It came as no surprise to me that I battled horrible seasonal allergies when I was a kid. After all, the reason for them is your body overreacting to something that is harmless. I also experience this on airplanes. What surprised me was, much later in life I became allergic to crab and lobster, two of my favorite forms of seafood. And now I seem to be battling yet another food allergy that hit my stomach like a knife all night last Monday, and planted me firmly on the couch all day Tuesday. Seriously body? I could not treat you any better and this is how you repay me? Maybe I should just start eating Taco Bell and see what happens.

WEEK OF MAY 8, 2017


Obviously running outside does not help my allergies but I try to take all the advice I dolled out in the article I wrote for Women’s Running about how to curb the side effects. Basically, cover yourself in a hazmat suit and try to run. Kidding!

New running shoes helped, as well as the planned rest week I had, minus the unplanned day on the couch with stomach cramps.

Monday – 20 minute run off the bike | 2.40 miles in freezing rain and wind that felt like hail. Good times.

Wednesday – I decided I was ready to run and, when I did, it felt like I had a brick in my stomach for 5.71 miles

Friday – run build after swim | 5-4-3-2-1 8k effort | 8.2 miles

Total = 16.31


Although I had only one outdoor ride, I didn’t mind being on the trainer. The weather is so close to being good around here but it usually doesn’t reach into the 50s until after lunch which is way after I need to be done training. And then the weekend hit with a monsoon, which was fitting because being a mom is very much like being in a monsoon so celebrating mother’s day amidst 30 mph winds and biting rain felt just right.

I had to pack a bag to do my ride and run off the bike in the basement and then sneak out the back door so Star doesn’t see me!

A friend and I were supposed to preview the ride and swim for our first triathlon of the season on June 3. I guess we’ll have to just wing it and pray there’s no monsoon on race day!

Monday – FTP intervals with 20 min run off the bike | 16.3 miles

Thursday – 3 x 8 min threshold | 17.6 miles

Saturday – Strength endurance | 18.2 miles

Total = 52.1 miles


I feel like I didn’t have enough time in the pool this week and I also feel like I won’t have time to do an open water swim before my first race. These early summer races a great if you live in Florida. I think I need a thicker wet suit!

This is basically how I will probably feel headed into a lake on June 3:

Run Far Girl dubbed this “The raincoat of shame!”

Friday – 35 minutes non stop swim before run | 1,800 yards

That was it.


My “fuel” was whatever would stay in my stomach and not make it seize. It was a rough week for food and I learned all too well that we have no food in this house for the bland diet required for an angry stomach. White rice? Nope. White bread? Nope. Bananas? Not this week. Saltine crackers? Nope, just whole wheat. You see the pattern, right?

At least by Thursday I was ready to tackle a salad with some chicken on top…and ice cream. I actually got frozen yogurt just in case lactose is the culprit.


Once again I find myself in the grips of the almighty Apple. You know the Apple of which I speak. The one with the “i’ in front? Well my beloved beats by Dre wireless headphones failed me once again. That is twice in as many years and guess what? The warranty has now expired. The control component literally fell apart and I can see that’s it’s been destroyed by my sweat, even though these headphones as marketed to sweat in. I can now pay $100 to have them “repaired” (remember I already did this) or try and find another pair.

So yes, I tried my luck (after a ton of research!) with the highly rated Bose Soundsport Wireless headphones ($99) and so far, they are not great. I don’t do well with in-ear headphones but for some reason (desperation) I thought these would be different. Only the right one stayed in my ear, so I tried a smaller size ear piece (they come with three) which is better but still not a good fit. I may try to return these and just stick with the beats. I welcome any suggestions!

One side fits all.


Finally seeing my Cuba article in print in USA Triathlon Magazine!

It literally started as a dream way back in November of 2016 and to see it in print was a bit overwhelming. I know it’s not a huge publication but it’s not about that – – it’s the story, it’s my dad and it’s realizing I can do things I set my mind too and am passionate about.

I may have ordered about 10 copies so let me know if you want one.


Um, let’s see…my body rebelling against food! What gives? How is it possible I have developed these “late in life” allergies? I have had symptoms of some sort of dairy or egg intolerance, on and off for a few years. Well it came to an excruciating head in the wee hours of last Monday morning. I have scheduled a full panel food allergy test but, since this allergy season has been especially horrendous, I have to wait until June 15. Until then I’m keeping a food diary and staying away from eggs and hard cheese. I guess I should be grateful I’m not allergic to wine.

Being laid up on the couch all day did give me the opportunity to watch, at least partially before I would pass out from pain, no less than four movies:

La La Land – horrible, awful, I hated it from the start

Point Break – one of the best movies ever, R.I.P. Patrick Swayze

Sixth Sense – just creepy enough and, even though I know the twist, I have to watch

Spy Game – one the best Brad Pitt movies ever and oh yes, Robert Redford is old sexy

Operation Dinner Out is a Go!


After absolutely loving the book and television series Big, Little, Lies I discovered another way to love it — through the music. I now have the opening theme song on my iPod, that I can listen to with one ear. It’s Michael Kiwanuka’s Cold Little Heart:


While sitting down watching the news with Miles early last Saturday morning, a segment about a local race came on. He watched some of the event and then turned to me and said:

I’m not judging you but shouldn’t you be there right now?

I’m so glad he’s not “judging me!” I died…and, he was probably right.

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How was your week?

Got allergies?

Any wireless headphone recommendations?