For anyone who has school age kids, September feels more like the beginning of a new year than January. For me, it’s the signaling of a fresh start. I want to wipe away the negativity and unmotivated feelings of the past spring and summer and focus only on today and how I’m starting to begin again. I’m happy to report that as I start to focus on training for the Las Vegas Rock and Roll half marathon (and maybe something else much bigger) I have a renewed spark for all things swimming, biking and running. It’s good to be back!

September feels THIS GOOD to me. It was also amazing to get the boys on the bus for their first day of third grade.



I’ve only just begun to have an uptick in my running as I’m 9 weeks out from the Las Vegas Rock and Roll marathon but it’s already having an impact. I also have a new 4-legged running partner who is making some runs…interesting. Although we all know the strip is flat, I’m hanging on to hill repeats to build power in my turnover. I also love confusing the hell out of people who see me run up and down a hill 10 times like a crazy person.

Just a girl and her hill.

Monday: 6 x 800 done on the run instead of a track because Labor Day | 7:35 avg pace with Star | 6.3 miles

Tuesday: 5 miles easy after bike | 8:00 avg pace

Wednesday: ladder drill with 3 x 5 min @7:00, 3 min @6:40, 1 min @6:10 and 1 min @8:35 | killer

Friday: long run + swim | 10 miles | 8:15 avg pace

Sunday: 5 miles easy

Total = 32.3 miles


I’m just happy to still be on the road and not on the bike trainer and hoping this will last at least though October. My long ride was for a cause in that I delivered some old kicks to Fleet Feet in Longmeadow for delivery to those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. I rode a total of 42.6 miles on a gorgeous day and felt so lucky to be out there.

I did that ride on Tuesday, August 29 and have been more focused on running lately but I needed to highlight that ride and give runners another way to help! For a more complete list visit the Runner’s World web site page.

Tuesday: Sweet spot intervals before run | 15.8 miles

Thursday: Endurance ride | 24.7 miles

Total: 40.5


I’m still getting in the pool, although just not as much. I had what was supposed to be a “fun” session with my coach but you can imagine how much fun I actually had. We ended up doing a bunch of drills and I swear she thinks I have special needs since I cannot understand the exact position she wants my arm in, in the water. Why is swimming so damn complicated? *sigh*

Monday: Form swim with CRS | torturous hour of drills | 1,200 yards

Wednesday: Drills in the pool after spadework on the road | 2,000 yards

Friday: More drills after running 10 miles | 2,000 yards

Total: 5,200 yards


For the longest time I have had to check my temper (and my middle finger) when out on the roads running solo. A car comes way closer than it needs to on a back road? I swallow my anger. Some jerk cat calls me? I say nothing.

Until now.

Running with my dog has given my mouth and middle finger new found freedom on the roads! Since Star would love nothing more than to bite a stranger, I let my finger and mouth fly when I suffer any of the aforementioned atrocities out on the run. It’s so freeing.

Mess with me, mess with my killer dog.


The amount of paperwork and forms that come with the start of school. Holy crap people! Can’t we get all of this online? I mean seriously. And because I have two third graders in two separate classrooms I get all of the paperwork, twice. #blessed

If you’re wondering how companies like Xerox and Cannon copiers are still in business, my kid’s school is a big reason why.


Ok, so this is not really music but a documentary on HBO about music called The Defiant Ones. You should watch it immediately. I admit to having had to be talked into it myself, as I like listening to music but not watching a documentary on it, until now.

In my youth I was addicted to N.W.A (I know, I know), Eminem, Dr. Dre, Snoop – – all of it and The Defiant Ones is basically a parallel history of Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. It’s an odd couple for sure and, if you don’t know who Jimmy Iovine is, even better. I’ll give you a hint: he produced Dr. Dre, Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen, Lady Gaga, Gwen Stafani, U2…I mean, do I have to continue? Oh and, if you have a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre, Jimmy is responsible for that too.

That’s Jimmy Iovine on the far left with the Apple execs and Dr. Dre…obviously.


See how I had to separate music from television? It’s because a show like Netflix’s Ozark needs a section all to itself. It’s that good.

Without giving anything away, Ozark has Jason Bateman playing a role you would never imagine, unless you imagine money laundering, Mexican drug cartels and eyeballs in glass jars.

The first season was one brilliant shock after another with great acting, incredible writing and some truly horrifying scenes that had absolutely nothing to do with blood and guts but just raw human emotion at it’s absolute lowest.



Last but not least, I have to share with you some of my favorite reads of the past week:

BOOK: Before We Were Yours By Lisa Wingate

A fictitious story based on one of America’s most notorious real-life scandals—in which Georgia Tann, director of a Memphis-based adoption organization, kidnapped and sold poor children to wealthy families all over the country. The story is told back in forth from one generation to the next, by women who have no idea they’re related, or how. It was a very compelling read that kept me guessing pretty much for the entirety of the story. I definitely recommend it.

ARTICLE: Effects of Alcohol And Running by Allie Burdick

Shameless plug about a topic you all want to know about – – drinking and running – – most likely two of your favorite pastimes. You’ll be happy to know that you can most likely continue to swill and run with little side effects.



This prop from the show Stranger Things is for sale at our local Spirit Halloween store. The board actually lights up, spelling out “right here” and then “run.” How cool is this? And when does season 2 start? Also I definitely want anything that is encouraging me to run over and over and over…


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How was your week?

Are you getting a fresh start this September?