One of the oldest jokes ever is when, typically a non-runner, says something like “I only run if I’m being chased,” and proceeds to laugh at their own joke.  Yes, we’ve heard it and it was funny around the same time people saying “Oh, double trouble!” about twins was funny.  But, a sighting in my neighborhood this past week made me think about what I would do if I were actually being chased on a run.



By who or what?  THIS:


Now, there was quite a bit of speculation as to weather this was a mountain lion or a bobcat, but really?  It’s a gigantic predator, in my neighboorhood, so who really cares which one it is?  It just is.  And, I’m pretty sure I can’t out-run it…yet.  Sadly, because of fear, I was subjected to run and bike indoors earlier last week, just in case.  And, my husband absolutely forbid me from attempting to do hill repeats outside when I started to think maybe, just maybe, I would.  Someone has to talk sense into me I guess.

RUNNING:  Luckily I didn’t cut back quite as much as I thought I would, and ended up running about 25 miles.  However, a lot of them were speed drills, repeats or hills.  I actually love this kind of training because, after logging all those long runs for the half-marathon, these keep your mind working and make the time fly by…most of the time anyway.

CYCLING:  I cannot tell you how happy I am to finally announce that I was able to ride my bike OUTSIDE!  I bought a brand new Specialized Amira in November and have only ever ridden it on a trainer.  Can I just tell you how amazing it felt to put that baby on the road?  It was like going from driving a Honda to a Cadillac.  I was scheduled to do hill repeats but I just wanted to go!  I knew Coach Rocket Scientist would understand when I changed the hill repeats to a nice long hilly ride.  She did.  Perfection.

See ya!

See ya!

CROSS TRAINING:  Does jumping on a trampoline count?  How about the rush of adrenaline I got when I had the chance to meet Tamara, (Tamara Like Camera) Scarlet and Des?  For anyone who has ever exchanged life stories with another blogger for months on end, then you know the feeling when you finally get to meet them IRL (in real life).  It’s kind of like meeting a celebrity.  There’s something very odd about knowing so much about a person who you’ve never met, and there’s no Chris Hansen involved when you actually show up.  The coolest thing? Tamara and I hit it off and started chatting, laughing and engaging as if we’ve been friends for a long time.  Probably because WE HAVE!

Des is even MORE adorable, loving and funny in person.

Des is even MORE adorable, loving and funny in person.  And yes, my iPhone pictures are blurry and it looks like there’s a talk bubble coming out of his head, but there was too much jumping and fun to be had to take good pictures.  Sorry Tamara – this is no reflection on you 🙂  I’m also not sure if there’s an unconscious kid laying by the wayside back there!!  It was that kind of day.

This was the only shot I could take of these three!  My boys are circling Scarlet like sharks because she has Cheetos!

This was the only shot I could take of these three! My boys are circling Scarlet like sharks because she has Cheetos!  That’s Miles in the foreground with his mouth wide open.  Lovely.

RACING:  Next up is the March of Dimes 5K on April 27th.  It’s going to be a fantastic race for a great cause but, I have to say, racing 5Ks are my least favorite because it’s an all out sprint for three miles.  I can feel the burn already.

FUEL:  Ignite Naturals.  I was recently invited to become part of the Ignite Naturals team and I couldn’t be happier!  Why?  Their products are just what the name says – natural.  Trust me, when I’m out there training and shoving hydration drinks and chomps in my face to keep me going for 2+ hour brick training sessions – I don’t want to have to worry that what I’m fueling with is going to give me cancer.  And, you need not do two hour sweat fests to enjoy their stuff.  They have a great line of pre-workout, during and post-workout hydration and shake solutions.  I’m currently drinking my way through them all.

Use this code IN00230 and get 10% off your purchase!  Tell them VITA sent ya.

THINGS I LOVE:  Lorna Jane sports bras!  Check these babies out:


Not only that but when I posted about them on Instagram and Twitter, I got an awesome message from Lorna Jane on Instagram and a favorite and a follow on Twitter.  I get total nerd-like excitement when stuff like that happens.


THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH:  Tutus.  Surely you’ve heard about the SELF magazine controversy by now that involved a runner wearing a tutu, which the magazine used to say how lame this was – except the moron who got permission to use the picture didn’t realize the woman running in the wonder woman shirt and tutu was doing so because she was undergoing chemo for brain cancer!  The words: “You’re fired!” come to mind.

However, my point is that I would personally never wear a tutu in a race.  BUT, I would also never in a bizillion years call someone else lame for wearing one.  If you’re out there running at all, you are amazing.  I’ve always thought SELF magazine was lame and now I know why.  Do everyone a favor and stop buying their rag.

MUSIC:  I gave my ears a bit of a break this week and did a few runs sans music.  And, when I’m cycling on the road I never listen to music.  Plus, I need to be alert for mountain lions.  I have to say that I truly enjoyed running and riding without tunes.  Instead I tuned into my breathing and my mental game.  I used the force.

TV:  Is March Madness over yet?  Um, I mean – GO UCONN!

READING:  As I sit here typing this, I’m multitasking by reading some of my Twitter feed.  I know what you’re thinking: How does she do it all?  Anyhoo – I spied a tweet about Oiselle, one of my favorite new brands of athletic wear.  Perhaps you’ve also heard the news that badass mother runner/Olympian Kara Goucher ditched Nike to sign with Oiselle.  Yep, that’s how amazing they are.  Well, guess what?  Kara friggin Goucher favorited my tweet!  I’m geeking out again.  I know this because when I yelled “Oh my God!  Kara Goucher just favorited my tweet!”  My husband responded with “Who?”


RANDOM THOUGHT OF THE WEEK:  A friend and I were chatting on the treadmill the other day and thought, if there’s now naked yoga classes (yes, there are) shouldn’t there be naked running?  We were sweating our asses off and the thought seemed really  pleasant at the time.  Plus, if you’re the leader, you’ll never see a thing!  Maybe I should bring this up at the next Y staff meeting?

Have you ever had to run from a wild animal or anything else?

If you’re a blogger, have you ever met another one IRL?  How was it?

Would you attend a naked class of any kind?

Ever get extremely over-excited by a tweet?  Please say yes.