Those two words pretty much sum up how I feel after the Thanksgiving holiday — a hot mess. I have a holiday hangover, only a few short weeks to get all the shopping, wrapping, photo card, giving and party planning done and the boys had half days for what seemed like an eternity. It is decidedly NOT the most wonderful time of the year but there are always bright spots. Let’s focus on those, shall we?



Sadly, I haven’t been doing much running since the Las Vegas Half Marathon. We had my brother and his family here for four days over Thanksgiving and I only made it out for one run with my SIL post-turkey fest. Sad, I know. Since then I have been doing a ton of strength training, swimming and some cycling. I know my coach has me in running recovery but I need more to feed my addiction!

I stole this photo (obviously I needed to tell you that) because it’s not every race where you get a 24 Hour Pawn Shop sign in the background. I love you Vegas, you dirty little thing!

Monday – Flying 60s on the track (basically 100 m sprints 6 times) before strength | 4.13 miles

Tuesday – easy run after bike and before swim | 3.42 miles

Sunday – 7 mile “long” run | 7.45 miles

Total = 15 miles


Just when I thought my outdoor cycling days were over, we had two days over 50 degrees here! Alas I still did not bike outside on those days and instead retreated to my basement to ride the trainer or went to the gym and took a spin class.

Tuesday – spin class before run and swim | 1 hour | 26 miles

Thursday – pain cave with my power meter | 1 hour 16 min | 18.1 miles

Friday – 30 minute warm up before strength and swim | 30 min | 9 miles

Total = 53.1 miles


I have been hitting the pool a lot but mostly as recovery after a run or bike or combination of both. It feels amazingly good to glide though the water after pounding on my body…for about 20-30 minutes and then I’m exhausted and starving and over it. But, it’s really good while it lasts!

Tuesday – swim after ride and run | 1,000 yards

Wednesday – swim before weights | 2,300 yards

Friday – swim after bike and weights | 1,100 yards

Total = 4,400 yards or 2.5 miles


I think it would be easier for me to tell you what I haven’t done for strength training, similarly if we could just have any man who hasn’t sexually harassed a women to come forward, I believe that would hasten the process exponentially.

But I digress…

I continue to add in CrossFit where it fits, which is harder than it sounds. I was raring to go this past Wednesday when I saw the workout was 6 minute hang and, each time to fall, you need to run 800 meters and do 30 push-ups. Wtf? That is dumb. Pass.

I did my TrainingPeaks workout instead and another day I took a class at the YMCA which was fantastic. I forget if it’s call BootCamp or PowerHour or Yes, Drill Sargent but I remember it was great and my body and mind were tired afterward.

Doing my TrainingPeaks workout at the gym by myself which is so boring that my eyes are closed.


I can officially announce that I’m a proud ambassador for Coeur Sports! It’s a very small, elite and exclusive group  which obviously makes me a super star:

Ok so maybe they accepted almost anyone who applied but whatever, I’m happy to be a part of this group and the company. I have been a big fan of theirs for as long as I’ve been cycling and I cannot wait to share some exciting (read: clothing discounts) with all of you!

Head to toe Coeur!


My dog being a menace to strangers.

We are continuing to struggle with StarFire and her aggression toward strangers to the point where I bought a muzzle and hired yet another trainer. The kids cannot have friends in the house, we can’t have anyone over who she’s not familiar with and picking her up from dog camp, when strangers are there picking up their dogs, is stressing me to tears!

We are hopeful that a local and highly recommended trainer can help us and, in the meantime, I’ve been watching every video on YouTube from dog experts all over the world on how to get her under control.

I never in a million years dreamed I would have a dog like this and the fact that she’s so sweet and loving to everyone she’s familiar and comfortable with is the most heartbreaking part.

Oh Star, how can a dog as beautiful as you be such a psycho?

The boys are terrified she’s going to try and eat Santa and keep coming up with elaborate plans to keep her confined on Christmas Eve.

A menacing threat to Santa Claus is not the family dog I had in mind. *sigh*


When I can squeeze in some reading between YouTube videos of dog obedience, I’ve been keeping busy with this:

The Importance of Doing Absolutely Nothing | | by Aaron Gulley

This may be the most important thing to remember this holiday season! The author and his wife take off in an Airstream but he cannot seem to “go slow” or relax. I feel like this…um, let’s see…every waking moment of every single day…

“By the second morning after our arrival, all the work of the hunt was done, and I even managed to smash through a couple of overdue assignments that were stressing me out because I’d been unable to finish them sooner. Even still, I was antsy with momentum. “We should pack up and head back north now,” I told Jen. “I can get a jump on next week.” Jen was having none of it. “We should stay right here. This,” she said motioning out to the landscape before us, “is the whole reason we’re on the road in the first place.”

Kids Who Become Great Leaders Have Parents Who Teach Them 8 Things | | Jeff Hayden

I know what you’re thinking — “Wait, I only have to teach those little crazies eight things?” Pretty exciting right? Wait until you read number 5!

If “appropriate” swearing, anger and frustration are key to being a great leader then my kids will be running the world someday. < – – please note that I would have said “president” but currently that is not a job to aspire to.


A very bright spot in the last two weeks was doing a photo shoot with the amazing Anna of Anna Lucy Photography. She was the only one who could persuade me to have professional photos done for my family last year and, I of course, fell in love with the results. This year I dare say they are even better. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come…

And we wonder why StarFire is the way she is. #ILearnedItByWatchingYou

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How was your week?

What is the hot mess you’re dealing with right now?