Blog friends are real! I know those of you who don’t have the pleasure of hanging in the blog-o-sphere may roll your eyes when I say my “blog friends,” but it’s because it sounds dumb, not that it is dumb. There’s a difference. This past week I had so much fun meeting and tweeting, with old and new friends, in NYC for Fitness Magazine’s event. I’ll be doing a separate post on that but, it was a big part of my week so I must include a good chunk here. Speaking of “chunks,” the swag at that event took up a good chunk of real estate on the train home! #BloggerProblems



RUNNING: The absolute, hands-down, highlight of my week was running through Central Park with Amanda (Miss Zippy) on Thursday morning. We did a perfect 6.something, mile loop around the park in a semi-steamy, 70 degree drizzle but were deliriously happy. Here’s the thing. We had never met prior to that run (just online, kinda like dating but not at all) and had an infinite number of things to talk about simply because we both love to run. You gotta love that!…well, ok maybe you don’t but I do.

I’m taking a break from tracking milage this week and just running for fun, when I can! So refreshing.

Amanda and I, not running in Central Park. It was too wet for phones or selfies!

Amanda and I, not running in Central Park. It was too wet for phones or selfies!

CYCLING: I am a cycling loser this week. I only taught one spin class (because I was in NYC) and got in zero time on my bike outside, because I had two very important birthday parties. I can’t do it all. There. I said it.

CROSS-TRAINING: Does dragging your luggage around NYC count? How about chasing after the boys at a Frozen-themed birthday party? Ok, what about simultaneously tweeting, instagraming and facbooking while intently listening to speakers? I’m working on my grip strength. It totally counts.

RACING: Up next on the calendar is the Stockade-A-Thon 15K. That’s 9 miles. I’m currently trying to recover from my last half-marathon (keeping my hammy happy) before I start gearing up for this one. I truly love this course, and love seeing my whole family out there cheering me on! Can.not.wait.

FUEL: Have I told you all how much I love warm, soft, gigantic pretzels? I do. I’m happy to say I indulged while I was in NYC. Recovery mode calls for carbs and salt, which is also why I had salt on my margarita during dinner Wednesday night….and possibly Saturday night as well. Training can be such a bitch.

I’m taking a break from scrutinizing everything that goes in my mouth. Now where are those Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups?

Ok, so I didn't eat the whole thing, but I tried my best!

Ok, so I didn’t eat the whole thing, but I tried my best!

THINGS I LOVE: The view from my driveway in fall.


THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH: Running up the hill to get to the view from my driveway, during very single run I’ve done for the past 6 years. If I had a dollar for every time I ran up that thing, I could have installed a chair lift by now and would be the hero of the ‘hood!

I’m taking a break from hill repeats and won’t do them again until I prep for the mother of all half-marathons in February

MUSIC:  The ‘Happy Birthday’ song. Have you heard it? I’ve always said I absolutely love birthdays! What is more important then celebrating life and one more year with the people you love? A PR. Kidding! Two of my favorite people celebrated birthdays this past week – my niece turned six and, I think my husband wants to go back to six, but actually turned 42.

All the cousins in front of Elsa's ice castle!

All the cousins in front of Elsa’s ice castle! Vaughn isn’t wearing his glasses. Can you guess which one he is?

The adult version of Elsa's ice castle, at Mohegan Sun Casino!

The hubs in front of the adult version of Elsa’s ice castle, at Mohegan Sun Casino!

READING: Runner’s World just launched this new site – Zelle – it’s all about and for women runners! The hashtag they’re using is #WhatTheZelle? And I’ll tell you! There’s something for everyone: An inspiring story of a woman who started running in her 70s! Articles from Kristin Armstrong and, my personal favorite, Zelle captured what the fallout was over Lauren Fleshman asking us to “Woman Up!” You already know how I feel about that, right?

RANDOM PICTURE OF THE WEEK: So remember how I was whining about the pace group that was all over me during my last race? Well, now I have the pictures to prove it! Almost all of my race photos are me, with the pace pack! Now that you have a visual (I’m just ahead of them, in the white hat on the left), I’m sure you see my side of things:

Get off my back pack!

Get off my back pack!

 I’m definitely buying one of these. Isn’t this a keeper? Oy!

One last thing! We’re giving away a FREE copy of the book my story is in, Clash of the Couples! 



Do you love birthdays or not so much?

What are you taking a break from this week?

Do you love your blog friends as much as I love mine? How about your ‘real’ friends?