You knew I wasn’t taking the summer off, right? I decided it’s time to bring back The Rundown! In case you don’t know, The Rundown is a fun little weekly listing I post on Mondays, of all the training I’ve been doing, upcoming races and a little bit of fun sprinkled in.

Since I have a stellar line-up of fall races and a few big plans for later in the year (not to mention the little sponsorship with Oiselle) I’m upping my game and excitement heading into some cooler running weather and races, races, races. Let’s start our engines!



RUNNING: I’m really excited to be helping a great friend of mine train for her very first marathon. She has been making huge strides in her overall training and speed, and I couldn’t be more excited for her. I also get to run with her a lot! Last week we did her first 18 miler and she powered through it at a 8:15 pace. She’s going to kill this thing! My other favorite workout for my week was the 8x800s (that ended up being 6x800s) at the indoor track during a pouring rainy Wednesday.

Total running mileage: 47

Can you guess which is my coffee mug?

Can you guess which coffee mug is mine?

CYCLING: I’m happy to report that I’ve been cycling through the summer and loving it. I even got to ride with Coach Rocket Scientist! She was injured all though my training for the World Championship so this was huge! We did a 30ish mile ride outside on a beautiful day and it was fantastic! I’m also toying with the idea of doing the V2V race I’ll be promoting (post on Wednesday!). I can do 50, 80 or 100 miles from Vernon, VT to Vernon, CT. Which do you think I’ll choose?

Total biking mileage: 78

CROSS-TRAINING: I’ve also been swimming! Surprise! It’s amazing just how many additional things you can do when you’re not on a strict training regimen. I’ve taken full advantage of not being on a schedule, and instead doing what my body needs/wants for the day, while still keeping my fall goal races in mind. It’s blissful.

I also have to confess that I’ve been doing zero weight training, although I typically don’t. I do however, have to get back to doing my basic strengthening exercises for my hips and glutes. And, I’m reading an amazing book with some perfect workouts that fit that bill. I’ll be reviewing the book, and doing a video with the workout so stay tuned!

RACING: I did my first 5K as a Team Oiselle athlete and it was fantastic! I came in second with a time of 19:06 which is a 26 second personal record for me. Things can only get better, right?

After a run - wearing my favorite Oiselle digs.

Stretching after a run in Maine, wearing my favorite Oiselle digs.

Fall racing schedule: 

New Haven Labor Day 20K – Monday, September 1

Surftown Half-Marathon – Sunday, September 14

ING Half-Marathon – Sunday, October 12

Yes, I’m doing three half-marathons in 7 weeks. What? Technically, the New Haven race is not a half…it’s 12.43ish miles.

FUEL: I have a new favorite new fuel belt – Nathan’s Trail Mix! I was always a diehard Camelbak Catalyst fan but, the water tube was always getting disgusting mold in it, no matter how much I tried to clean it or only put water in it. Nathan’s belt solves all my issues with easy to clean bottles, a huge storage pack, zero chafing and truly an easy fit. I did 18 miles with my friend, refilled the bottles twice and had no issues. I would like to kiss Mr. Nathan.


THINGS I LOVE: The last vacation of the summer. I told my husband that once we left for Spain, way back on May 28, the summer would be over in a flash. Unfortunately, this has been 100% true. We made one last ditch effort to bask in the glory of summer, and went camping in Maine for a long weekend with some family. Now, when I say camping, I mean we rented a deluxe cabin at a camp ground. I need a real toilet and shower people.

THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH: Miles and Vaughn starting Kindergarten. WTF?

Is there anything better then a campfire and sm'ores?

Is there anything better then a campfire and s’mores?

MUSIC: My latest Fitbie article talks about the power of music for getting though a tough workout and comes with this power playlist from Barry’s Bootcamp instructor Joey Gonzalez. Check it out…

TV: Have you seen The Leftovers on HBO? Start watching it immediately! It’s creepy (one day 1% of the population vanished without a trace), it’s intelligent and there’s a strong woman with a filthy mouth (Amanda Warren) who plays the role of mayor and I love her. Oh yeah and there’s the “hot cop” lead role guy if you’re into that…

READING: Apparently there’s a book of The Leftovers but this time, I’m just going to enjoy the show and maybe read the book afterward. I’ve had the opportunity to read some great stuff this summer but, right now, I’m reading two books for review on the blog. One is on parenting and the other on running – go figure!

RANDOM THOUGHT OF THE WEEK: There’s nothing like racing through a carnival Fun House with your kids, to bring out your inner Oliva Newton John.  #GreaseLightening

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Give me your rundown! Races, plans, trips, events – all of it!

What are you doing to end the summer?