I loved every minute of this week.  Ok, that’s a total lie.  I absolutely hated my 30 minute bike endurance threshold test and the amount of time outs I had to give the boys rivaled the total in the NFL all season, but besides ALL of that, I had an amazing week of sweat.  Here’s how it went down:



RUNNING:  A triumphant return to running, glorious running.  I felt like freakin’ Maria Von Trapp out there but instead of sining “The Hills Are Alive” I was listening to Pit Bull and Eminem.  Same difference.  My total milage this week was 26.85.  Yes I’m going to be that anal about it.  You know I have a rocket scientist for a coach now, right?  I have to keep my math very serious.  My favorite run this week was all of them but I did get to run twice with friends which is almost unheard of.  Thanks Denise and Chrissie!

My Yasso 800s I did on Thursday.  Basically running 1/2 mile as fast as you can, recovery for a .25 mile and repeat.  Six times.

My Yasso 800s I did on Thursday. Basically running 1/2 mile as fast as you can, recovery for a .25 mile and repeat. Six times.

BIKING: I hate when people mis-use, over-use or just plain use the word “epic” but if I didn’t, I would use it here.  I had my very painful bike test with Coach Rocket Scientist (which we already discussed HERE) but I finally got on my real bike!  The fact that I rode it indoors on a trainer is besides the point.  I actually have it now set up on my very own trainer in the basement so I can ride until my heart’s content in the comfort of the indoors since we’ve reentered the Polar Vortex in my ‘hood.  Running outside in the PV?  Yes.  Cycling?  Hell no.  Cycling total for the week: 76.8  Is this exactness annoying yet?  Sorry.

SWIMMING:  I’m thinking of changing swimming to sleeping.  I want to nap.  I’ve had bouts of tiredness that rival what I felt when I was pregnant with the twins.  This is how I know I’m training hard.  I’m ravenous and exhausted.  I know it will even out soon but – wow.  The short answer (after this very long excuse) is no, I haven’t been in the pool yet.  Last time I checked it was a DUathlon so why should I even be swimming?  I have an indoor TRI at the Y where I teach so…

CROSS-TRAINING: Another great week of Power Sculpt!  My legs felt like two tree trunks since I taught this the same day as my bike endurance test but the show must go on!  I’m thinking of turning this one into a video but for now, I present to you, a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 45-Min cardio workout.  Enjoy!

Click on the picture to make it bigger…

HIIT Intervals Jan26

RACING: I’m getting very excited about the NYC Half on March 16th!  My hotel is booked, the hubs, my dad and stepmom are all coming and I get to celebrate my birthday while we’re there.  Hooray 39!  Wait….um there’s no possible way I’m turning 39.  Clearly we need to discuss this later.

FUEL: I hope you’re sitting down because not only have I pinned a recipe from Pinterest but I actually made it!  It’s a delicious little egg number with tons of protein and bacon.  That’s right – bacon.  Come to mama.  After my 12.6 miler with the girls on Saturday I came home and whipped these up.  And then promptly ate three.

photo 3-5

SPEAKING SPANISH:  Does going to dinner at an amazing Mexican restaurant count?  I was greeted with an “Hola!” and had to order in Spanish.  Sort of.  Is “mojito” Spanish for something?  Anyway, it was a fabulous night out, the food was delicious and the drinks weren’t bad either.

Besito in West Hartford for you locals...

Besito in West Hartford for you locals…

THINGS I LOVE: Running with friends!  I’m always running alone so whenever I get the opportunity to run with friends, I jump at it!  It truly makes the miles fly by and you go farther, faster and, somehow, you freeze less.

THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH:  Hand warmers.  I thought these would be saviors for me but they are like holding two rocks in your hands while running.  There’s also the little issue of once your hands warm up, you can either A. start hand sweating profusely or B. take them out and have frozen icicle hands because they’re wet from sweat.

MUSIC:  I made three music discoveries this week:  “Team” by Lorde, “My Body” by Young the Giant and “How I Feel” by Flo Rida that samples Nina Samone’s “Feeling Good.”  It’s awesome.  If these aren’t new to you, I apologize but if you refer to my notes in “Racing” you will see that it’s because I’m old.

TV:  The hubs was out Thursday night so I had a massive TV/wine drinking party of one planned!  I drank one and half glasses of wine and watched one episode of Ray Donovan.  That was not the party I had planned but #1. I’m old and #2. I’m tired.

READING: I finally finished the January issue of Runner’s World.  There was a really great article in there by Marc Parent who writes The Newbie Chronicles about how one night, when he couldn’t sleep, he did a “moon run” at like 4am.  If we were not in a polar vortex I would have done that last week when I was in the grips of prednisone!  Damn you New England weather!

RANDOM THOUGHT OF THE WEEK: Shoveling the driveway is really not that bad when the sun is out.

What are the highlights from your week?  Do you ever get to nap?  What’s that like?