Although I did not actually have four vacations, it felt like I did since I’ve had about four weeks off from posting here. Unfortunately, the funeral was very real and came at the worst possible time for me, and obviously, the deceased. Let’s catch up, shall we?

Just riding around the Cape with the fam. Life is good.

JULY 27 – AUGUST 10, 2019


Running has been amazing or horrible, depending solely on the weather and how much I had to drink the night before. Running on Cape Cod is usually amazing because I’m running to the ocean or by the ocean or with a view of the ocean and how great is that? Very great, except when the humidity is 97% by 6am which happened a lot.

Since it’s been several weeks since I’ve posted, I’ll just give you the highs and lows:


Sunday, July 28: Running 2 miles with my husband to the beach and back because we had a conversation almost the entire time. Winning!

Saturday, Aug 3: Hill repeats with ocean views! 4.75 miles with 8 x 30 second hill repeats

Tuesday, Aug 6: Long run from one ocean to another with a stop to bathe in the Chatham Bars Inn sprinkler. Sprinkler water is freezing and therefore, the best ever. 8.02 miles

Sunday, Aug 11: Woke up my first day back after vacation to cool temps and I felt like I was flying! I set a new threshold pace, fastest 5k (22:44), fastest 5 mile (38:27) and fastest 10k (48:21) of 2019. Take THAT humidity! 6.73 miles total


Tuesday, July 30th: “mile repeats” turned into a death march because of the humidity and I ended up barely finishing 5.44 miles.

Thursday, Aug 1: “8 miles however you want” was a disgusting slog of 5.55 miles before basically submitting to dehydration and lack of sleep.

Friday, Aug 9th: “track session” was “I’m supposed to find a track on vacation?” and also “I feel like a bag of dicks so I’m doing 5.95 miles.” #sorrynotsorry


My new favorite bike in the universe is this beauty:

I loved this bike the moment I saw it outside Hood Bikes in Chatham and rented it for the week. I bring my triathlon bike on vacation but it’s not conducive to riding on the bike trail with my family.

I asked my sons what I should name her and Vaughn replied “it’s best not to get too attached mom.” He was right.

Other than family rides on the rail trail and riding to and from the beach, I rode my tri bike a few times and saw plenty of the Cape from two wheels.

Monday, July 29: 22.2 miles | 1:16:52

Monday, Aug 5: 19.1 miles | 1:12:12

Thursday, Aug 8: 25.7 miles | 1:28:34


In case you don’t know, there is a shark epidemic on Cape Cod right now. Basically, since seals and sharks had been protected for the past 20 years due to overfishing they have now overpopulated and are everywhere on the Cape. One article I read said there are 150 tagged Great White Sharks in the waters off Cape Cod and an estimated total of almost 400.

Fake news.

At least four different beaches were closed due to shark sightings while we were there. One person died last summer and two others suffered life-threatening bites.

And people are STILL swimming! Near seals! And in wet suits making them look exactly LIKE SEALS!

Luckily we found a great beach that had a huge inlet so all the kids (and some adults) were able to safely swim, SUP and kayak all week with zero shark threats.

The boys kayaking in the inlet during high tide.
Getting a little cross-training in as I pull Vaughn to shore.


Obviously it’s great being on vacation for two weeks but, as any parent knows, when you’re on vacation with your kids it’s still work. I did laundry, made food, went grocery shopping, made beds, vacuumed and did all the other bullshit I hate doing when I’m home.

However, I went to the beach almost everyday, had fabulous dinners out almost every night, laughed harder than I thought possible and saw 13 sunsets.

From the back deck of our rental house. This did not suck.

I’m not complaining…very much.


Having to cancel my participation in the Vermont 100on100 relay to go to my stepmom’s, mother’s funeral.

Before you get all judgey and freakish on me because there’s death involved, let me walk you though this. My stepmom’s mom was 93 years old. She lived an incredible life surrounded by tons of family both here and in Canada. She did not deserve the drawn out death she had which was spending the past four months in hospice. We need to seriously look at how we handle old age and death in this country but that’s another blog post. Moving on…

No matter how old you are, losing your mom is horrible and I feel for my stepmom, her sisters and her entire family. Gran Memere was amazing and my boys loved her.

This relay is not just a race. I’ve been training for several months, one teammate flew in from California (and stayed at my house) to participate, all of the teammates stayed at my condo in Vermont where the finish line was and they needed to absorb the 16 or so miles that were designated to me. The worst part was I missed out on a weekend with some of my best blog friends and incredible experiences and stories that they now have of one epic weekend.

When something like this happens, it makes you stop and think about a lot – life, death, support, what matters most vs what you “should” do – and the answers are not always clear or always what you want. I’ve learned enough in studying counseling and being in therapy that there are many layers here and only time will help sort it all out.

At the end of the weekend I realized it was a lose/lose situation (thanks Laura!) but family always has to be first. I have a wonderful relationship with my stepmom that I have worked hard for over the years and it was only made stronger on Saturday. That will always be a win.

**Lastly, our team came in 2nd and obviously, when we race again next year and I can join them we are going to win the whole damn thing! Nicely done ladies!

I was grateful to spend time with Natalie and Laura during the pick-up/drop off of Nat! #planestrainsautomobiles


While on vacation I was finally able to read “Where the Crawdads Sing” by Delia Owens. It was everything everyone says it is – brilliant, captivating, unique, and just an incredibly well told story with an in-depth look at the Carolina coast in general and the marsh land specifically. The main character is one of the most interesting I have ever read and, although it seems like everyone is reading (or has already read it) I still highly recommend it.

I also started reading “Where’d You Go Bernadette?” by Maria Semple and it’s hysterical! I cannot wait to see the movie.


While taking a lovely walk though Chatham on the Cape, my friend and I came across this sign on a meticulously manicured lawn…

We came back with a sack of treats for Nola, lest she get too fatigued from her duties.

Until next time…

Did you take a summer vacation?

Ever have to chose between a funeral and another commitment?

Read any good books over the summer?