Suddenly I find it weird to be running so much. As I have most definitely transformed from runner to triathlete, and especially since I just trained for my longest triathlon yet, I find it odd to be focused back on what started my love affair with racing in the first place — running. But, like an old friend you haven’t spent too much time with, running and I have caught up just where we left off. It’s a beautiful thing.

Running in the cold rain. Awesome. Notice my 2007 Boston Marathon jacket. It makes me feel more like a badass. Which is kinda pathetic since it’s from 11 years ago!



My first track session in a very long time had me worried. Every time I don’t hit a split I have the following thoughts in rapid succession: I’m old, I’m slow, why I can’t I hit these paces, I’m old, who cares, this won’t matter in 70.3, I’m old. You see the pattern, right? So before last week’s ladder I went back to my old mantra of “train where you are!” It worked out nicely.

Monday – easy run before strength | 5.78 miles | 8:46 pace

Tuesday – track session before swim | 8.75 miles | 2 x (1600, 1200, 800, 400, 200) 6:32, 6:29, 6:20, 6:22, 6:20 I faded a bit on the second set and my legs felt like jelly but I was very happy with this effort!

Wednesday – easy recovery run before yoga | 5.42 miles | 9:04 pace

Thursday – easy run before cycling | 6.85 miles | 9:02 pace

Friday – long run before core work | 10.0 miles | 8:40 pace

Sunday – tempo run/walk | 7.21 miles | 8:33 pace

Total = 44.01 miles!!! < – – this is the most mileage I have run in a week in a LONG time. No wonder I’m so tired!


It’s so weird to have only been on my bike once this week! At first I thought I would be able to “sneak” in at least one additional ride but, since my legs were killed off after my track session on Tuesday, I thought better of it.

Thursday – NP2 on/off and sprints | 1:10:15 | 20.1 miles


The only real swimming I have done are recovery swims. I absolutely love them and, they really do help ease muscle tension and soreness after a hard workout. Trust me, I did not want to do anything but shower and eat after a few of those tough runs but getting in the pool makes me feel instantly better and really helps the next day!

Tuesday + Friday = 3,000 yards


That’s right, I have returned to a weekly yoga class! My SIL found this amazing place (VASU in Hartford for the locals) and I have been doing a weekly class with or without her (#sorrynotsorry Katie!) and it’s just what I need. I’m the least flexible person by far in every class, my hamstrings are in danger of shooting straight out of my leg, I can’t pigeon to save my life but I feel like a million ducks afterward. Yes, ducks.

Ducks have the life. The boys bought these at the famous “Ducks in the Window” store in Chatham, Cape Cod. Ok fine, it’s not famous but to them it is.


The trickle down affect of the #metoo movement.

It seems as though women everywhere are standing up for themselves with renewed vigor. In situations that have nothing to do with #metoo, like the US Open, the message is being sent — don’t fuck with us. Well, that’s what I’m hearing. Maybe it’s more like “we just want equal treatment,” which I believe was Serena Williams’ point when she was penalized several times at the US Open.

Now, I know almost nothing about tennis but from what I’ve read about the events as they unfolded, it seems like at least part of it was unequal treatment from the judge for misconduct. I mean have you seen the footage of Federer, McEnroe or Kyrgois? I could go on but this tweet by MSNBC Legal Analyst Maya Wiley sums it up nicely:

For every man who doesn’t think there’s a double standard, re-read this.


The fact that everyone doesn’t know about Suite Run!

Suite Run is the brilliant idea of Natalie (NatRunsFar) and Jerold Mitchell of curating a better way for everyone to have a great run while traveling. If you travel at all then you know the blank stare of the concierge when you ask “where is a good place to run?”  With maybe the exception of Boston and Chicago, most hotel staff are clueless about running routes so now, thanks to Suite Run you can look up scenic, safe routes, from the comfort of your hotel and then head out the door like a local.

I have yet to try it myself, since I haven’t been anywhere new to run, but did have the honor of being interviewed for the Suite Run newsletter. Find out how I started running, the even better story of how I started triathlon, what I eat and drink to fuel my runs and everything else you ever wanted to know about me and my relationship with running.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter and check out the site!


So I haven’t had this category in a while and for good reason. I mostly listen to podcasts when I run because creating a playlist seems like too much work. Yes, I will run 40 miles in a week but create a playlist? Too hard! Anyway, my husband and I saw one of our most favorite musicians and the very definition of cool, Lenny Kravitz on the Sunday Sitdown with Willie Geist. If you haven’t seen the show or listened to the podcast, you should.

Anyway, back to Lenny. He’s releasing a new album titled RAISE VIBRATION and I decided to download and listen to the whole thing on my last run. I was not disappointed.


Are you down with RBG? Yeah you know me! How can you not love all the attention Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg aka Notorious RBG is getting right now? It’s long overdue for a woman who paved the way for so many historical cases that would lead to women sorta, kinda getting on some equal footing with men.

I had no idea just how much of my freedom I owed her until I started watching the documentary about her incredible life on CNN.

Hearing RBG talk about how, when she was a women’s rights lawyer, she needed to speak to the all white male supreme court justices as if they were children because they really did not think there was an issue with women getting equal treatment in this country, is fascinating. This was at a time when women had just recently earned the right to vote and still had to get their husband’s approval to withdraw money from their bank account. I’m also pretty sure they still were not allowed to run a marathon because, you know, they needed to keep their birthing hips healthy. #vomit

If you’re a woman and especially if you’re not, do yourself a favor and watch it. My husband loved it and actually has watched more than I have.


My husband randomly called me one afternoon…

Him: A woman comes across a frog in the forest and the frog says “kiss me and I’ll turn into a prince.” The woman thinks about this for a moment before saying “fuck that, I’d rather have a talking frog!”

Me: Did you seriously just call me to tell me that?  – – > in the middle of making a hot dog for Miles, a PB&J for Vaughn, while helping to unpack their backpacks, starting a load of laundry and checking my Instagram.

Him: Yeah. Why? Have you heard it already?

Lawd have mercy.

But is was pretty damn funny and yes, I’ll take the talking frog too!

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How was your week?

Do any running? Would you try Suite Run?

Lenny fan? Down with RBG?