I’m less than three weeks from my Half Ironman race and I find myself in a quiet place. I’m stuck between the rigorous 11 hour training weeks and race day, between thinking “I’m going to crush this!” and “there’s a chance I could actually die out there.” It’s taper time people, or what I like to call “try not to go batshit crazy with energy or worry.” Wish me luck…

Because the end of every long run in the rain is reminiscent of Shawshank!

WEEK OF MAY 14, 2018


Running is back to being almost purely enjoyable, with just a pinch of intensity to keep my edges sharp. I’ve definitely found my quiet place during my runs where I can zone out or tune in, enjoy the scenery or practice my positive mantras. I’m hoping I can create space with my race day thoughts and open myself up to adventure, whatever the day may bring.

By the time I get to the run I will have only 13.1 miles to becoming a half ironman! At which point I’m sure everyone will start asking when I’m going to do a full. My answer will be the same as when asked about having another baby/babies. Never. The answer is never.

Tuesday – 5.83 miles with pick ups before strength | 50:04

Thursday – 9 miles total as part of  bike brick | 49:22 (10K) + 29:02 (5k) = 1 hour 18 minutes

Friday – 8.72 miles with some faster middle miles | 1:10:32

Total = 23.55 miles


I was supposed to do a final long ride of 50+ miles with my coach last Thursday but of course it rained all morning. Instead she had me do a brick of 6 mile run, 2 hours on the bike trainer (yawn) and then another 3 mile run. It went surprisingly well but I was really hoping to get that last long ride in.  I did the equivalent time in the run/ride brick (3 hours and 18 minutes) and felt strong through the last 5k so my confidence is building!

Thursday – long ride with brick | 33.7 miles

Sunday – active recovery ride | 15.1 miles

Total = 48.8 miles


No, I haven’t been in open water yet and yes, I’m kinda worried about it. Since freakin’ tornados blew through my state last Tuesday I thought the water was probably a tad cold. It rained too much during the week and I’m too much of a wuss, ok? I will get in open water only when there is either a 90 degree day or on race day, whichever comes first.

Monday – race simulation in pool | 2,500 yards continuous swim

Wednesday – speed work | 2,000 yards

Total = 4,500 yards


Getting my Coeur Team 18 kits just in time for race day! It’s been so great becoming part of Team Coeur 2018 and I can’t wait to show off my new digs on race day. I’m sure I’ll be concerned with how I look while grinding my way though 70.3, natch.



Being in limbo career-wise.

I know what you’re thinking “what career?” yep, I kind of am too, but I do actually have a side gig of freelance writing. Until last week, I was a regular contributor to Women’s Running but decided to stop my twice-weekly articles. I have loved being a part of the WR team and my editors have been fabulous but, with the summer quickly approaching, I want some freedom and space.

Honestly I’m not sure which direction I will be moving in and, for at least the summer, I’m not going to think about it too much.  This blog will be getting a face lift and I’m going to try and stretch my creative genius beyond just the usual publications I write for.


I swear it’s been months since I’ve really loved a book. I keep starting them (Red Sparrow, The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane) and I get bored very quickly. Luckily I have had a bunch of great Netflix shows and articles to keep my eyeballs busy. Here are my picks for the week:

READING: The Wellness Industry Thrives on the Fear of Death | Quartzy.com | by Rosie Spinks

My friend Christine turned me onto this article and I love it for so many reasons. Basically it’s saying only rich, white women have enough time to be consumed with eating clean and eliminating everything delicious and fun about food until it’s an obsession.

A basic need, like eating, should not be this time consuming.

The article is long but absolutely worth your time.

TELEVISION: Ali Wong | Hard Knock Wife | Netflix

If you have never heard Ali Wong the comedian, brace yourselves. And, if you’re not comfortable with hearing your postpartum lady parts described in vivid detail with words, hand gestures and facial expressions, you may not want to watch. Just be warned, if you pass her up, you’re seriously missing out. And if you think Scary Mommy is relatable, Ali Wong is terrifyingly on point.

This trailer does the show zero justice. The funniest parts are about breast feeding, maternity leave and her dreaming of having a male nanny.  Trust me.


Last week we were all in the car chatting about summer camp when the boys mentioned one of their friends was attending a sleepover camp. We happened to stay right next to one such camp a few summer’s ago on Lake Winnipesaukee. We started reminding the boys how much fun it looked, because obviously our goal is to get them to sleep away camp for at least two weeks next summer, and the following convo ensued:

Me: Remember Dr. Sobol ran that awesome sports camp?

Vaughn: I’m never going to that camp.

Me: Why? It looked so fun and Dr. Sobol loved you guys!

Miles: Oh yeah. I remember him. Is he a real doctor?

Me: Well yes but not a medical doctor. I’m not sure what he has a doctorate in but it’s not medicine.

Miles: Maybe it’s in camping.

My husband and I burst out laughing. Of course Miles had no idea why so we told him it was a good guess.

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Where is your quiet place?

What are your summer plans?

Are you an Ali Wong fan?