE.  I will follow back!

THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH: Pinterest!  I now get alerts for it on my phone (in addition to FB, Twitter, text messages, emails…) and find that my fingers just automatically open the Pinterest app before the Rosetta Stone TOTALe.  My digits have a mind of their own!

MUSIC:  My 10 miler was music to my mind…and here’s the playlist:


TV:  So much good TV!  I was able to catch-up on Revenge, The Blacklist, Grimm and Parenthood.  That’s how I know I was sick – I can never watch all of that in one week.  Now if I only had time for Ray Donovan…

Sadly, I also saw the Pats lose to the Broncos but I fell asleep before I could watch the Seahawks best the 9ers.  It’s gonna be a good Superbowl!

READING:  I’ve been reading a lot of prescription labels, recommend doses, ml vs teaspoons and Googling things like “what should you do if you can’t sleep?” – apparently it’s ok to get up and do something else that doesn’t require too much energy (I guess running is out?) and then try to fall back to sleep in 15-20 minutes.  This did not work.  I should have gone for a run when I had the chance!

RANDOM THOUGHT OF THE WEEK:  Does anyone else cry at the end of Toy Story 3 when Andy goes to college?

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What do you do when you can’t sleep?  Any good “fuel” you’ve been eating/drinking this week?