I never thought I would look at my upcoming trip to Las Vegas, to run the Rock and Roll half marathon, as a break. Runners often talk about running and racing as “me time” and a welcome break from work or kids or just all the noise of everyday life. Right now, I need all of those things and, although there is no place on the planet louder than Vegas,  I am hoping that is where my solitude awaits later this week.





I have no clue what is going on with me but I have been really struggling on the run lately. I feel sluggish and tired no matter the workout. I’ve tried rest days, eating different/more, stretching, foam rolling, chanting – – ok, not that last one but I would if I thought it would help. Nothing seems to be working so, most of the week I slogged though my workouts.

I did have a pretty amazing 15 miler to kick off the week but I was very lightheaded during it, even though I had plenty of fuel, and at one point I thought a fox was running next to me on the trail. Yep. I hope it’s not a brain tumor.

Jumping for joy because the fox didn't get me on the run in the woods!

Jumping for joy because the fox didn’t get me on the run in the woods!

Sunday: 15 miles done as 2 mile warm up, 4 at marathon pace, 4 at half marathon pace, 4 at 7:00 and 1 mile cool down | 7:47 overall pace | 1:52:54

Tuesday: 800s at the track 6 x 800 on 3:15 with 400 meter recovery | 7 miles total | 7:41 pace

Wednesday: 5 miles easy before Barre class

Friday: 6 miles with some pick ups before swim | 7:40 pace

Total = 33 miles


I had one indoor and one outdoor cycle session this week. The indoor one was uneventful. However, when I was about 5 miles from home on the outdoor loop I chose for my “easy” ride, I was stopped by a policeman in a car with lights ablaze telling me the road up ahead was closed. My response: “Seriously? I can’t take my bike down there?” Nope. So my easy one hour ride turned into a frustrating hour and a half. Grrrrr.

Luckily, the sluggishness I feel on the run is not showing up on the bike or in the water. I guess I should be happy but that’s not really conducive to running a half marathon. *sigh*

I did get the most amazing KUHL cycling gear and obviously had to test it out!


I love it and feel so sponsored and wicked KUHL. They also sent me a triathlon kit (yes, the unitard thing) and I cannot wait to rock it in my first triathlon of the season!

Monday: Easy/frustrating ride | 1:39:22

Thursday: Indoor cycle Z1-Z2 with aerobic spin ups | 50 minutes


Another week, another single pool session that I just loved. Slipping into the water feels like a gift these days and I’m hanging on for dear life.

Friday: Speed sets | 2900 yards


What am I not making in a slow cooker? Not much.

FAIL: I tried making overnight steel cut oats and absolutely hated them. They made my house smell fantastic, unfortunately they made my mouth want to vomit. The consistency was way too goopy for me so I’ll stick to making them in the microwave each morning.

WIN: Bison chili with sweet potatoes. OMG delicious, especially with some sour cream on top. Probably also better with wine but I didn’t have the opportunity to indulge.

Pictures of each of the above look disgusting so I’ll show you the delicious, and photogenic, Perfect Bars I’ve been using to refuel. The mini bar option is my favorite since the full size bar is more of a meal replacement.



Seeing Carrie Underwood at Mohegan Sun with my husband, BIL and SIL. Although she is an amazing singer, has legs I can appreciate and is just adorable in every way, her show fell flat. There was no “show” in her show. It was just this little woman up there singing her heart out and I felt like I could have been at the country fair instead of a gigantic arena with a mega star.

Someone (Beyonce) needs to help a sister out with some stage presence.


It was still a great night out with a fantastic dinner and a lot of much needed laughs!


Not being selected to be a part of Team Betty Designs. I applied about a month ago and then Twitter revealed to me that I was, unfortunately not selected to be on the team. The next day I received the email that begins with “it’s with a heavy heart” and ends with “maybe next year.” Apparently there were over 4,000 applicants and, for whatever reason, I didn’t make the cut.



Although I really wanted to be a true Betty and rock their designs even more in 2017, I’m ok with just running for Team Allie next year. I have my KUHL gear and Team Rocket Science (my coach’s platform) is getting new gear as well so I will be well suited, yet unaffiliated.


I was so intrigued by the Showtime documentary on Anthony Weiner. It’s not something I can explain but maybe I just enjoy watching a train wreck. Actually, after what I refer to as “the final straw” I wanted to see just what this guy was all about, documentary style.

I can tell you that he is exactly what you think – – a narcissistic jerk and liar who walks around with an unwarranted heir about him. I’m glad I watched because it was truly fascinating but I seriously cannot figure out why Huma stayed with him after the second sexting scandal came to light. Watching her, watch him and seeing the shift between the two of them was horrifying and, more so because she stayed.

I have to say the documentary was exceptionally well done and is obviously so much more relevant in light of the third scandal.


Older woman aka “pool lady” in the locker room at the YMCA, yelling over the shower stall to her friend:

“So, the email said not to be surprised if Trump has an accident since the whole election is rigged and everyone is afraid of him.”

Where to begin?

  1. In general you probably should not talk about politics, loudly, in public.
  2. I think the word you are looking for when referring to Trump is “terrifying” which I would also use to refer to your 15 minute bathroom political rant.
  3. I’m so thankful this whole election is coming to an end tomorrow. Get out there and VOTE!


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How was your week?

Are you counting down to anything?