No, I didn’t get a real job but I’m back to work in triathlon training and I’ve taken a few additional freelance jobs as well. Someone has to work to pay for the gas in my cursed car.

Werk it.



I had a great week of running! It started with a run in the cold rain, which was better than I thought it would be, and ended with a nice long run on a soft trail surface. I kinda keep forgetting I have a half marathon at the end of February.

Cold rain? No problem.

Monday – 4.26 miles easy before swim | 8:13 average pace

Wednesday – 10k aerobic before strength | 5.86 miles | 8:18 average pace

Friday – long run before strength | 1:28:16 | 10.6 miles | 8:18 pace

Sunday – 7 miles with 3@HMP | 8:00 pace

Total = 27.72 miles


I’m still basement dwelling and watching Shameless like it’s my job. I did sneak out to take a spin class and it was great actually having someone tell me what to do and being surrounded by people above ground. The good news on the cycling front is I did a time trial (which is a brutal 20 minutes all out) and my coach explained the following to me after analyzing the data:

  1. I had more power in my legs than I thought
  2. I have gained fitness in that I’m producing more power at a lower heart rate
  3. I’m improving my fatigue resistance

All of this leads to one thing. It will be harder next time.

Hey! Where is everybody? Don’t worry the class filled up nicely…

Tuesday – FTP test  before swim| 18.1 miles

Thursday – spin class before swim | 32.7 miles

Total = 50.8 miles


I had a lovely time in the pool, thank you very much. I’m back to real swim workouts and not just drills, which is great and horrible. You know why.

Monday – form swim after run | 1,200 yards

Tuesday – recovery swim after bike test | 1,100 yards

Thursday – 2x10x50 after spin class | 2,000 yards

Total = 4,300 yards


Hanging out with Snoop over the weekend!

Whaaaatttt? My teenage self is in awe that this is now the second time I’ve had the pleasure of the D-O double G (the first time was at the Las Vegas RnR Half Marathon in 2016) and he was amazing. He was at Mohegan Sun to host a brunch with his partner Martha Stewart during the wine and food fest on Sunday so he popped in to club Avalon to sing and DJ on Saturday night.

Nothin’ but a G-thang baby


Cursed Claire strikes again!

I swear, I started Googling “lemon laws” with this car. Something has gone wrong with my car, with varying degrees of annoyance, every month since I bought it. I’m beyond frustrated since this is my dream car and it’s been kind of a nightmare.

This month’s saga began at the car wash. Claire is black so I try to keep her shiny and new in all this winter muck. I drove through the touch less car wash and then to the grocery store. I shopped, I bagged, I loaded Claire up with food and, as I rounded the side of her to get into the driver’s seat, I saw this…

A piece of the door handle was gone! Vanished! I may or may not have yelled a few choice words. I assumed it must have been blown off by the force of the water hoses at the car wash, even though I’ve washed the car at least a dozen times and it somehow remained in tact.

I had to then drive 15 minutes back to the car wash and have two very serious and burly men retrieve the piece out of the stall for me so I could walk shamefully back to my car to snap it into place.

I mean seriously.


Luckily I am able to transfer my psyche to other worlds though books and online media. My book pick for this month:

GRIST MILL ROAD | By Christopher J Yates

So the book I’m reading for book club is less than stellar (A Piece of the World) so when I read about Grist Mill Road in The New York Times, I immediately downloaded it and started reading. I’m only about halfway though but the story is so compelling and unexpected that unless something insane happens, I’m sure I will stick with my recommendation.

“The crime is brutal and shocking and immediate. A 13-year-old girl, arms bound to a tree, is shot repeatedly with a BB gun, 37 times in all, one of the shots going straight through her eye. The perpetrator is a teenage boy. The girl is left to bleed to death.”

That is the beginning and it gets crazier and more intense from there! Part of me was drawn to the story because my brother used to shoot me with a BB gun and it hurts like hell. Ah, childhood.


One day Vaughn handed me this picture:

Then the following conversation happened:

Me: What am I looking at?

Vaughn: It’s a guy with weed in his mouth.

Me: With what in his mouth?

Vaughn: You know, weed? Like farmers who have like those weeds hanging out of their mouths all day?

Me: *sighing with relief* That’s straw love, not weed. Very different.

On second and third look though, it looks a lot more like weed, which leads me to believe I should check his iPad history to make sure he’s not Googling “Snoop!”

[Tweet “The Rundown is back to work with #triathlon training but still playing hard with @snoopdogg!”]

How was your work week?