In two weeks I will be racing at the Triathlon National Championships in Omaha, Nebraska. I have been racing and training well and definitely feel like I’m in a groove with my workouts (well, except for one of them) and can feel the endorphin rush in every aspect of my life right now.

Seeing Bad Moms with my bestie and going to a Coldplay concert also helped.

It was all things USA last week with the DNC, last minute preps for triathlon nationals and my star spangled shoes from Brooks.

It was all things USA last week with the DNC, last minute preps for triathlon nationals and my star spangled shoes from Brooks.

WEEK OF JULY 25, 2016


I have not been doing much running and instead have been focusing on the bike and swim almost every single day. I had only two runs this past week, one of which was speed work. Since I can’t get out early in the morning because of my kids, I had to wait until about 8am for the run start. By 8am it was 80 degrees and humid. I reasoned that the conditions for the run in Omaha will be hot and I need to push myself though the training.

Speed training. In 80 degree heat.

So off I went to do a 10k, repeating 2 minutes on, 1 min off, 1 min on, 30 seconds off, 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off where “on” was 5k pace or 6:40ish. I tried to pick a shady route but it didn’t really matter. By the time I got to the turnaround I felt like I was cooking from the inside out, my lungs were breathing fire and my entire body was begging for water.

My final mile was straight up hill with zero shade.

Because I’m not completely insane, I ditched the last mile of speed and just crawled my way back up the hill.

Sweating like a maniac. Me and my fenix made it back alive.

Sweating like a maniac. Me and my fenix made it back alive. And that is a visor, not a hat. I have to protect my face but my hair needs to be free!

I ended up having pretty consistent splits and my average was 7:37 with a warm-up and cool down mile. I survived and I pushed myself. Two things I will remember during my 10K in Omaha.

I took a freezing cold shower and immediately drank lots of water and G2 to replenish. I also ate pretty much non-stop the rest of the day.

Here is a visual of the hill to and from my gym, as well as the temps during the run…


Total running miles for the week = 11


I had to ship my bike off to Omaha this Sunday and I seriously almost cried. I feel like we were just getting to know one another and now we have to spend nearly two weeks apart. It’s going to suck getting back on my road bike. #SorryNotSorry

Just riding around the cornfields.

Just riding around the cornfields.

Tuesday: 1 hour easy ride | 18 miles

Wednesday: 1:15:14 | 5 x 4 big gears | 22 miles

Saturday: 2 hours working hills | 40 miles

Total = 80 miles


I have been in a body of water almost every single day. Between swimming and sweating everyday, it’s kinda weird when I’m dry.

My very own outdoor pool!

My very own outdoor pool!

Monday: 30 minutes active recovery | 1640 yards

Tuesday: 500s to work on form | 35 min | 1789 yards

Wednesday: 8 x 100 | 32 min | 1,969 yards

Friday: open water pyramid | 45 min | 2,625 yards

Saturday: 45 min open water | 2,589 yards

Total = 10,612 yards or 6 miles 


I read this article on Women’s Running and decided to try out the Enduro Bites bars because the Fig & Dark Chocolate flavor sounds way too good to pass up!


I’ll let you know how I like them!



I have been to a lot of concerts and live music events. Coldplay is in my top five shows of all time. Twice.


Sky full of stars!

Sky full of stars!


Spam. Well, not spam in and of itself but actually the lack of attention to my spam issue that my host, Go Daddy showed. Suddenly, last week this very site was inundated with about 40 spam comments per hour. Do you know how long it takes to mark 40 spam comments as spam? About 40 minutes. I know because I literally spent all day last Monday doing just that.

My issue is I called Go Daddy immediately and was told I needed $362 worth of encryption. They also said what was happening was not their issue but one with WordPress. Wrong!

I called a total of five times on Monday before I finally figured out the issue myself and got a tech (Aaron!) to finally listen to me and help me. That was around 6pm after I had to cancel dinner with my friend because of it. Frustrated does not begin to explain how I felt by that time.


The issue was a server at Go Daddy. I know this because my plug-in Akismet, was unable to do it’s job – – block spam. I know that because of someone who actually knows how to do their f****** job at Akismet.

The issue was resolved around noon on Tuesday which was a full 24 hours. In 24 hours I had manually spammed my own site and blocked almost 1,000 comments.


Sometimes Scary Mommy just gets everything right. My girlfriends and I talk about Facebook humble brags and the BS behind the hashtag #blessed pretty much daily. I think the author of this piece read our minds:

Humble Brags, #SoBlessed and other Facebook Sins

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 12.57.10 PM

Here’s a little tease:

“I looked the other way when you shared a controversial article about affirmative action. Hell, I even pretended I didn’t see that you “liked” stuff posted by the NRA and the Duggars. And when you vaguebooked about “exciting news” and how you “wished you could say more,” I even commented with a “can’t wait to hear more!” even though my eyes rolled so hard in my head I think I strained my cornea.”


I’m a huge fan of Bear Grylls and I seriously want to be on his show Running Wild.

I watched the episode with guest Zac Effron and it was hilarious, intriguing and suspenseful. I was definitely not expecting that from Effron but he was such a cool guy, very down to earth and really appreciated being out there with Bear.

My favorite part was, just before parachuting from a helicopter, Zac yells “see you in hell Johnny” to Bear, referencing one of the best movies of all time – – Point Break.


Speaking of movies…


If you are a mom, have kids over the age of five and, can admit that raising them can completely suck the life out of you, make you feel like a failure and that you’re doing everything wrong – – go see Bad Moms immediately!

It was hilarious. I mean I was cry-laughing though most of it. My friend and I were worried that the most hilarious parts were in the movie trailer but the most hilarious parts actually did not even make the trailer. I seriously cannot recommend it highly enough. Without giving anything away, my favorite hashtags are:



And the soundtrack is perfection. I cannot wait to see it again.

Also – the super market scene was my favorite and Kathyn Hahn (who plays the stereotypical single mom) stole the movie, the PTA slideshow almost made me pee my pants and there is a slow motion pasta-in-the-face scene that is off the charts.



I can now die happy. My tweet about the piece in the NY Times on Howard Stern was retweeted by @sternshow and liked by BoBo. I just can’t. Say what you will about Howard Stern, he’s one hell of an interviewer and asks everything we really want to know, not just the fluff about whatever the star is there to promote. The best part is, they tell him…and all of us.


I took this screen shot immediately and squealed. By Friday it was liked 54 times and retweeted 15 times. #Kingofallmedia

[Tweet “Feeling the endorphin rush as I #Train4Life!”]

How was your week?

What is your favorite TV show lately?

Stern fan? Who would you love to be retweeted by?

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