Technically I had a “rest” or “easy” week on my training schedule last week. Normally, I hate weeks like this because I either don’t feel like I need the rest or, my body needs the rest but my mind doesn’t agree. This past week was different and hard for more than physical reasons but there was a lot of easy in there too. Let’s see how it all went down…



I ran outside most of the week since I had shorter runs and we had a non-snow, snow day for some reason? I actually really enjoyed my snow run since the roads were clear and no one was on them. It was really peaceful, which was exactly what I needed.

Plus, it helps to have professional photographers waiting for you when you get home. Photo cred: Vaughn

Also note the giant chunk of snow just above my head! I threw it up there and, luckily, it did not hit me directly in the face.

Monday – 20 minutes at 10k pace as part of cycling brick | 3.35 miles | 7:31 pace

Wednesday – recovery run after strength | 30 minutes | 8:45 pace

Sunday – 5 miles easy | 8:30 pace

Total = 12.35 miles


I did not however, have the ability or urge to bike outside. I did a lot of easy/aerobic mileage which was a welcome break. My coach shared with me a great chart of my progress that got me pumped! I’m no rocket scientist and interpreting all the numbers is not my thing, which is why I pay for a rocket scientist coach:

It’s really great to see, on paper, how your hard work is paying off!

Monday – zone 2 cycle for 50 minutes with 10 min time trial before run | 12 miles

Thursday – endurance ride | 14.7 miles

Total = 26.7 miles


So I told you about the snorkel adventure last week, right? Well I bought my own and took it to the pool! It was…interesting, especially using a nose plug with a nose ring. There was some laughter (from the other swimmers) and some choking up water (from me) but I swear, it’s amazing for form work. Not having to worry about breathing is everything.

Tuesday – form work | 1,200 yards

Friday – more form work and drills after strength | 1,400 yards

Total = 2,600 yards


The muscle building continues and it was a lot more interesting on Tuesday when these monkeys were home from school…again.

They obviously need more plushies.

They were actually pretty helpful when I was trying to do my workout in the living room, and kept trying to do all the moves I was doing.

What was not helpful was the strength training package I purchased through TrainingPeaks closing their YouTube account and only offering videos of the strength moves in a app. Seriously? Grrrrrr. The aggravating part was they made the move with zero notification and I had to figure it out through a series of emails and (God help me!) Twitter. Not cool ECFit. Not cool.


Speaking of making things easy, I would pay 1 million dollars for this:

I think they actually have the machine doing the voice over on this video. It’s amazing people. If I never had to fold laundry again for the rest of my life, I would die happy. Thank you Foldimate.

Now, the bad news. It’s super expensive ($980) and won’t be available probably ever (late 2019) but, a woman can dream.


Saying goodbye to StarFire.

We made the tough decision to re-home her since life was getting impossible with her, and I wasn’t 100% sure she wouldn’t bite one of the boys. It took two months, three different potential adoptive families (she was rejected by two), tons of emails and phone calls but, we found a perfect match.

I went though all the emotions — anxiety, guilt, sadness, relief, sadness again — but ultimately, I know we are doing the right thing for her and our family. I was the one who said the final good-bye to her and, although heart wrenching, I’m glad it was me and that I did it alone.

Goodbye sweet girl. You will always be our first family dog and we have the scars, some busted up and chewed furniture, bedding and walls to remember you by.

And yes, we want to get another dog, but not anytime soon.


Has there ever been a better time for television? There are endless “binge worthy” options and I love getting new recommendations. Here are mine for the week:

Manhunt: Unabomber | Discovery

This was recommended to me by Danielle at The T-Rex Runner and it is absolutely fantastic…and also terrifying as is usually the case when you see how inefficiently and stupidly government badass entities like the FBI truly operate. You have no idea just how much crazy you are in for when you watch this fantastically compelling show.  And Jane Lynch as Janet Reno is pretty awesome too.

David Letterman: My Next Guest Needs No Introduction | Barack Obama

I heard a lot of chatter about this show and, when I found out who the first guest was, I couldn’t wait to watch. Obama is such a class act and was welcomed so warmly. Just seeing him made me feel better and also when he said “If you’re watching Fox News, you live on a different planet.” #RealGenius

Letterman and Obama mostly talked about things other than politics and there was also a great side story with Rep. John Lewis of Georgia who led the Civil Rights March in Selma.


In a constant effort to get the boys to have a healthier breakfast I’ve been making them eat French Toast (the horror!) before they can have Eggo waffles. After the very first morning I did this, Miles came home with a new comic he created:

Captain Waffle vs Evil French Toast!

At least he’s being creative. And yes, I made them have it again the next morning which is when Miles started reading the comic aloud to me at the breakfast table. Parenting is so rewarding.

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How was your week? 

What was easy? What was hard?