It’s Marathon Monday!…as if you didn’t know. As a former Bostonian and graduate of Boston University, the city that sits a mere 120 miles or so from my home, is very close to my heart. Boston is like one of my best friends; it carries a lot my secrets, it’s always there for me, and we’re guaranteed to have a good time whenever we get together. Well, maybe except for that one time when I ran the marathon in 2007. That was the year it was almost canceled.

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In lieu of my regular rundown this week, I’m brining you the Boston edition with some old and some new events that the Commonwealth has provided me with over the years. Plus, I’m in taper mode for the Long Branch marathon on April 26(.2) and it’s snoozeville over here.

WEEK OF APRIL 13, 2015

RUNNING: Way back in 2007 I wasn’t even sure I was going to be running the Boston Marathon right up until the night before. A spring Nor’easter had blown into town and with it came downed power lines, ice, wind, sleet and freezing rain. Ideal conditions for your dream race, right?

The 2007 Boston Marathon gave new meaning to the words "water station!"

The 2007 Boston Marathon gave new meaning to the words “water station!”

Luckily (I think?) it was held, the rain stopped but the wind and cold were biting. I crossed the finish line in my slowest time ever – 3:47 – and ended up in the medical tent because I couldn’t find my family, who had all my dry clothes. After that crisis was averted, I was all smiles because I had just run the freakin’ Boston Marathon!

Me and my dad (who ran up Heartbreak with me!) at the finish in 2007.

Me and my dad (who ran up Heartbreak with me!) at the finish in 2007.

CYCLING: As a college student at Boston University from 19993-1997, I rode my bike all over the city. As a result, everything that could have been stolen off of it was! I once had to walk several miles back to my apartment, carrying my bike, because someone stole my back tire (my front one was locked) in the time it took me to run into a store and return a video.

Remember when you used to rent videos? #ImOld

CROSS-TRAINING: Most of my cross-training in college was drinking and sleeping. I didn’t even run, and if I happened to not sleep through Marathon Monday, I would look out at the runners and think they were completely insane. Hard to imagine, right? If someone had told me in 1997 that someday it would be my dream to run that marathon I would have laughed my ass off.

Graduation day 1997! My stepmom, me, my dad and brother. Can you tell I wasn't a runner back then? And look at all that hair!

Graduation day 1997! My stepmom, me, my dad and my brother. Can you tell I wasn’t a runner back then?

FUEL: You must have a Sam Adams beer when in Boston. One of my most favorite hangouts, and a great place to have a Sam and some chowdah is right on Boylston Street. It’s a gritty Boston-esque bar/restaurant called The Pour House (get it?) where I have spent many nights and many meals.

RACING: The marathon of course is the main event! There have been so many memories made and dreams realized over those 26.2 miles. Of course, there has also been tragedy. It’s important to remember and honor the memory of those who lost their lives or had them forever altered because of terrorism.

This year I’m rooting for so many of my friends who will be running down their dreams: Denise Pantason, Michele Gonzalez, Angela Bekkala, and Laura Peifer! GO GET IT LADIES!

…and I seriously hope Meb wins AGAIN, two weeks shy of  40 (suck it 40!) and either Shalane or Desi take home a much needed win for the American women!


THINGS I LOVE: In two weeks, after eight years, I will once again try to qualify to run the Boston Marathon! The thought makes me giddy. I have a bone to pick with that race and I want to return in 2016 and run it with all the experience and power this 40 (and at the time of the race, 41!) year old body has!

THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH: The weather on so many of my important race days! My first marathon ever? Pouring, driving rain the entire time. World Championship Duathlon in Spain? 85 degrees at the start. I can not even begin to recount all the races I’ve run in horrible conditions. Yes, it makes me stronger and all that BS, but please let this NJ marathon be 40 degrees and clear! Please?

READING: My Boston marathon story on RunHaven and what you can change about the weather. Hint: Your attitude!

MUSIC: Whatever other song you hear during a race, you can count on hearing Eye of the Tiger at least once! It’s the runner’s national anthem. You know you want to hear it…

RANDOM QUOTE RACE SIGN OF THE WEEK: I’m sorry (not sorry) but this is hilarious:


Do you have a special connection to a city or state?

Are you rooting for any Boston Marathon runners today? Give them a shout out!