We all have them. Within ourselves, with others, with our everyday interactions, and possibly with inanimate objects. I had more then my share last week when my wisdom teeth were removed on Tuesday, started holiday shopping on Thursday (because my fitness was held to a minimum) and I’ve been thrown out of my routine, which I hate.

Ok, I also love. See the issue? Of course you do.



Let’s not forget that it’s Thanksgiving week and I’m up to my eyeballs in gratitude. Or, at least I should be.



Well, Monday was good. I went long on a sunny November day in my Spandits and loved every footfall. I didn’t look at my watch and just enjoyed myself and the two Moth podcasts I downloaded just for the occasion. I knew my oral surgery on Tuesday was going to slow my fitness to a crawl so I did as much as I could the day before.

The surgery went much better then expected, I was on the elliptical by Thursday, and couldn’t have been happier to be there. Usually I would have rather ran on my fingertips outside then be on the elliptical but, even the weather cooperated and it was awful out. Gone are the gorgeous leaves and, in their place for the better part of six months are leafless, naked, hungry, sad looking trees. *sigh*

I rounded out the weekend with a 5,000 meter rowing machine session (I know, weird but hey, I was desperate) and then a glorious 6 miles outside on Sunday.

Total miles (including elliptical) = 25.1


Yep, I tried my very first class. It was two weeks ago but whatever. A great friend of mine started teaching it at a dance studio right down the street from me! As you know, there is NOTHING right down the street from me so this is nothing short of a Christmas miracle.

The class is everything I need for strength training – adduction, abduction, leg work, abs, upper body – all of it in one great class with fantastic music. Sold!

Of course my instructor friend has them...so obviously, I need them!

Of course my instructor friend has those fancy foot things…so obviously, I need them!

Bonus: at the first class my long time friend and instructor made one girl cry and another puke in the bathroom afterward. I’m not sure they’re coming back…and I’m guessing that result is unusual?


I opted for spin class on Friday rather then a solo bike trainer ride in my basement. I just can’t bring myself to do it yet and, the weather was nasty again, so no venturing out either. I guess I need to get used to this new normal. Blah.

One hour class – 24.6 miles


Despite everyone telling me their horrific stories about how painful and life-inturrepting the removal of their wisdom teeth was, (and thank you for inducing my mini-panic attack the night before) I was fine in about three hours. I guess everyone should wait until they’re 40. Instead of a planned rest day on Wednesday, I was itching to go outside. I consulted my coach (CRS) and she told me to take a hike. I do as I’m told…

This is my attempt to not run on the trail. I was mostly successful.

This is my attempt to not run on the trail. I was mostly successful.

Total hike: 2.55 miles/46:23/18:12 pace < – – this is hilarious!


This was the hardest part of not having teeth. As you know, I love to eat. As you may also know, I hate smoothies. I especially hate them in November when it’s freezing. I made exactly one, pretty much hated it and then ate a steady diet of scrambled eggs, avocado, Orgain protein shakes and soup. And no, Orgain protein shakes are not the same as a smoothie.

The one smoothie I made to get my anti-inflammatory drugs down with.

The one smoothie I made to get my anti-inflammatory drugs down with. I also have a full bottle of oxycodone if anyone wants it.

As long as I can stuff my face on Thanksgiving, I will be happy. Until then, I’m dying to just open my mouth wide enough to eat a burger.

The other issue is that it takes about an hour to eat anything. I usually start breakfast at 5:30am and then have a second breakfast with the boys around 7:30. Now, at 7:30, I’m still “eating” my first breakfast. At least coffee is still part of breakfast.


Oh wear to begin? < – – see what I did there?

November has come bearing gifts in the name of KUHL!


I absolutely love these pants – – > Destroyer! And this pullover fits perfectly in size small. It’s like wearing a blanket you can sweat in! The Lea Pullover will be a staple this winter for sure.


Yes, we already decorated for Christmas. I like to take holidays two at a time.


This is the Isla Long coat/sweater. It’s perfect for this time of year and goes great with that waspy/New Englander look of high boots and skinny jeans. Photo credit: Vaughn Burdick


[Tweet “Need outdoor outfits that go from hiking to holiday shopping? Check @KUHL_USA #winterwardrobe”]


Alexa. Yes, I’ve finally found a woman who has everything I need. Obviously she is a robot with amazing technological capabilities. I’m talking about the Amazon ECHO! I actually bought it for my husband for his birthday in October and we finally got around to setting it up. I’m planning on featuring it in my holiday gift guide so I’ll just give you the facts here.


Get it. It’s awesome and is teaching my kids how to spell so I can sneak off and read in peace and quiet. And, when they are not around? It plays my podcasts, audible books and news flash update. #NewBestie

More on that later…


Women hating on other women. As I was waiting for my face to be altered at the oral surgeon’s office, my husband showed me this article:

Laila Ali on Ronda Rousey’s Loss: ‘It’s Obvious Who the Better Fighter Was” | Yes, it was painfully obvious, especially to Rousey, but you didn’t have to go on and say this: “In order to be the best in the world, you definitely don’t ever get beat up like that in your prime. Period.”

Hey Laila! Are you the only woman on the planet to have not seen this?


Looks like it’s time for you to grow up!

I love strong women, but I hate SHADE!


I thought I would get a lot more reading done last week but, things rarely go as planned this time of year, right? What I did do (mostly because of Alexa, but also because of Dana’s reading list) was download my first Audible book!

The Martian | By Andy Weir – Like most books made into movies, I always want to read them first. I will admit it’s a little odd to have them read to you but, I love that I can listen in my car! So far, the book is fascinating but there is TONS of math. OMG, so much calculating. Astronauting is hard.

Finally! Math I actually understand.

Finally! Math I actually understand.

Luckiest Girl Alive |  Jessica Knoll – Last week when I read Reese Witherspoon’s empowering speech, I noted that her production company had selected this book as a next project. Sold! It’s very dark, overly dramatic and the main character is dreadful. Naturally, I love it. It weaves an intriguing story from past to present and back again that keeps the reader literally dying to know what the hell happened…or is going to happen? Read it before it’s in theaters.


I will be serving this all week:

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 2.25.50 PM


This is my final post for the week because I have to get prepared for my huge holiday feast! Just kidding. I don’t host Thanksgiving but I’m taking the week off anyway. #slacker

Have a great holiday!



What do you currently have a love/hate relationship with?

What burning question would you ask Alexa?

Reading (or listing to) anything good?