I want it to last. All of it. Summer, the boys being six, the days I get to spend with them, vacation time, toothless smiles; all of it. I know it won’t and that is what is making this week so, so hard.

Did I tell you I don’t do well with change?

It’s all changing after this week. The boys start first grade in separate classrooms, the lake is closed for the summer and I will begin an entirely new weekly schedule. Ok that last part is pretty awesome but it also means I won’t have my two buddies with me for the better part of the day, everyday. It really means that they are growing up and I want it to stop. Now. Please.


RUNNING: It’s a little scary how little running I’m doing. I have an insane amount of races during September and October, culminating on November 1 with the NYC marathon. Between now and NYC is a mere 11 weeks (I hope that’s right Nellie!) and I’m still focusing on triathlon, which means focusing on my weaknesses, which means a lot less running. #Scary

I think I've done more foam rolling then running this week. #First

I think I’ve done more foam rolling then running this week. #First

I of course did some running and some of it was crazy fast. My new shoes (which will be revealed this week!) are working out wonderfully and I couldn’t be happier. With my very first time purchasing this brand of shoe, I didn’t have a lot of faith, but it all worked out. Maybe I should apply this to everything else I’m worried about? Nah.

Total: 22 miles 

CYCLING: Obviously I’ve spent a lot more time in the saddle! I absolutely love riding my bike and each day I’m creeping closer to the last outdoor ride. It’s crazy to think that in about two months my options will be bike trainer or spin bike. #LoseLose

Rockin' the spin bike for 2 hours is not that fun...

Rockin’ the spin bike for two hours is not that fun…but I was feeling #Mamalete strong thanks to Gia!

I did one of my most favorite training sessions on Saturday – brick/brick where I set up a transition area and run 2 miles, transition to bike, bike 8 miles, transition to run, run 2 miles, transition to bike…you get the idea.

Total: 65 miles

SWIMMING: I’m sort of getting back to loving the pool but getting out onto the lake every chance I get. As promised, my Dad bought a SUP after loving it so much in New Hampshire so, we’ve been out on it quite a few times since. Subsequently, I realized that the milfoil problem in the lake near my house really has been cleared up! Who knew? So I’ve been able to swim there, seaweed free, a few times and loved it.

Everyone loves a good SUP!

Everyone loves a good SUP!

Once again, this option will be gone in just a month or so and it will be all pool swimming, all the time. At least I will still be able to get out there on the SUP!

TREE CLIMBING: In case you missed it, I had quite the ropes course and zip line adventure! You can read all about it here and enter to win a free pass to do it yourself at one of 12 Go Ape locations across the U.S.!

You may want to turn down your volume for the first part of this video. I’m screaming as I resist every urge my body is sending, telling me to STAY ON THE PLATFORM!…but then I just…jump! And yes, that’s a swamp I’m zipping over. #DontFall

FUEL: My eating is finally somewhat back to normal post-vacation, and for the first time I tried what seemed like a very “good for you” drink. I also love to pompously log stuff like this on Wellcoin under “Choose A Healthy Drink.” Why yes, of course I’ll choose a healthy drink. What could be healthier then all these blended greens?



Unfortunately the real question was “What could be more disgusting?” It was insanely gross and just way too bitter because of the kale. Just no.

THINGS I LOVE: The boys loosing teeth! Miles lost his first in New Hampshire and then another almost as soon as we got back home, and then Vaughn lost his first this past week and he was ridiculously excited. These are the things about parenting that are so surprising and so precious. Never in my life did I think the loss of a baby tooth could cause such an array of emotions from me. I mean really, it’s a tooth!

He woke up at 2am, found his loot, and woke everyone up to tell them.

He woke up at 2am, found his loot, and woke everyone up to tell us about it. It was great.

THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH: All of the lasts – the last day at the lake, the last day of summer before school, the last trip to the ocean, the last time our nanny (and her beautiful daughter) came to watch the boys, the last mile (I usually hate it but sometimes love it), the last run in just shorts and a sports bra, the last episode of The Walking Dead season four when five doesn’t begin until maybe two weeks before season six! Ugh, just don’t even get me started. #AddictedToWalkers

I want this just for one more week...or two..ok fine, I want it all the time!

I want this just for one more week…or two..ok fine, I want it all the time!

READING: I’m currently reading Ronda Rousey’s new book My Fight Your Fight and it is so interesting. It wasn’t really what I expected and it’s unbelievably motivating. Five surprising things:

He father committed suicide when she was eight and not for the reasons you may think

She won an Olympic bronze medal for Judo in 2008 and became the first American to win an Olympic medal in women’s judo since its inception as an Olympic sport in 1992

Her mom was the first U.S. citizen, male or female, to win a World Judo Championship in 1984 (and she’s a total badass BTW)

Rousey lived in her car for a while

Her last three UFC Championship fights have lasted a TOTAL of 64 seconds. She’s THAT good. #Armbar


TV: This may very well be the first time I didn’t recognize myself. This exchange really happened:


RANDOM QUOTE TWEET OF THE WEEK: GQ’s article Who Tweeted It: Donald Trump or a Random Teen? Below are some of my favorites but you really should read the whole thing. Really.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 12.49.16 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 12.49.43 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 12.50.02 PM

How was your week?

What are some firsts and lasts your experiencing?