As expected, this past week was insane. I tried very hard to embrace the chaos the end of the year brings but, as you know, chaos is definitely not my thing.

I hate yard sales, clearance sales, and anything else that isn’t well organized and laid out for me in brand shiny newness. This past week was my yard sale of messiness, stress and dear God help me – baking. *insert horror film scream here*



I only ran three times this past week since I came down with the nastiest eye infection you can imagine. That’s what I get for volunteering in my kids classroom as much as I did. Obviously that needs to stop immediately.

The runs I did were excellent:

Tuesday: Trail run with an ultra running friend who promised to show me some trails after my Runner’s World trail race experience.

It was so much fun and so gorgeous and am definitely incorporating more of these in the coming months.


Deb and I after about an hour of trail running on a perfect day!


Wednesday: 5 miles prior to Barre class. My legs were pretty tired from the IronStrength workout I did on Monday and then trail running on Tuesday, so I figured I would take it easy and not look at my watch. Well, whatdayaknow? 7:43 average pace. My body is just feeling that pace right now and I’m loving it.

Thursday: At this point I was already coming down with a cold but I had planned for weeks to meet up with my coach! I ran about four miles, nothing major, but some of it at 5K pace. It was a great workout and she was able to film me so we could break down my form. Afterward she gave me some great drills, which I will be sharing soon!

Total mileage: 16.5


When I met up with my coach (Coach Rocket Science) is was to do two things – check my run form and really check my swim form and film both. As you may know, my swim technique leaves a lot to be desired…or so I thought.

CRS came prepared with an underwater camera! It looked just like a selfie stick except you stick your camera in the water. Amazeballs.

Kinda like this but she was running beside me poolside. I should have asked her if I could have taken a selfie.

Ok, this is so not me but the camera was kinda like this, except she was running beside me poolside, to film my strokes. I should have asked her if I could have taken a selfie.

It was humbling, to say the least, to see myself swimming – GAH! I was pleasantly surprised at my flip turns but horrified about how I’m dropping my left arm on my “catch.” I won’t bore you with the details but I have a lot to work on next time I get in the pool.

The good news is that it’s all very easily fixable, and I corrected most of it that same day, and we were able to film it again so I could see the change. I’m hoping to get some of the footage so I can share it with you guys. It was pretty amazing….the camera, not the swimming.

Pool time total: 1 hour 30 minutes over two sessions


This was almost non-existent since I was running and strength training in the first part of the week. I was “saving” some cycling for what was supposed to be another unseasonably warm weekend but alas, I fell down with the eye plague and was only able to hit the bike trainer once.

Total mileage: 25/1 hour


Have you done Dr. Metzl’s IronStrength workouts? You absolutely should! I’m telling you, this workout never fails to completely kick my ass and it also works everything runners need – hamstrings, hips, glutes, core and back. I wrote this recap on it a while ago, but it bears repeating.

I also went to Barre (of course) and it’s getting more challenging! This week was mix up of music and we added some bands. #MyLegsAreCrying



Due to having a very, very, very extended fall here in the Northeast, I came to the conclusion that I needed more running vests. I have two but, one of them is reflective neon so obviously I cannot be expected to wear that during the daytime.

Oddly enough, Oiselle was having a sale this time of year so…

I first tested it out on the bike. Two big thumbs up!

I first tested it out on the bike. Two big thumbs up!

The Oiselle Gilman Vest. Not just for running bitches. It’s lightweight, blocks the wind (on the bike so I’m sure it will have zero issue on a run), washes well and no chafing from the zipper. You have done it again birds!


I know I love my children because I am willing to bake with them, even though most times it turns into an epic fail. I would also like to declare that Pinterest is a liar!

I now know how people feel when I say “I have an easy 8 miler today.” If you’re new to running (as I am to cooking and baking) there is nothing easy about it!

I thought it would be fun to let the boys choose a holiday cookie they would like to make from Pinterest. I was horribly, horribly wrong. Here’s why:

Grinch Cookies

This is what they looked like on Pinterest:



And this is what mine looked like:


The boys did all the ones with the colors. Sadly, I was in charge of the rest.

You know what the issue is? Where in the sam hell are you supposed to find red candy hearts at Christmas you assholes? Why didn’t that recipe come with a warning like: YOU NEED TO BUY ONE OF THE INGREDIENTS FOR THESE LAST FEBRUARY. GOOD LUCK.


I was a glutton for punishment, and was seeking revenge on Pinterest, when I foolishly tried again. This time, something much harder because, you know, f-you Pinterest!

Santa Cupcakes

This is what they looked like on Pinterest:



This is what mine looked like:


You’re probably thinking they look pretty good. Well yes, yes they do. Those three look ok. Those are the only three that look like that.

First off, you had to make the damn frosting! Little did I know, when buying butter, eggs and powered sugar, I was really buying ingredients for what I could have bought from a can! Who makes their own frosting? The amish? You know what the other trouble with that is? Homemade frosting (at least my version) hardens very quickly, like a rock, and then things like mini marshmallows (that I had to actually cut in half!) don’t stick to it.

The rest of the cupcakes looked like this:

This is what defeat looks like.

This is what defeat looks like.


The view from my window.

Obviously I hated being sick and basically laying on the couch all day Saturday, but this was my view:


Instead of sitting there feeling sorry for myself, I tried to be grateful. I will only be sick for a few days and I have so much to be thankful for, including this view of my tree and the lake below. #Gratitude


I can sum this up in two words: Star Wars

Is the madness over yet or are adults still wearing costumes to movie theaters and losing their minds over not getting or getting tickets?

The worst thing I have seen yet, relating to this madness, is this:



This is from Runner’s World! My beloved of all publications. It pains me to see it and, what’s worse, I will probably see people running races in these outfits. #MakeItStop


Here’s some good fucking news: New Research Says Swearing Is a Sign of a Healthy Brain | By Rafi Schwartz for Good via Science Direct

A folk assumption about colloquial speech is that taboo words are used because speakers cannot find better words with which to express themselves: because speakers lack vocabulary. A competing possibility is that fluency is fluency regardless of subject matter—that there is no reason to propose a difference in lexicon size and ease of access for taboo as opposed to emotionally neutral words.”


Obviously, I’m a genius.


In related news: It finally happened. My boys said the dreaded F word. However, I feel like it’s a victory of sorts because:

#1 – They are six. I think that’s fairly old to have no clue what that word is, and to not have uttered it until now.

#2 – When asked they miraculously stated they did not hear it from me but some punk on YouTube. However, this is just another example proving they do not listen to me.

How could such vulgarity come out of these mouths?

How could such vulgarity come out of these mouths?


I will be luxuriating in all the post-holiday loveliness until January 4th. See you on the other side…

How was your week?

Have any Pinterest fails you care to share?

How old were your kids when they dropped the f-bomb for the first time?