Escape. It was a much needed escape to San Francisco this past week with my husband. Just four short days of escape from the grind releases you from the prison of the mundane. Everyday away was a chance to experience new things, indulge and enjoy. We even surprised ourselves a few times…

I just happened to be riding by and I couldn’t resist:


I was so excited to see the set-up for this but could not imagine actually swimming the 1.2 miles in the freezing water this time of year!

What? It could happen…


WEEK OF JUNE 1, 2015

RUNNING: It was an amazing return to running in the city by the bay! I was like a kid on Christmas when I woke-up, laced up, and headed straight down Market Street into a wonderland. The views, the other runners and just the pure joy of this run, more then made up for the fact that my hamstring is still only a “B.” Apparently that wasn’t good enough for CRS since my training plan this week is back to pool running and the elliptical. I’m going to try and fight it but, for now, I will be reliving the sweet sweet memories of my runs by the water.

Pure bliss.

Pure bliss.

Total mileage: 16.8 (not bad for two days!)

PS – I’ve never gotten a blister from running but I got one from walking up the huge hills of San Fran in heels. Who am I?

At least we had a cool destination. The famous Fairmont Hotel.

At least we had a cool destination, so the blister was totally worth it. The famous Fairmont Hotel!

BIKING: My husband got on a bike. This is huge people. He’s not a big fan of biking, bikers, biking attire – none of it. Luckily for me, he was kind of forced into a little tourist biking journey by one of the guys he works with, who happens to be a pretty big cyclist. We had a lot to talk about, not the least of which was getting my husband on a bike.

What thousand words is Mike saying through this picture? Can our expression be any different. #TrueLove

What thousand words is Mike saying through this picture? Could our expression be any more different? #TrueLove

We didn’t cross the Golden Gate as planned because, even for me, the winds were insane. I was just so proud of him for even getting on one and riding what we did, that I turned around when he was ready and was just grateful for the time we spent, and the gorgeous views.

These windsurfers were insane!

These windsurfers were insane! It was freezing and if I had put my hands on one of those kites, they would have found me somewhere over Australia a month later.

Of course my “bike,” outfit (purchased in Fisherman’s Warf mid-ride because I was freezing!) are all an embarrassment to the sport of cycling but, I couldn’t have cared less. It was FUN and I can only hope to do it again someday…with the right outfit…and my own bike….and helmet. I won’t even get into how disgusting the helmet situation was. #Infestation

Total mileage: Who cares?

Nerd alert!

Nerd alert!

SWIMMING: No one told me there would be an amazing and safe looking place to swim! This area reminded me of Chicago with all the swimmers just lapping languidly, back and forth, in the water. I was practically salivating as I watched them and wishing I had brought my wet suit. Of course then I thought about the water temperature and sharks and I was ok with just taking a few pictures:

I get this in CT.

Swimmers paradise.

CROSS-TRAINING: The hotel gym was well equipped and even had some stuff I had never seen, like these fusion of sandbag and kettle bell items. Very cool. Plus they had two different size foam rollers, a rope, BoSu’s and medicine balls. I was able to do all my hip/glute strength training and then some.


Of course my other cross-training was walking. Since my husband had some business to do, I was able to shop and walk and explore:


Chuck Taylors anyone? Sweet Converse store in Union Square.


Seal Rock, sadly without any seals, and barely visible with that always present fog.


FUEL: Where to begin? This was one of those vacations were I feel like all I did was eat, drink and sleep. In a word – perfection. Thanks to tons of great suggestions by friends and family, we ate well every night and even got out to wine country on Saturday:

Barrels of Opus One for miles! Holy wine. If only we could have grabbed a barrel and ran...

Barrels of Opus One for miles! Holy wine. If only we could have grabbed a barrel and ran…

One of the most amazing cheese plates at Bottega in Napa.

One of the most amazing cheese plates at Bottega in Napa.

THINGS I LOVE: Getting pictures like this from home and knowing my boys were surrounded with love and fun:

IMG_5952 IMG_5929

THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH: Feeling like an idiot. This is what happened the first time I tried to use Uber.

*If you don’t know, Uber is like personal car service that works from a phone app. It’s amazing, if done correctly.

I’m standing, looking confused on a street corner by my hotel. I see the familiar “U” in a car window and motion to the driver as if he’s my ride:

Me: Hi, I think you’re here for me.

Him: No, I’m not but let me see if I can help you.

At this point he grabs my phone and pulls it into his car. I quell the rising panic attack that a stranger just took my phone and could drive off with it, and instead just smile and try to act normal.

Him: *Looking up at me like ‘bless your heart’ * You haven’t requested a driver yet.

That’s right. It turns out I was using it all wrong (which is pretty hard to do) and he was extremely nice, helpful and got me my first ride for free.

Thank you magical Uber man, wherever you are!


After that, we took Uber everywhere and had some great conversations. I highly recommend using it on your next trip because:

1. You can get a car anytime, anywhere and, in my experience, it was cheaper then a taxi.

2. The app shows you a picture of your driver, the make and model of the car and exactly where his car is in relation to you, with an estimated time of arrival. You can even call him/her if the pick-up location is tricky.

3. No money changes hands. I set up my account through PayPal but you can use a credit card too. Afterward you are emailed a confirmation, receipt and detail of the route.

READING: Dear Stephanie by Mandi Castle. It’s not often you read something that is shocking, or at least it’s not often that I do. This book was shocking. It’s super sexy, funny and wild…until it shockingly isn’t. I was not prepared for what this book brought, but I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. I don’t think some of the passengers sitting next to me on the plane were prepared to see a grown women sob over a book that has a martini on the cover, so it’s safe to say it can shock even those not reading it. Yes, I was reading an actual book. #LongStory


Despite the embarrassment it brought me, I highly recommend it and that you read everything Dana of Kiss My List says to. She never disappoints.

MUSIC: I wish I could say we danced until midnight, because my husband and I love to dance. However, the one great chance we had was at The Top of The Mark restaurant, but the band and atmosphere was like being at a really bad wedding, and we weren’t drunk enough to just go with it.


At this point, when you’ve seen one foggy view, you’ve seen them all!


Sadly, we had one drink, enjoyed the panoramic views, and left while the band was belting out ACDC’s ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ a song they had zero business singing. #EscapeFromMyEars


Is this even a consideration while walking though Golden Gate Park?

First of all, there are Bison in Golden Gate Park? Second, this sign is necessary?

And that’s when I knew it was time to go home!

How was your week?

Have you ever felt like a moron when trying to use technology?

Has your partner/boyfriend/girlfriend ever done something for you they hate just out of pure love?