This past week was a total blur. It was the oddest mix of life spinning out of control and being at total peace. I was anticipating a big race all week, the boys had their first day of first grade, I had huge schedule changes and was on an emotional roller coaster.

All that in seven days…and now I’m doing it all over again!


RUNNING: Last week was the final week that running won’t be a major focus, so I relished it. After this I will be doing almost nothing but running leading up to all.the.races on my calendar. In fact, between now and November 1, I will be racing almost every standard running distance:

Sept. 7: 20K

Oct. 4: half marathon

Oct. 16: 3.8 mile trail race

Oct. 17: 5K and 10 K

Oct 18: half marathon

Nov 1: marathon

Somebody stop me! No, don’t. I love it and me and my Adidas are going to be ready!

Can someone please make this for me?

Can someone please make this for me?

CYCLING: I had some great rides this past week and was able to ride the race course with my coach! While I was at REI last week (since now I have time to go to places like that!) I was actually looking at some fall/winter cycling gear. Typically I do not bike outside when the temperature falls below 60. This year, I’m not so sure I can give it up that fast.

SWIMMING: I had three OWS (open water swims) last week and zero time in the pool! Unfortunately, I don’t feel about swimming the way I feel about cycling. I’m cold at the indoor pool during the fall and winter so I’m just going to have to wait or move if I want to get into open water past September. #Brrrrr

At least I can still SUP for a while longer. SUP Fall?

At least I can still SUP for a while longer. SUP Fall?

RACING: Talk about out of control, you saw my above schedule, right? Normally after an effort like the triathlon on Sunday (you know a full recap of that bad boy is coming!) I would be in a recovery period this week in my training. However, I have a 20K in New Haven on Labor Day.  Yes, Labor Day is next Monday.

I have a long history with this race and wouldn’t skip it for the world since it means racing with my best running friends, eating bread and drinking beer in the park afterward, and all the people watching. I think we actually do it just for those last three things. #Priorities

Let's hope this year is better for everyone and not just Chrissie!

Let’s hope this year is better for everyone and not just Chrissie!

THINGS I LOVE:  This is how I feel about the boys being in all-day school:



Yes, I miss them and it was very difficult putting them on the bus and walking away but, the freedom is pretty amazing. And no, I’m not trying to say the last six years were like a sort of prison. I would never say that. That would be a horrible, terrible, awful thing for a mother to say. Just awful.

THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH: Is it really necessary to wear this?

Even this MODEL doesn't want her face shown in this get up.

Even this MODEL doesn’t want her face shown in this get up.

No one should have to but, I was worried I would be cold at the 7:00am start for the triathlon so, three days before the race, I decided to call around to see if anyone had these awesome and totally flattering outfits. #NothingNewOnRaceDayMakesMeLaugh

The only store who said “yes” was REI, which is 45 minutes away from me. But, this is the beauty of all day school, right? Only when I got there (and had to pay for parking! what the…?) and asked where I could find the tri suits, the employee got this sad face and said “Oh I don’t think we have any.” Gee, I’m so glad I called to make sure you did! $%#@!

Luckily (or really unluckily) there was one, just one, and in my size and on clearance. That price was of course negated by the 27 other things I decided I “needed” because REI is my candy store.

I did try out my new outfit, the day before the race, when I did a mini-brick. Notice the angle.

I did try out my new outfit, the day before the race, when I did a mini-brick. Notice the angle.

RANDOM TWEET OF THE WEEK: Because this is just hilarious and I’m also spiteful because my husband hates to run:

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 3.01.31 PM

SPOILER ALERT: I’m beyond excited that I raced so well on Sunday and qualified for USAT Nationals, to be held in Omaha, NE, August 2016. I can’t thank you all enough for your texts, tweets, FB messages, phone calls and just so much love and support! I appreciate it more then you know. Truly.

Full race recap on Wednesday!

How was your week?

Are you back to school yet?

What was a complete blur for you last week?