Welcome back to Week 2 of The Rundown!  Some of you expressed an interest in linking up and, since I haven’t hosted a link up yet I figured, let’s do it!  You all know how these things go so, if you want to add your Rundown or Cookdown or Craftdown – go for it!




RUNNING:  I started my Training Peaks half-marathon plan this week and it did not disappoint.  The first week transition from lollygagging to training is not a fun one.  I always think I’m doing more then I am until I start to really train and can’t feel my legs by Wednesday.  Kidding.  I logged only 17 miles this week but I did two workouts that consisted of multiple miles at “half-marathon pace” or HMP (6:44) which is HARD!  But great.  I came down with a cold on Saturday so I had to postpone my 10 miler until Monday…hopefully.  I will run through almost anything but seeing as I was exhausted by 9:30am I decided to rest instead of run.  Let’s hope this pays off for the coming week.

BIKING:  Big news to report here!  I’m hiring a Duathlon training coach and she is a freakin rocket scientist.  I kid you not!  How cool is that?  Her business is called “Rocket Science Tri Training” and, why not?  If I was an actual rocket scientist, I would put it on a sign around my neck.  I’m beyond excited to meet her (this Wednesday!) and the really amazing part is that her husband is also competing at the Worlds in Spain (so she will be there) and they have twin daughters.  It really was meant to be.  I’m a little nervous about the Functional Threshold Power Test she’s putting me though but I feel infinity better knowing someone is going to help guide me through my training.  More to come on this for sure…

This looks like my kinda fun.

This looks like my kinda fun.

SWIMMING: I would love to report that I swam this week but I didn’t.  I had every intention of jumping in the pool with a group I’m leading at my local Y on Thursday nights but, it was such a zoo in the pool that we had to fight just to get two lanes!  There were four women on the “team” so guess who just stood on the pool deck barking orders?  Maybe this week…

CROSS-TRAINING: I was finally back to teaching my Power Sculpt class after all the holiday festivities that conveniently fell on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  I was SORE the day after but it hurt so good.  I also filmed a 20 minute what should have been a 20 minute kickboxing workout and I’m still trying to retrieve the lost 11 minutes.  However, I actually did all 20 and it was fun!  You can view the 11 minute workout HERE.

RACING:  After speaking with Coach Rocket Scientist, she basically told me what I already knew; I need to focus on one race this season and obviously that’s going to be the Duathlon in Spain at the end of May.  As much as I want to break 1:30 again in the half-marathon in NYC in March, I have to go into that race healthy and racing “just” to finish and make me stronger for the ultimate competition.  Those who know me well know that this will be very hard for me but, if I truly want to focus on Worlds, this is what it takes!

FUEL: I’m happy to report that I am loving my detox!  I’ve been making smoothies almost everyday (not required but so easy), eating anything but waffles for breakfast and easily finding alternatives to some of my “go-to” wheat options.  This.is.fun.  Small confession: I’m still having real sugar in my coffee.  Some sacrifices just can’t be made.

SPEAKING SPANISH: “Learning a new language is hard!” – said Captain Obvious.  The Rosetta Stone microphone is not always hearing my perfect pronunciation of my native language, which is frustrating, but I’ve put in three hours this week and feeling like I could hold a conversation with a Spanish toddler.  Hey, it’s only been a week!

Perhaps I should have started with this?

Perhaps I should have started with this?

THINGS I LOVE: Having dinner with my Aunts.  They are my surrogate moms and we try to get together for dinner at least once every other month.  This month we were celebrating the end of the holidays!

THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH: Being sick!  The hubs started with a cold in the middle of the week and by Saturday it was all mine.  ‘Aint love grand?  I’m fighting it like a rabid dog and refuse to admit I’m actually “too sick” to do anything.  Like run.

MUSIC: I’ve been listening to the 80s on 8 and 90s on 9 on SIRIUS and it’s seriously hilarious.  Highlights include: the theme from Miami Vice (I have a fever and the only cure is more synthesizer!), Talk Dirty to Me by Poison – remember that one?  And, of course, the timeless classic, I Wanna Sex You Up by Color Me Bad.  Color me disgusted. Why so many dirty sex songs in my adolescents?  Jeez!

TV: Ah TV is back and the Patriots won which makes me feel slightly better about the Pack.  Just slightly.  If you haven’t seen The Mindy Project you must, unless you hate to laugh.  That woman is a genius.  This past week’s episode was about her getting in shape – OMG the gym scenes and what she wore for her “workouts” killed me!

Is she working out or shopping in this outfit?  She said those sneaks are also worn by Chris Christie - HA!

Is she working out or shopping in this outfit? Are those platform sneakers?

READING:  Still working my way though Owen and Sisterland.  Mostly I’ve been reading training plans!

RANDOM THOUGHT OF THE WEEK: Is it really a good idea to sell beer at Disney On Ice? No.  It’s not.

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