I had a lot of new things this past week and, I have to say, they were all good! In fact, the only thing that soured my mood this week was the rain. And there was plenty of it! Oh and I was chased by a German Shepherd on a run but, whatever.




RUNNING: I’m back to running a decent amount, and even logged a 9 miler on Saturday. On one of my shorter runs, though a neighborhood near my gym, I suddenly heard yelling. Moments before the yelling started, I had seen a German Shepherd behind a very tall fence. Upon hearing the desperate cries, I immediately stopped running and turned around to see the friggin’ dog running toward me. It’s old and painfully slow owner, continued to pointlessly yell after it to “stop” and “come here.”  Luckily, it just kind of circled me, like a shark, until it’s owner caught up to where we were, which was an eternity later.

At that point, I was thinking she would just grab the dog by the collar and drag it to the car (which is where she was trying to put him when he made a beeline for me) but no, she just kept yelling at it to go toward the car. I was beyond annoyed. This woman had zero control over her dog. It could have eaten me for breakfast and there was nothing she would have been able to do about it.


After a few minutes of this ridiculousness, she turned to me and said “I think your hat is the problem.” Unfortunately she was dead serious. I wanted to say “Actually you moron, it’s your lack of control over your dog that’s the problem, but yes, let me take off my hat and see if that does the trick.” It did. Who knew my life would be spared by simply removing my hat? So that was new…

CYCLING: I have a renewed zest in my spinning these days. I’ve been swimming for 20-30 minutes before every Tues/Thurs class, faithfully for at least two months now. I’m starting to feel stronger in both disciplines and I’m loving it. As an added bonus, my Thursday class is now going to be 45 minutes (it was an hour), followed by 20 minutes of high intensity interval training (HIIT). I cannot wait for this new forum!

CROSS-TRAINING: Decorating for my kids Halloween party and parade at school. I’ve entered a new realm of exhaustion which is decorating, sorting, taping and stuffing followed by chasing, yelling, laughing hysterically and crashing into bed right after the kids. Yes people, I just survived my first volunteering gig via the PTO at my kid’s school. I’m an endurance athlete but this is a whole new kind of race!

I was in charge of "pumpkin bowling." I can now die happy.

I was in charge of “pumpkin bowling.” I can now die happy.

FUEL: Did you miss my post about Manitoba Hemp Seeds? There’s a discount waiting for you as well. In other fueling news, I made these Pumpkin Spice No Bake Bars for the first time and they were a complete success! The hardest part was finding dates. Just so you know, that’s one thing the don’t have at Target.


THINGS I LOVE: My new gynecologist. Yep, that’s right, after the debacle with my last doctor visit, I found a new one and he is fantastic. And, everything I need to do because of my ‘family history’ like blood work, ultrasounds and mammograms, can all be done in the same building! Amazeballs.  I also warned him of my blogging and what happened to his predecessor. #BeAfriad

THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH: Missing the boys first ever race. You may find this hard to believe but my boys have never actually run in an ‘official’ race. I was waiting until they actually wanted to do one, and would be excited about it. I signed them up for the Spooktacular 1K at the Y this weekend but, the night before, one of them woke-up in the middle of the night with a cold. He was fine by 11am. Too bad the race was at 8:45. Bummer.

MUSIC: It was a Halloween music kind of weekend. As the big day gets closer, the boys are watching Halloween themed shows on TV, wearing their costumes as much as possible and playing ‘monster mash’ ad nauseam. Is it Thanksgiving yet?

The boys as Skylanders, flanking a friend, at their school Halloween party.

The boys as Skylanders, flanking a friend, at their school Halloween party.

READING: Hopefully you’ll be reading more of ME! I know, just what you need in your life, right? Well I’m happy to announce that I’m the newest writer at RunHaven.com and I couldn’t be happier. They love all things running plus, sassiness and snark abound. I’ve found my writing happy place and I hope you join me there. I’ll be sure to let you know when my first story is posted, but you can check out some great stuff from Miss Zippy and Beth Risdon from Shut Up And Run right now:

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RANDOM QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “I actually remember you guys by your faces.” ~my new gynecologist 

Good to know doc, since I usually wear pants when I’m not in stirrups.

What new thing did you try last week?

What are you reading? I need a new book soon!