It has taken longer than usual for me to relax into the feeling of contentment, after racing the USA Triathlon National Championship, over a week ago. After luxuriating in an active recoveryย week of training and weekend getaway to Maine, I’m looking forward to making the most of the very last week of summer before school begins.

Right now, let’s take a look back on the aftermath of the BIG race!



It’s always so weird to come off of a huge training cycle and then see only “run for 45 minutes” on my schedule. But, I’m happy to have more free time and to give my body the rest it needs. In fact, when I went out for an easy 45 on a soft trail, I thought I was cruising along at a too fast pace. When I finished and saw that my pace was actually 8:30, I knew I needed the rest!


The best run of the week by far was down a long stretch of beach in Wells Maine! It was absolutely gorgeous, I loved every step, and all the pictures are in my mind.


My swim workouts were even better! My direction for a Saturday swim in Maine? Have fun. Check and check!

My view in Maine.

Feet up! Tide is coming in!

I have to say that I’m really looking forward to working on my swim and taking it to the next level in 2017. I’m sure I will be sick to death of the pool all winter long but, if I keep picturing Carter Lake in Omaha in my mind for nationals in 2017, it will push me though!


I was out on Friday enjoying a beautiful easy ride and thinking about my triathlon bike. Imagine my surprise when I rode up my hill to find it sitting on my front porch! It wasn’t scheduled to arrive until Monday and I’m so happy to have it back! Now there’s just the small detail of putting it back together…

Welcome home!

Welcome home!


I usually allow myself a week of total indulgence after a big race. This one is kind of spilling into two but I’m going with it!

After dining like a queen in Omaha, I came back to party like a 20 year-old on a Wednesday (gasp!) night with some family and friends. We drankย rose, chilled and bubbly, (my first!) and ate some light appetizers at a swanky french place, then decided we should have Ben and Jerry’s for dessert. It was fantastically fun and delicious!

Oui oui look at me! I'm out on a Wednesday. What?

Oui oui look at me! I’m out on a Wednesday. What?


Enjoying the last few weeks of summer! It’s so fleeting in the northeast and, as it comes to a close, I try desperately to hang onto it.

I spent a gorgeous and much needed weekend in Maine with my aunts, aka my surrogate moms, and one of my cousins. It was so good for our souls! I can literally feel my mom when I’m surrounded by them and I know it makes her so happy to see how well loved and cared for I am by them. Plus, my cousin and I have an absolute blast together!


I also spent a lot of alone time with my boys, even one on one, which is really hard to come by. I’m bracing myself for second grade and really just ready for anything. Right now, I’m basking in age seven. Which means laser tag and bowling.

I suggested roller skating but was out voted. Every damn time!

I suggested roller skating but was out voted. Every damn time!


Packing. Traffic. Laundry.

Unfortunately they are all necessary evils of having a great vacation and long weekend trips. But still, it’s exhausting!


First, read this:


My SIL posted it to my Facebook page because this is every conversation we have. I love it!

Second, I have a book update! I believe I said Orphan Train was only meh. I was wrong! It was amazing and morphed into quite a page turner and tear jerker by the end. It was not what I expected and truly a great read.

I have since moved on to Truly, Madly, Guilty by one my favorite authors, Liane Moriarty. You have to be really patient with this one! If anyone else is currently reading this, have you ever screamed “what the f*** happened at the barbecue already????” or is it just me? I absolutely love it but, please just tell me what happened!


Read it before Reese Witherspoon makes it into a movie.


Watching the Olympics with the boys…

Me: So are you guys going to be in the Olympics someday so I can sit in the stands and cheer like crazy?

Miles: No

Vaughn: Yay! (at the same time)

Miles: Vaughn, she will be dead by then! (ignoring the fact that I’m sitting right there)

Me: What? Those athletes are only like 20 years old.

Miles: Yeah, you’ll be dead by the time we’re 20.

The scary part is that he’s probably right because these two are killing me right now!

How was your week?

What are you doing for active recovery?