It’s weird to think about triathletes cross training since we’re already training for three different disciples in one race. I mean, isn’t that enough?

Well, if you know anything about me at all, the answer to that question is “Of course not!” Bring on the cross training!





Guess what? I ran outside – twice! I also went snowboarding so, after being in hibernation on the treadmill and bike trainer pretty much all week last week, I busted out and had a blast!

THIS is how good it felt to be outside...and to be done with Tuesdays workout!

THIS is how good it felt to be outside…and to be done with Tuesdays workout – OMG!

Sunday: 7 miles easy after 2,400 yard swim

Tuesday: 8 miles with 3 x 1 @MP (7:30) / 3 x 1 @5k (6:20) < – – this was a very hard effort but felt great afterward

Wednesday: 5 miles easy before Barre class

Friday: 10 miles with 5 x (400m hill/400m sprint) = 1:21:21 8:00/pace

I wish I could have done Friday’s run outside but I had yet another day home with a sick kid. All I can say is how thankful I am to have a treadmill this year because if it’s not snow, it’s sickness and, with the treadmill I can still get it all done!

Total mileage = 30 miles


I *missed* a bike day this week because I went snowboarding instead. It was 100 percent worth it and I wish I could do this every week…

Raring to use my new snowboard for the first time!!

Raring to go and use my new snowboard for the first time!!

I did, however, get in plenty of bike trainer miles…

Monday: 55 minutes of bike strength before IronStrength – because it’s all about getting strong on Monday!

Thursday: Riding the snow…

Saturday: 45 minutes of drills and leg loosening…

Total BIKE ride time: 1 hour 40 minutes


Although I only had two swim days, spaced very far apart this week, they were hour long endurance tests that had me crawling out of the pool like a sea lion. Sorry I don’t have any pictures of that…


That sea lion actually looks a lot peppier then I did. Maybe it’s the penguin?

Sunday: 2400 yards using all the tools in my bag!

Saturday: 2400 yards muscular endurance

Total yards = 4800 or 2.7 miles


This was by far the most fun I had all week. Not only did I get a great video of my Barre class ab workout, I went snowboarding with a good friend on Thursday.

First things first. Work your body, work those hips!

I have heard many people describe their Barre class as “boring” or with “lots of counting” and even “wimpy.” As you will see, the Barre class my friend teaches is none of those things…and this is only one, four minute section:


[For the locals, new classes are beginning the week of 2/8. Wednesdays at 9:30am and Thursdays at 7pm. Sign-up HERE]

Coincidentally, after Barre class a friend mentioned to me that she was going skiing the following day at a local mountain. So, I very rudely invited myself, cleared my very very very busy schedule and off we went the following day.

It was like having our own private resort.

It was like having our own private resort.

We declared it “better then a spa day” and loved most that there was zero cell service on the mountain. Ok so that part freaked me out a little bit, and I had 57 messages by 2pm but it was great while it lasted.


I absolutely love birthdays, even when they aren’t mine. I was excited to celebrate the birthday of one of my oldest and dearest friends this past week. I have known her since high school and have celebrated every birthday with her since 1993. #WeAreOld

And there were cupcakes involved. Surprisingly enough, I baked these without incident.



So I jumped on the Stitch Fix band wagon and received my first “fix.” Does anyone else see an issue with calling these “fixes?” No? Ok then…moving on.

Since my closet mostly contains workout stuff and then sequin shorts with furry vests, I was in need of something appropriate to wear to say the boys school when I risk my well-being and immune system, to go there.

Enter Stitch Fix.


  1. I absolutely love this jacket and I would have never picked it out myself. KEEP!
  2. I wasn’t thrilled with this shirt and it’s kind of too big but, my husband loved it and he was taking these pictures so… KEEP!
  3. I have 300,000 scarves and although this one was adorable and added a “pop of color” which seems to be of the utmost importance to stylists, I sent it back. RETURNED
  4. This shirt is adorable and fit me perfectly but it’s a short sleeved t-shirt and it’s winter so I couldn’t really justify it. RETURNED
  5. I know there’s no actual #5 in the pictures but it’s the JEANS. I also have 300,000 pair of skinny jeans but these are so soft and stretchy plus they come off like butter. KEEP!

Out of five pieces, I kept three. I would say that is a win, even though I don’t love the green shirt. I also heard having a Pinterest board of your “style favorites” or something like that, is important for your stylist to help select pieces you like. Even though I felt extremely awkward doing it, I created a Pinterest board called  When I’m Not in Workout Clothes:
       Follow VITA Train for Life’s board When I’m Not in Workout Clothes on Pinterest.



This mild winter! It was 50 degrees on Sunday and about 35 the day I went snowboarding. If this continues, I will be deliriously happy.

After yet another mild, outdoor run this past week.

After yet another mild, outdoor run this past week. Look ma, only one layer!


The seemingly never ending cycle of sickness that is having two first graders. I swear my boys have both been sick ever since going back to school after winter break.

I was in their school last week and OMG every kid (and some teachers) in there have either barking coughs or runny noses – it’s insane!

Vaughn was home sick yet again this week and I just wanted to cry. I think I did cry. I may cry now just thinking about it.

Yes, I would love to spend three more hours doing Minecraft Legos!

Yes, I would love to spend three more hours doing Minecraft Legos!

Make it stop!!!


You know when you read something and it immediately resonates with you…and also makes you laugh out loud? That is exactly what happened when I read this post from Danielle at T-Rex Runner.

What I Tell Myself About the Past : My favorite part is she learned this lesson from watching #BlackLove. And, as Danielle points out, “Yes, the hashtag is part of the name.”  Danielle is also the queen of animated gif use so you really need to read the article on her site to get the full effect.

“You have to be careful about what you tell yourself about your past,” she said. Dude. Whoa. What you tell yourself about the past. Not “what happened in the past,” but what you tell yourself about what happened in the past. Mind blown.

I personally learned this lesson after I went to my 20 year high school reunion and was finally able to forgive my teenage self, a girl who was just doing the best she could, after the unbelievable loss she suffered.

Be careful the stories you tell yourself. They matter.


Checking out at CVS and my husband picks up a bottle of hand sanitizer:

Cashier: Oh yeah, I love alcohol.

…I mean, the alcohol hand sanitizers…I also love regular alcohol, but that’s not what I meant.

Husband and I assure her we also love alcohol.

How was your week?

What is your favorite way to cross train?