Are you sick of hearing about my birthday yet? Too bad because I celebrated my birthday week every day last week and may continue the party all month long! I told you why this was a special year for me and, this past week proved to be just what I needed to begin my 42nd year on the planet right!

WEEK OF MARCH 20, 2017


Ever since I had to leave my Brooks Launch running shoes in Cuba I’ve had a bit of a shoe crisis. I obviously needed a pair to run in ASAP and, I certainly had a few pairs in my closet, the issue was I throw away all the inserts because I wear the Superfeet inserts and just move them from shoe to shoe. I actually did one run last week in shoes without any inserts. It wasn’t great, as you can imagine.

I also tried a pair of Nike’s that were suggested by doing the Runner’s World new shoe finder tool. I know. I’m now taking shoe suggestions from my computer. After typing in some general info about myself and my running, it spit out the Nike Free RN Distance as one of my matches. I have news for Nike – – they aren’t great for distance, as the name suggests, but I have worn them a few times for shorter runs and they are just ok. At least they’re cute and I can wear them to walk Star.

They look good propped up on my desk but not so great for actual running.

I think I wore a different pair of running shoes for every run last week but luckily I’m still on a bike heavy rotation right now. Obviously I need to get to Fleet Feet in Longmeadow ASAP!

Sunday – 20 minute run off the bike at easy pace | 2.53 miles | 7:56 pace

Wednesday – pacing ladder | 4 miles before strength workout | 7:08 average pace

Friday – LT run 3×8 min at 10K pace before swim | 7.83

Total = 14.36 miles


I completely shifted gears (HA!) with my viewing and cycling this past week. I couldn’t take anymore emotional dramas so I downloaded Edge of Seventeen with Woody Harrelson and Hailee Steinfeld. Yes, it’s embarrassing but the movie was actually pretty hilarious, especially the scenes with Harrelson and Steinfeld. It just reminded me that being in high school is worse than almost anything so I was extremely happy to be 42 and riding my bike in the basement.

Tuesday – FTP Intervals | 20 miles | 1 hour 20 minutes

Thursday – Tempo ride | 18 miles | 1 hour 15 minutes

Sunday – Endurance road | 30 miles | 2 hours before swim

Total = 68 miles


About halfway though each swim last week I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it to the end of the workout. They have been HARD but I’ve pushed though. I may have skipped a cool down here or there since I just wanted to get out of the water.


Monday – Speed sets 100s, 3k | 3,062 yards

Friday – Aerobic intervals | 1,500 yards after run

Sunday – Muscular endurance | 2,400 yards after swim

Total = 6,962 yards


So this kept popping up in my Instagram feed…

So obviously I had to order one.

I also saw pics of Lady Gaga and Rihanna wearing them which just proves queens really are born in March!


So much deliciousness was had in honor of my birthday. I’m proud to say my refrigerator has only boxes and bags from leftovers and pie in it. This does not happen often so I’m just embracing it. #IHateCooking

My stepmom made a special trip to get my favorite cake for my birthday from a local Italian bakery. Unfortunately for my guests it’s filled with fruit and has a whipped topping. Regardless, the entire thing was gone by 1am. I won’t say who was shoving it into their drunk faces at my house. You know who you are.

My birthday dinner (on my actual birthday) was phenomenal! We decided to risk brining the boys to a sort of fancy restaurant and it paid off. They were so well behaved and even tried my scallops and green beans. Miles loved both and Vaughn hated both but, at least he tried it. #win

This was my fabulous prosciutto wrapped brie appetizer. Be still my saliva…


My younger cousin trying to get me on board with Kardashian emojis. Make it stop.


My son’s insane dentist.

This was the conversation when Miles had a cavity filled recently. The entire ordeal was one of the worst experiences of my life and I’ve had a few whoppers. Miles was in agony and terrified and I was trying to make a joke and make light of the situation with him.

Me: Don’t worry Miles, no one likes going to the dentist but you have to do it buddy.

Dentist: *turns and looks incredulously at me* That’s simply not true!

Dude, what fucking universe are you living in where someone doesn’t hate you? Is this a horrible joke? Also, do you see I’m trying to calm a 7 year-old so could you just play along? It’s nothing personal but going to the dentist is right up there with bikini waxing – a necessary evil.

Anyone know a good pediatric dentist?


If you don’t know who Mark Remy is and you love running and laughter, please do yourself a favor and check him out as soon as you finish reading this. He writes a weekly column called Dumb Runner and regularly writes for Runner’s World. I love his sense of humor which you get a huge dose of in this piece he wrote for The New Yorker:

Alexander and the V Bad, FML Day | by Mark Remy | The New Yorker

Here’s a snippet…


My SIL (Katie) and BIL (Brian) gifted me this for my birthday. It’s for my work area and can obviously hold my race bibs and medals. Also, those initials next to the stenciled owl in the corner are my mom’s initials. I cried. Now I just need to get my BIL over here to hang it since it weighs half my body weight.

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How was your week?

How much do you love going to the dentist?