That’s right, TODAY is the day that Clash of the Couples is available to your eyeballs. Get ’em while they’re hot! In honor of being a published author (albeit in a book of 42 or so), I’m going to theme The Rundown with some of my favorite and/or most hated reads of all time. Brace yourselves.



RUNNING: My running this week was most like the book The LeftoversI used it to fill in spaces in my week instead of it being at the core of my training. I’m trying to be smart about resting my hamstring, without giving up any fitness I will need to race this weekend. However, I would not recommend this book, or this training program as both have left me feeling like something is missing.

(The TV show of the same name, is freakin amazing. I cannot believe someone read the awful book and wanted to make a show out of it?)

That's right - the main man on The Leftovers is a runner! Just another reason to watch.

That’s right – the main man on The Leftovers is a runner! Just another reason to watch.

CYCLING: I have to go with Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? because I’ve seen so many cyclists on the roads, but I haven’t gotten out there myself. What I’m getting at is, I would also not recommend this book. I’m a huge fan of Mindy’s and I love The Mindy Project but, when it comes to writing, she’s no Chelsea Handler. Of course, when it comes to cycling, I’m no….oh well just fill in the blank since no one knows any famous cyclists besides Lance, so what’s the point?

CROSS-TRAINING: I am all about Chrissie Wellington’s A Life Without Limits here. She’s a three-time Ironman champion and that’s how I felt in the pool this week. I did an extra long pool workout (2600m) that lasted 45 minutes and I absolutely loved it. In my mind, I was racing though the oceans of Kona! Obviously, I highly recommend this book unless you hate inspiration.

In my mind, this is how I look in the pool...that's what matters, right?

In my mind, this is how I look in the pool…that’s what matters, right?

RACING: Fingers crossed that this plays out like Run Like A Girl – How Strong Women Make Happy LivesYou see, my running partner is stressing about racing the 9 miler we have planned for Sunday. I’m going to try sending some ‘helpful’ texts all week like “suck it up!” and “Put your hair in pigtail braids, pull up your skirt, and run!” Do you think that will be helpful? Perhaps I should just gift her this book since it was a great read!

FUEL: It’s starting to be like Julie & Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously over here. Ok, so it’s been like two weeks, and there’s nothing dangerous about it, out I have been creating some culinary masterpieces like these peanut butter cereal balls from a Runner’s World article:

They kind of fell apart on my but they are super tasty!

They kind of fell apart on me, but they are super tasty!

THINGS I LOVE: It’s almost time for me to start reading A Prayer for Owen Meany. I’ve read it every Christmas for about seven years now. I know that sounds ridiculous but most of the story takes place during the holidays, and it’s written though two young boys’ eyes. I absolutely love it, and I read the real book because I have dogeared pages. You may not believe it but, every time I read it, I discover something new.

THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH: Gone Girl. I know everyone loves it but, I hope to God the filmmakers had the good sense to change the horrible ending to this book. I feel like the author just gave up, and dumped it. I absolutely loved it, right up until the awful ending. If I had been holding a real book, instead of my Nook, it may have ended up in the fire. #angermanagement


MUSIC:  I don’t think I’ve ever read a book written by a musician or about the life of one. This is insane considering how much reading I do. Anyone have any ideas for me here?

READING: Obviously I’m reading MY BOOK, mostly because I want to read and be familiar with all the other stories. It’s funny that, in my story I make a point of saying that the old adage of ‘not going to bed angry’ is absurd and, if married couples adhered to this, they would get very little sleep. Wouldn’t you know that one of the first stories I read declared the exact opposite and was written by Crystal Ponti herself. Oops. I guess that’s part of what makes the book great.


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