My mind and body are currently in the process of acclimatizing to heat, the boy’s camp schedule, a dog in “toddler” mode and husband who is frequently traveling. It’s a process.

WEEK OF JUNE 19, 2017


I have been running in nothing but heat and humidity. My schedule is such that I can’t get out to start my run until 9:30 and by then the heat and humidity have risen to horrible degrees that burn my eyes just looking at the numbers. I keep flashing back to August in Omaha 2016 and that final 10k was so unbearably hot, that if I run more in unbearable heat, I will be able to tolerate it better this year. You know, because of this, it’s going to be unseasonably cool this year, right?

Even my sweat is sweating and Star doesn’t even want to lick me.

Tuesday – 3/4 mile repeats before swim | 7 miles | 7:59 pace

Thursday – 10 min on/off speed work before swim | 8.2 miles | 7:38 pace

Saturday – ladder | 9 miles | 7:30 pace

Total = 24.2 miles of heat and humidity


I loved my rides this week because as much as this weather sucks for running, it’s great on the bike. I had a really long ride where I went the wrong way and ended up on a two lane highway (oops!) and even then I still enjoyed the ride. I also had to stop because a gigantic fly got sucked into my helmet and was trying desperately to get out so I stopped and freed him but it was too late. I think he drowned in my hair sweat. What a way to go!

Ominous skies? Don’t care!

Monday – loops of 5 x 3 miles getting progressively faster | 17.2 miles

Wednesday – endurance ride | 41 miles

Thursday – short ride before run and swim | 15 miles

Total = 73.2 miles


My plan of getting into open water once a week is working out nicely. Obviously this weather is ideal for open water swimming and, after those hot and humid runs I cannot wait to jump in! Of course I’m still nervous being out there by myself but it makes me feel like a super star after each time I just do it.

After posting about how, even though it scares the poop out of me, I still get out and swim in the lake:

My neighbor reminded me of this picture she took, of some prehistoric creature, on the lake last summer:

Up until this point I was only worried about things that were already IN the lake. What are friends for, right? It’s actually just a duck (or so she said) but still…


If you follow me on Instagram you KNOW I’ve been indulging in some KNOW Better Foods! If you have never heard of this brand, you’re not alone, but I’ll tell you why you should KNOW Better. Although everything they make is gluten, dairy, wheat, soy, peanut, preservative and grain free, that’s not the reason to love them. The reason is because after I placed an order, this happened:

Wait, what? I message from the founder and then a special delivery? I don’t think I have ever experienced customer service like this and it’s truly awesome. As promised I got my special delivery and I have been enjoying ever since.

I’m going to do an entire post about KNOW Foods and why you need to know them too but, here is a preview and discount code to get you started:

There are actually KNOW Better waffles under there…

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A local ice cream place chooses a different name for free ice cream everyday. I was completely unaware of this (although not of the place because the ice cream is fantastic!) until a friend tagged me in their Facebook post because the name of the day was VAUGHN! I couldn’t hardly believe it. Obviously this kid gets nothing associated with his name and only has ever even met one other person named Vaughn. He was a tad excited.

And, now that I “liked” them on Facebook and will forever see their posts in my stream because of the mad scientist algorithms of Mark Zuckerberg…I found out the name of the day the very next day was Andrea. That was my mom’s name. Thanks mom.


How much Orange Is The New Black season five is sucking. It’s so incredibly bad this season and, although I’m only five or six episodes in, I’ve had enough. I can’t acclimate to the suck factor.

My husband, who never has seen an episode, happened to watch one with me and his comment was perfect. “It just seems silly.” Sadly, it does. Of course I told him how great all the other seasons were but he was unfazed. He also commented on how gross everyone looked but hey, they’re prisoners and they’re rioting…but I kind of also had to agree. Bring me Ray Donovan!

No one wants to see this:


Thank God for books! I just finished The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton, and I cannot believe I almost gave up on it in the beginning. The ending was one of the best I have ever read and it kept me wanting to know more and even go back and read it again. If you read only one book this summer (or in your life), read this one!

I will admit that it is long and sometimes too wordy but at least this woman knows how to write! The imagery and descriptions are really off the charts but I had to bypass some of it because enough already! Most of the time I was listening to it on Audible while walking Star, so I couldn’t really skip around but, it started getting really good toward the middle and had plot twists I never even imagined. Definitely one of the best books I have ever read.

I’m reading Paula Hawkins Into the Water now and it has been intriguing from the start! Hawkins wrote one of my other favorites – Girl on the Train, so I can’t wait to see how this one turns out.


I found this article in the New York Times and it turned out to be a quiz:

How Much Do You Know About Solving Global Warming? | by Tatiana Schlossberg

Apparently, I know nothing since I got almost all of them wrong!

See if you can get the correct answer to this last one:



I think I answered “waste less water” the first time around. Now I know better…

Crazy right? Tell me if you actually got this answer correct without cheating!

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How was your week? Did you have to train in the heat?

Are you acclimating to anything?

Are you watching OITNB?