If you read my post on Friday then you know that today is the day I begin my 40 day countdown to turning 40. Pray for me.

I decided that each day leading up to my 40th birthday, I will focus on one thing to do less of. Today, in honor of my very first day of the countdown (dun, dun, dun!) I chose to do less complaining. Suffice it to say, this is going to be a tough day. Wait…am I complaining already? Shit.

the rundown-7



TRAINING: I wish someone will tell my coach that less is more because I think she’s under the impression that I’m training for an Ironman. Either that or she’s trying to break me like a wild stallion. Either way, I’m equal parts invigorated and exhausted. No complaints!..well, maybe a few whimpers.

Monday: Another Monday, another blizzard. We came home early from skiing. Not happy but not complaining. I did 45 hard minutes on the bike trainer followed by a 30 minute strength session. #NoChoiceWorkout

Basement dweller.

Basement dweller.

Tuesday: 7 miles with intervals (3 @ 7:40, 3 x 1 @ 6:20, 1 @ 7:40) plus a 2-mile warm-up equaled the longest I’ve run on the treadmill in a while. Total of 9 miles and the friggin’ thing shut down after 60 minutes when I only had 8 to go! Still not complaining, mostly because I couldn’t breathe.

Tuesday Afternoon: 45 minutes of pedaling skills on the bike trainer.

Wednesday: Six mile tempo run outside (it was a balmy 23 degrees!) followed by 1900yds in the pool. Just for fun, the heat wasn’t working in the pool area. The water was warm but the air…not so much. There was actually steam rising from the water and I kept myself in frog-formation during my rest breaks.

Me as a frog.

Me as a frog.

Thursday: Guess what? More snow! You know what that means, no school for the boys. I didn’t know I was home schooling them for the winter. I’m sure I’ll be getting a tax refund for this, right? No matter, I was able to get my hour-long grueling bike work in and I seriously loved every minute of it. #psycho I did not love every minute of shoveling my driveway. It seriously almost killed me.

The view from my desk. Soon I will be buried alive. I hope my Bloglovin' feed still works.

The view from my desk. Soon I will be buried alive. I hope I can tweet out an SOS.

Friday: Hills drills!…and 2000yds in the pool. If you don’t hate me already you may after you read this: I love hills. I embrace the hills (shout-out to my girl Sarah!) and they truly do make you stronger. If you learn to run them, you will conquer them and can use them to your advantage in a race. #EmbraceTheHill


This picture is making me dream about sunny days. I’m drooling a little. I also forgot I had a lawn.

Saturday: Long run with my BRF – 12 miles outside in (what else?) SNOW!

Sunday: You guessed it – more snow! It’s a great excuse to hibernate by the fire. Ah, a rest day.

Run total: 33 miles 

Bike total: 2 hours/38 minutes (not sure on mileage since some was done on the trainer)

Swim total: 3400yds

FUEL: I have two words: Blue Apron! If you have not heard of this fancy food delivery service well then, you’re a lot more out of touch then I am and that makes me feel good. Blue Apron is a genius company that ships entire recipes right to your front door.  And I mean all.the.ingredients down to a teaspoon of sugar! They box it up in such a way that it stays cold even if you actually live somewhere where that’s an issue. The upside: Amazing recipes that I would never make myself, that taste absolutely delicious and there’s a plan for any budget. The downside: There are a lot of steps (but manageable ones!) and lots of clean-up. Let me tell you – it is 100% worth it!

Pam-Roasted Salmon Ramen with spicy miso broth and wakame! I had zero clue what wakame was but it's tasty...and it's like a seaweed type thing.

Pam-Roasted Salmon Ramen with spicy miso broth and wakame! I had zero clue what wakame was but it’s tasty…and it’s like a seaweed type thing.

Crispy Chicken Thighs with kumquat relish and freekeh salad! WTH is freekeh? Who cares! It's amazeballs.

Crispy Chicken Thighs with kumquat relish and freekeh salad! WTH is freekeh? Who cares! It’s amazeballs.

THINGS I LOVE: According to my Lauren Fleshman Believe Journal, I’m a ‘warrior’ and not a ‘worrier’ when it comes to racing. Now you may think “duh!?” but I was actually kind of surprised. I need to change my self-talk.

See that one lonely little check in the 'worrier' column? That's right.

Yes, I’m taking quizzes to discover my personality. And I’m also confused by the finger measurement and what it has to do with anything.

THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH: I love all things because today is my day to not complain. Even though it’s snowing again and we’re getting another 10 inches (on top of the 30+ on the ground!) and the boys are home from school…I’m not complaining. Really. I’m not.

TV: I would like to have a moment of silence for the gapping hole football has left in my Sunday afternoons. How many more weeks until September?

BOOKS: Thanks to Brittany at My Own Balance, I just started reading Little Big Lies by Liane Moriarty. It’s equal parts mystery, snark and smug mommies at war over stay-at-home vs working. It’s deep, very deep, and weighs in on one of the most important issues of our time. I expect to learn a lot from it. #snarkcasam

This really happens.

This really happens. I also wear an apron a lot around the house.

MUSIC PODCASTS: I have only one episode left of Serial! I’m saving it like a decadent dark chocolate, and waiting until the right moment when I can listen to it uninterrupted. Plus, when it’s over, I need something else lined up! Suggestions please.

RANDOM QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Mommy, are you going pretend biking?” – Miles, my five-year-old, asking a very good question, as I get on my bike trainer for the third time in a week! I wish the pain was also pretend.

How was your week?

What are you doing less of?

What’s your favorite thing to complain about?