That’s pretty much how I feel these days and not just because the weather has be upwards of 75 degrees around here. The reason behind my hot messiness is a combo of post-marathon depression (it’s real y’all) and my future racing plans being obliterated. I’m in that odd place of coming out of the party that was recovery and into oblivion. Let’s discuss…

WEEK OF MAY 4, 2015

RUNNING: So this kind of sucks. I’m broken and spending a lot of time doing fantastically boring rehab exercises where I barely break a sweat. Not fun but very effective. When I have been able to run, I feel fast and light in my mind and 80% of my body. As soon as that last 20% catches up, I will feel unstoppable again.

I do lover running in the sun with my rocket hat on!

I do love running in the sun with my rocket hat on!

CYCLING: For the most part, this has been awesome. As I said, the weather has been gorgeous and I’ve been remembering to actually look around on my rides and take it all in! It’s hard to believe that just about a month ago we were living in snow tunnels.

I rode the duathlon race course (twice!) with two friends and it was fantastic…except for the part when we literally rode into a 5K race. Weaving around back of the packers and kids, who of course move left when you yell “on your left,” is a recipe for disaster. Somehow we made it out of there without killing anyone. #HotMess

Is it me or do I have a GIANT arm in this pic?

Is it me or do I have a GIANT arm in this pic?

SWIMMING: I continue to absolutely love my time in the pool and I did an amazing workout this week (2300yards!)  with single arm drills. Holy cow! I had to kick like a maniac and gasp for air. Loved it. I also ordered some short training fins and a shark suit. Watch out, I’ll bite you.


RACING: This is the worst part. I’m 80% sure I won’t be able to race the Duathlon which means I will have to live with only one sword. If I’m being completely honest with myself, my body is not ready to race and certainly not at the level I want it to. I knew from the outset that it would be very difficult to run a marathon and then, three weeks later, race the Duathlon. I’m not giving up yet but…

The other race I had planned, a triathlon on June 7, has also been shelved. My husband and I are going to San Francisco, so I know you all feel terribly for me but, finding another triathlon on a weekend we don’t already have plans, is USAT sanctioned and not a half-Ironman is proving very difficult. #HotMess

FUEL: My eating has been all over the place! I’m trying to find that happy medium between cutting back since I’m not training hard core, and enjoying ice cream because hey, the sun is out! I’ve been snacking a lot because I’ve been on the go constantly and also eating a lot of salads, which is not usually my thing. #Boring

You can't celebrate an anniversary without dessert.

I think this was the 5th time we had ice cream last week.

THINGS I LOVE: Miles and Vaughn running track for a second season, celebrating 9 years of wedded bliss and, perhaps most importantly, Zippy the Turtle’s 31st birthday.

I have no clue why Miles thinks Zippy has already lived 30 years. He said "He had a lot of birthday at the store already." Ok.

I have no clue why Miles thinks Zippy has already lived 30 years. He said “He had a lot of birthday at the store already.” Ok.

THINGS I HATE: When people die running. The tragic story of Sheryl Sanberg’s husband’s sudden death, which appears to be some sort of treadmill accident, is truly horrific. The poor guy was on vacation with his family and trying to do something healthy. It’s also a reminder of how fragile life is and how quickly your life can change. It’s all way too depressing.

I also hate that this tragedy has released a flood of stories on “treadmill safety.” Really? At least this one begins with “Let’s get this out of the way first: Working out on a treadmill is far more likely to improve your health than harm it.” Bravo CNN.

MUSIC: Brittany bitch! And she found a friend. Coming soon to a spin class near you…

READING: Have you ever read Sarah Spain on ESPNWYou should. She writes amazing articles that empower women without being all “you go girl” cheesy. Recently she has taken issue with Floyd Mayweather (as every woman should) and with sexist sports announcers. The piece she wrote about the blatant sexist and degrading conversations and social media rants some of these guys get away with is mind-boggling. The story is aptly titled C’Mon, Guys. It’s Time To Elevate The Conversation on Sports Talk Radio. It’s truly shocking:

“Last year host Kirk Minihane of Boston radio station WEEI was suspended for one week without pay after calling Fox Sports reporter Erin Andrews a “gutless bitch” who should “drop dead,” because she elected not to ask Adam Wainwright a follow-up question about grooving pitches to Derek Jeter in the All-Star Game. His “apology” for those comments included saying that if Andrews “weighed 15 pounds more she would be a waitress at Perkins.”

RANDOM QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “I had no idea it would take me that long to fold all those little clothes.” – My husband when he gave me the greatest mother’s gift of all time by folding a load of the boy’s laundry. Welcome to the time suck that is my life.

How was your week?

Is your body cooperating with you these days?

Have you celebrated anything lately?